5 Tech Companies Making Supply Chain Waves

Global high-tech companies are melding technology and processes to create supply chains that build empires in the industry. These supply chain organizations are fighting to stand out amongst political chaos from Brexit and the current U.S. administration, which makes today’s business landscape much different than it was just a year ago. 

The cutting-edge strategies and product successes of today’s best tech companies are all about digitalization, adaptive capabilities, and developing healthy system ecosystems that can carry their strategies and values far. It’s impressive to say the least. 

At eft’s Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit Europe held in June in Munich, more than 25 speakers shared what they believed was essential for staying competitive in this continually changing supply chain landscape. A handful of themes came out of the presentations:

  • Customer centricity : Leveraging omni-channel platforms to diminish complexity and make the customer experience better with a solid tech strategy.
  • Digitalization : Simplifying operations, lowering overhead, increasing speed, and more efficiencies, all through using applications and technologies in the digital age. The result for the organization is increased competitiveness and improved quality.
  • Data use : Higher levels of customer service through data that’s redesigned to drive competitive gains and redesign the supply chain.
  • Internet of Things (IoT):  Manufacturers can use IoT to connect data points with supply chain processes, fulfilling customer demands while managing the costs of running a business. 

These criteria allow supply chain organizations to streamline their processes and deliver a truly innovative experience for their customers. Let’s see how some of the top supply chain companies in the tech industry are using these criteria to stand out above the competition. Click on the image below to start the  slideshow.

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