7 Steps that Move Manufacturers to Industry 4.0

Many organizations are facing the challenges that come with digital transformation. For those in manufacturing, the task is to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution, dubbed Industry 4.0, which requires integrated and automated data and process management if they are to remain competitive.

Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturers to become a “smart factory,” according to DocLogix chairman Aurimas Bakas, where all members of the supply chain can communicate without human interaction. His company works hands-on with customers so they can improve production flow by automating processes and uniting all of their data into a single system.

DocLogix’s focus is on document and process management technology specifically geared to address the realities of manufacturers mainly in Europe and North America, including Canada, where Bakas spends a great deal of time working with customers. “We see communication increasing and process improvements because they start using that data,” he said in a telephone interview with EBN Online.

Some companies may choose to deploy Microsoft SharePoint to share information, said Bakas, but as a platform, it requires them to build their own processes on top or spend money on getting outside consultants do that work. Alternatively, he said, they can buy applications targeted at specific areas of operation, such as human resources, risk management, contract management or equipment management.

DocLogix, like SharePoint, is customizable, said Bakas, but also offers pre-set solutions for various common processes found in manufacturing companies. “You can still manage those processes yourself and build new processes unique to your organization,” he said. “Speed in this case is really important so you can take these solutions off the shelf and start using them tomorrow.”

Ultimately, said Bakas, every function and activity in manufacturing has data behind it that has to be leveraged to improve processes across the organization that will help it achieve smart factory status. DocLogix has identified seven key steps for manufacturers looking to successfully transition to Industry 4.0. Click on the image below to begin a slide show that outlines what they must do to become a smart factory.

7 Steps to Move Manufacturers to Industry 4.0

Which of these steps has your organization taken? Where do you hope to be a year from now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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