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Absorb Radiation With Molex HOZOX EMI Absorption Sheet & Tape From Mouser

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the HOZOX™ EMI absorption sheets and tape manufactured by Molex. While only 0.1mm thick, these flexible sheets suppress most unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) while meeting government EMC regulations worldwide. The unique dual-layer structure of the HOZOX allows the sheeting to efficiently absorb both megahertz and gigahertz electromagnetic energy, providing a wide range of EMI protection for a variety of applications.

The Molex HOZOX EMI absorption sheets available from Mouser Electronics provide excellent EMI noise reduction for many electronics systems. Electromagnetic interference can interfere with the proper operation of many electronic systems by inducing electric currents into wiring and PC board traces, resulting in difficult to diagnose equipment malfunctions. In addition, EMI can cause self-heating in magnetically conductive metals, resulting in overheating problems that can result in equipment failure from thermal damage to components.

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