7 Sustainability Trends That Could Impact Your Supply Chain

Gone are the days when risk management, corporate social responsibility, and environmental management were barely talked about topics, handled in a back office somewhere.

Today, all sorts of sustainability issues are being elevated to the highest levels of executive awareness, and the resulting policies, strategies and day-to-day operational plans could have a noticeable impact on supply chain activities.

Independent analyst firm Verdantix recently released its Hot Trends in Sustainability Management for 2015 report, and some of their main findings should give supply chain professionals some food for thought.

During a webinar presentation fore the report’s release, Derrek Clarke, a Verdantix industry analyst, summarized the broader themes around how sustainability-related topics will influence business performance goals:

  • Supply chain sustainability is the next frontier, and
  • Transparency in communications is paramount

Here are seven key sustainability management trends that will impact businesses—and probably your supply chain­–in 2015. Click on the image below to start the slideshow.

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