9 Digital Trends Shaping Mobile Design & Innovation

A growing dependency on mobility and always-available connectivity has trickled into most corners of our lives. Digital disruption has become the norm. And, more often, the impact on the real world leads to significant shifts in end-customer expectations and companies racing to keep up with them.

In 2015, one of the main issues many companies will face is how to adapt and transform when the digital boundaries are constantly changing. Successful organizations will find ways to connect services, devices and places, according to the latest annual trends report from Fjord, a service design consultancy that's part of Accenture Interactive.  

Mark Curtis, Fjord's co-founder and chief client officer, highlighted nine important issues that Fjord's business designers, interaction and visual designers and business development teams expect to be working on this year and how these trends could affect design, users, organizations, society and innovation strategies. While he spoke about these trends in a more general way during the Four Years From Now show, an event held in parallel with the most recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it's not a stretch to see how some of these same issues will crossover in the electronics supply chain or B2B space.

Click on the slideshow below to learn more about these trends.

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