5 Technology Tricks to Make Your High-Tech Tradeshow Exhibit Stand Out

When exhibiting at an electronics show, you know you need to integrate technology – it's expected! Technology is key to engaging attendees – people are attracted to exhibits that touch all five senses – but it's also important to find ways to stand out. 

There are things to get people lining up at your next technology exhibit, even in a sea of competitors:

  1. Social Media Integration : Try incorporating live social media screens that are visible from the aisles to help capture people's curiosity and interest. Have the screens incorporate real-time feedback using digital response systems – visitors will be able to interact in real time and see their feedback instantly on the screens.
  2. Use Interactive Tools: Using novel real-time interactive tools like Google glass or GoPro cameras will help immerse the attendee in the experience of your exhibit. Or, have attendees broadcast themselves live on social media by integrating green screens and live broadcasts in High Definition at the booth. This helps drive interest in the booth and provides a playful environment for any exhibit attendee.
  3. Remember Those at Home: Don't forget those who can't physically attend the exhibit. Tools like Twitter's Periscope allow viewers around the world to observe from anywhere in the world, just by clicking a link. While you don't want to discourage people from attending the show, it might just convince them to attend the following year.
  4. Begin engagement strategies ahead of time: Create a pre-show promotion and at-show promotion strategy that emphasizes your novel idea of communicating at the show. Don't forget to follow up either! Send attendees clips from their booth engagements and thank you notes for their participation. 
  5. Freebies: Invest in mobile products and send to select VIP customers.  Pre-load them with your content and provide an incentive for them to bring the device to the booth and engage. 

Ultimately, integrating technology in your exhibits fosters a unique experience and “tells a story.”   So, the next time you're thinking of ways to stand out among a sea of exhibits, consider integrating interactive technology that not only stops attendees in their tracks, but also provides a fun, unique, and memorable experience.

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