5 Routes to Success in Supply Chain Recruitment

To achieve supply chain success, electronics OEMs need to think outside the traditional box. Of course, recruiting new hires and scouring the university for supply chain talent will always be part of the task. In light of the big gap between demand and supply of potnential hires, though, supply chain organizations need to add a variety of approaches to recruitment in order to ensure success.

“In a talent-led economy, the employee experience has never been more critical to attracting the best and brightest,” Mercer wrote in its Global Talent Trends Study. “The interactions that candidates have during the recruitment process, how employees engage with the organization during their tenure, and how they are treated after they leave — these are all vital opportunities to shape the ‘experience.’”

The shortage is not a limited problem, and is an issue more often than not. Today, 62% of organizations say that their teams lack the skills that they need to deliver on their stated procurement strategy, compared to 57% in 2014, the Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016 found. “Securing new talent to join the function remains difficult and training is underrepresented as a capability development mechanism,” the survey reported. “Just under half of CPOs felt that attracting talent has become even more difficult over the last 12 months, and in parallel over a third have had to face cuts to their recruitment budget.”

Organizations must start looking at the hiring process as well as employee retention as key parts of the process. In addition, companies must figure out when outsourcing a specific task or function makes more sense. Digital recruiting (through social media, for example) will be an increasingly popular avenue for finding potential hires.

The infographic below, from IDG Supply Chain Analysis, offers a handful of different ways to get better talent and keep the talent that has already been brought in. Look at these suggestions and let us know what strategies your organization uses in the comments section below.


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