6 Biggest Supply Chain Boons of Enterprise Labeling

The best way to manage labeling in today's complex supply chain environment is to integrate an enterprise labeling solution with enterprise applications such as SAP. Enterprise labeling means using SAP as a source of truth, enabling customers to view the organization's labeling process globally, taking into account the full breadth of the labeling landscape. It means replacing disjointed, often manual, processes with a standard, consistent, solutions-based approach, which triggers labeling directly from SAP business processes. It means replacing multiple, disparate, locally controlled data sources with data from centralized, trusted SAP sources.

The case for enterprise barcode labeling is compelling. With the right Enterprise labeling solution, organizations benefit in a variety of ways. Click on the image below to start a slideshow that will outline the biggest boons of enterprise labeling for the supply chain and the organization:

6 Biggest Supply Chain Boons of Enterprise Labeling

 The bottom line is that today's global organizations need to manage variability across multiple customer segments and regions to meet the rigors of the customers' global requirements, including variability in languages, data, images, and formats. Enterprise Labeling can proactively and quickly accommodate the widest range of customer requests with automated, integrated, optimized, data-driven labeling. When an Enterprise labeling solution is specifically designed to integrate with SAP – to have labeling triggered directly from the business application – organizations achieve an unprecedented level of speed, flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical barcode labels across the global supply chain.

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