6 Tips for Shipping Electronic Products after Manufacturing

As a manufacturing or an e-commerce unit, you would be familiar with different stages of shipping. It is critical to ensure that your products are shipped from the warehouses to your customers quickly and without getting damaged. Let's look at five tips for shipping electronic products that are not only efficient but also please the customers immensely.

  1. Apply thought to p ackaging: In recent years, shipping of electronic products has shot up thanks to the success of e-commerce sites. There was a time when companies would just put their electronic products in cardboard boxes and hardly give any thought about how to package and market it. However, things have changed since then and companies are constantly striving to make the marketing and packaging a crucial part of the digital shopping experience. You must be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the un-boxing of the product is a unique experience and this should reflect in the way you choose to ship it.
  2.  Weigh g oods accurately: You must accurately weigh the packages before you ship them. Use different scales such as lift truck scales and forklift scales to ensure that you get precise measurements. You must not exceed a certain set weight for safety reasons. If your goods are being shipped in pallets, use pallet scales to weigh them. Ideally, each pallet shouldn't exceed 1,500 pounds. When you weigh accurately using truck scales, you can be assured of not paying anything extra, thus helping you to cut unnecessary costs.
  3.  Insure & track products: Shipping electronic products isn't an inexpensive affair. You must insure and track your goods as they are shipped. In case the products get damaged or lost during the course, you are covered for the damages.
  4. Label p ackages properly: It is important to label each and every package accurately. Determine how you want to label various products on the packaging. Labeling every package by hand will be quite time-consuming and it isn't scalable. Thus, you can use different shipping apps and tools that can help you with the same.
  5. Tie up with a fulfillment w arehouse: A fulfillment house is responsible for automating and handling the shipping for you. You can store your electronic inventory in one of their warehouses. Based on the integration between your shopping cart and their warehouse, your fulfillment partner will automatically forward the order, as soon as it comes in, to be picked, packed and shipped on your behalf. You will enjoy cheaper shipping rates and shorter shipping periods. 
  6. Cover all the bases:   No matter how careful you are, there will always be some things that might slip through the cracks and prove to be heavy on your pockets in the long run. The usual suspects include fragile breakables, heavy products or damaged documents. If you are shipping delicate electronic products that might break, make sure you add an additional protection layer in the form of bubble wrap or peanuts. Don't forget to put a fragile sticker on top of the packaging so that the handlers know that the package must be handled with extreme care.

On the other hand, heavy and sturdy objects do not need an additional layer of protection but they do have a tendency to shift a lot during the transit. This makes it important for you fill in all the empty spaces in the packaging box to restrict its movement. Use heavy-duty boxes and packaging tape so that the bottom of the box doesn't open up. Lastly, make sure that when you mail important documents (legal or otherwise), you use a padded mailer with rigid edges, a flat cardboard envelope or a mailing tube so that the papers inside don't get crumpled or physically damaged.

It is extremely crucial that you employ the best shipping practices as they have the power to make or break your business. So, go ahead and implement the ones you haven't already. 

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