8 Attributes of an Agile Supply Chain Superhero

Especially for companies working to innovate, an agile supply chain can make all the difference. In any business, though, people, process, and products must align to make it happen—and every agile supply chain needs a superhero to lead and support the move the best possible results in terms of improved quality, lowered cost, reduced lead times, and enhanced service levels.

The best way to lead, though, is to focus on the skills, knowledge, and intelligence inherent in all the best leaders. “Not all superheroes have real superhuman powers like Superman and Wonder Woman,” William Holz, research director at Gartner, explained. “Superheroes like Batman and Iron Man use their brains to invent technical solutions to help conquer their problems or enemies. They may be fictional characters, but there is nothing that prevents us from being like them and using our own innate capabilities to overcome the technical and business challenges we face.

Today, electronics OEMs are battling a variety of challenges from quickly changing markets, shortened product life cycles, the customization of products, and more. By stepping up, supply chain professionals can help an organization maximize responsiveness, competency, flexibility and more to enhance daily supply chain operations. The agile supply chain becomes able to read and respond to real demand, and transforms itself into an information-based, rather than inventory based, focus. In this way, agile supply chains are better at avoiding the common traps of product shortage and excessive stock.

 Cleary, every company needs its own superhero. Is it you? Gartner created the infographic below to highlight the path to becoming the superhero your organization needs.  Let us know what you are doing to become an agile superhero…and please send us a picture of you in your favorite cape.

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