5 Most Common Warehouse Monsters

Most people wouldn’t call the average warehouse a spooky or scary place, but many are haunted by a variety of monsters that attack business efficiency and kill employee morale.  To experienced supply chain executives, these challenges are more frightening than Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and a horde of ghosts and goblins combined. 

Most of these monsters are hiding behind older warehouse systems and processes. “The cost of a new system can be high, so that many warehouses haven’t been upgraded in five or ten years,” said Evan Garber, CEO at  EVS, a warehouse management system vendor.  “We see it every day.”

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We asked Garber to introduce us to the most ferocious and frightening monsters that can be haunting the average warehouse. You’ll be able to spot these creatures by the clues they leave, from creaky hardware and insatiable inefficiency, to deadly systems and costly inventory buildup. Click on the image below to start a slideshow of the five most common warehouse beasties that EVS has identified.

5 Most Common Warehouse Monsters

These warehouse monsters hide behind these old systems and automation beats the best silver bullet or wooden stake to take these brutes down. By using the right tools, OEMs, distributors and other warehouse dependent organizations can achieve measurable and impressive savings.  “Modern technology, the development of processes and equipment, make today’s systems more affordable and upgradeable than ever before,” Garber told EBN, adding that the integration of common consumer devices, such as smart phones, make millennial worker happier and systems less expensive.

Using technology, warehouses can run leaner and banish inefficiency from every corner. Of course, systems won’t replace people completely (that would be a nightmare for some!), but by working hand in hand with WMS, supply chain professionals and warehouse workers can win against the fiercest warehouse fiends. 

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  1. almarco
    October 23, 2017

    I appreciated your animations to a sometimes dry conversation. This is so much about forward thinking rather than saving the moment. Being prepared and knowing the plan to expand technologically, is vital to smooth out transitions. This was very interesting.  

  2. midomidi2013
    November 1, 2017


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