5 Steps to Consolidate your Supply Chain for Mid-Market Expansion

While mid-market companies are focused on ensuring the financial health of their organizations, they must also simultaneously put resources into expanding market footprint. According to a recent American Express survey of mid-market companies, the single most important priority for more than half was growing their business. Those surveyed believed that the number one driver of growth would be improvements in infrastructure, including technology and operations (even ahead of acquiring new customers). In this article, we'll discuss five key manufacturing and logistics changes you can implement to shape up your supply chain and prepare for healthy, sustained growth.

Click on the graphic below to start the slide show and review the five stepping stones that lead to change that can benefit your organization's supply chain:

5 Steps to Mid-Market Company Growth.


The rapidly shrinking globe presents mid-market companies with opportunities to compete that have historically been reserved for much larger companies. Sustained growth can only occur when organizations focus on internal execution, which is why we focused on key areas of supply chain operations that need to be re-tooled for expansion in order to be successful. Some of these may require moving out of your comfort zone, and all will require increased data integration and collaboration to minimize risk, but implemented properly they could provide a powerful jump start to your company's expansion.

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