9 Ways to Lower the Heat in an Angry Customer Interaction

Everybody serves various customers. In the supply chain function, for example, procurement pros end up talking to internal customers in various departments, as well as suppliers and potential suppliers across the electronics industry. During these interactions, strong customer service and support are imperative to success. 

At times, these interactions can definitely be mentally exhausting, especially if you have an unhappy person on the other end of the line. If you struggle with problem solving, and can't handle questions, comments, or concerns from your valued clientele, your failure is imminent.

This infographic, “9 Customer Service Phrases That Pressure Cook Problems (and What to Say Instead!)” came to us from In addition to the do's and don'ts laid out in this infographic, keep these important tips in mind.

Keep it short & sweet

Don't let the call go on for 45 minutes. Remember, you're not in it for the long haul; you're in it to problem solve. So, don't be afraid to move the call forward with action related statements. Although you want to be friendly and relatable, you should never let that distract you from doing your job. You want to remain productive, while still satisfying the caller's request. 

Stay committed

Unless there's no other solution, don't hand your disgruntled caller off to an unfamiliar employee. Playing “hot potato” with frustrated customers only makes the problem that much worse. Practice makes perfect. Get a few hot button situations under your belt, so you feel more qualified handling problems of any size big or small. Confidence only comes with time and experience, so be patient.

Don't reciprocate negative communication

Whatever you do, stay calm, cool, and collected. If someone is yelling at you, that doesn't mean you have to yell back. If they're hurling insults, refrain fighting fire with fire. This sounds obvious, but in the heat of the moment, you might naturally want to defend yourself.

Scan the infographic below for more helpful customer service tips.

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