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ACKme Networks Wi-Fi Products Now Available From Mouser

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. has entered into a global distribution agreement with ACKme Networks to distribute its line of compact, low power Wi-Fi modules. ACKme Networks modules have the appropriate certifications to enable developers to quickly incorporate Wi-Fi functionality into their products without having to apply for many of the RF, protocol, or regulatory compliances required for some regions.

The ACKme Networks WiFi modules now available from Mouser Electronics are ready to be inserted into developer's projects that require Wi-Fi connectivity. These modules allow developers to add Wi-Fi functionality to their designs without having to design, test, and debug Wi-Fi RF circuits from scratch. ACKme Wi-Fi modules meet the appropriate certifications from FCC (USA), CE (Europe), and IC (Canada). These certifications save time and money by eliminating the requirements to obtain many of the costly certifications required to sell these products into these different markets.

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