A Quick Guide to Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are very much 'in the news'—from fitness tracker makers litigating in court over the alleged theft of confidential company information to international bodies proposing and negotiating legislation concerning the misappropriation of trade secrets.

By their very nature, trade secrets are 'secret' and are not protected in the same ways as traditional forms of intellectual property. Trade secrets include confidential, technical, or business information that is commercially valuable and subjected to reasonable steps to maintain secrecy.  

But what exactly are trade secrets? Who steals trade secrets? How do you protect trade secrets? For those outside of the world of intellectual property, these are common questions.

The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade ( has put together The Quick Guide to Trade Secrets . This infographic provides a brief tutorial of trade secrets and how companies and employees can protect against the theft of trade secrets. The Quick Guide to Trade Secrets is available for download here.  

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