After Electronica: Jet-lagged but Ready for Business

It's all over.

In the blink of an eye, the week at Electronica 2012 was over. After 200 meetings, we have more on our plate for follow-up than we ever could have imagined.

With 2,669 exhibitors, the show had representation from 48 countries. Almost 75,000 people from the electronics industry were there, eagerly seeking information.

After a weekend of rest (and recuperation from jet-lag), this week will be filled with phone calls and contact with many who didn't realize the depth and breadth of Rochester Electronics’ solution offerings.

A clear example of the power of the face-to-face meetings, and the role that tradeshows still play in relationship building, was evident with one of my personal experiences: As I was standing by our display of OCM-authorized Rochester manufactured semiconductors, a gentleman sauntered over and began to intently scrutinize the various components, from completely re-created components like the Intel IXF1002 and the Intersil HIP0081, to the newly manufactured Altera EP series (EP1800, EP1810, EP910, EP600, etc).

I came to find out that this man was the Director of Quality for ASIC and FPGA at a major German original equipment manufacturer. He had heard of Rochester, but needed more information because he had to find “a reliable source of components that would carry his production line for many years into the future. Well past the planned end-of-life notice from the original component manufacturer.”

He told me that he and his colleagues look forward to finding companies that can help them, both at Electronica, and other shows like it. He relies on them. With a firm handshake, he said: “Make sure I hear from your people in the next week or two,” and off he went to find the next discovery that would make his work day easier. It's these types of spontaneous meetings that cannot be duplicated in any other setting.

So, was this tradeshow, with all the planning and preparation, travel and expense, worthwhile? Everyone I talked to believed it was, and they plan on making the trek back to Germany in 2014.

Let us know how the event was for you!

2 comments on “After Electronica: Jet-lagged but Ready for Business

  1. Taimoor Zubar
    November 27, 2012

    Interesting post, George. I think when it comes to B2B, face-to-face meetings have an enormous value. What one small meeting can achieve, several exchange of emails, phone calls and Skype calls can't. Especially when it comes to dealing with a client for the first time, these meetings become even more valuable.

  2. Taimoor Zubar
    November 27, 2012

    Good one, Rich. You've hinted on a very important downside to meetings. Quite often they don't produce the desired outcome and a sequence of meetings lingers on. It's also important to realize when a meeting won't be effective and may not be a bad idea to just put an end to them and move on with other projects/clients.

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