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Agilent Honors RS Components

OXFORD, U.K. — RS Components, the world’s largest high service distributor of electronics and maintenance products, has received the 2010 Distribution Excellence award for EMEA from Agilent Technologies. This annual award reflects the outstanding sales performance achieved by RS on Agilent products in the last 12 months and was presented during their EMEA distribution conference in Barcelona.

Benoit Neel, VP Sales and General Manager, EMEA region for Agilent said: “2010 provided an interesting sales environment as the markets rebounded from the downturn of the previous year. Throughout the year RS has made a huge impact in helping Agilent to grow market reach and customer numbers across the EMEA region. Our congratulations go to the whole team.”

“Our relationship with Agilent has grown and strengthened throughout 2010 and we are delighted to be presented with their Distribution Excellence award,” said Jonathan Metcalfe, Global Strategic Supplier Manager for RS. “The outstanding support provided by the Agilent distribution team together with its market leading products has enabled RS to achieve market-leading growth rates on their product range. We are looking forward to building on that success in the coming year.”

The broad portfolio of products and supporting documentation from Agilent Technologies is available from RS and can be easily accessed at

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3 comments on “Agilent Honors RS Components

  1. ngwanhoe
    March 14, 2011
    Reference: 9261062
    They have posted wrong items. Send the wrong items. Collect back the wrong items. Already more than 3 months not refund!
    Where is my money?
    1) Oh.. need 2-3 weeks to process the refund.
    What? is the international company standard?
    Where is my money?
    2) Ops sorry sir for delaying my regional manager resign no one sign the cheque. Have to wait somemore.
    That meen if the post keep vacant for 3 months you would not get your salary for 3 months!
    Where is my money?
    3) Oh.. sir has writen the cheque under your company name. Wait a bit more ha…
    Order was done on my personal name and delivered to my company address, don't you see the different? Can call me or not to check before issuing the cheque.
    Where is my money?
    4)Sir the cheque has some problem with the bank. Will fix it. HAVE TO WAIT SOMEMORE LAR.
    Bank problem also MY PROBLEM!
    Where is my money?
    5) The bank sent to your home town
    What? I ordered from KL, ask to delivered in KL. Why want to send to my home town which is 3 hrs drive away? You are asking me to drive 3 hrs if I wanted the money back?
    Where is my money?
    6) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOR YOU TO FILL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    I have drive 3hrs back to Ipoh (my home town). Papa mama have you seen my cheque from RS Component? Papa mama say “What cheque?. I almost blurt out the 4 letter word in front of them! luckily didn't.
    I expect your no 6 excuse would be:- oh.. no one at home when they send or on the way, wait somemore lar or aiya this bank problem lar.
    My initial offer of exchanging back to your other goods void! I don't want to have anymore deals with your company. PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY IF YOU WANTED TO, OTHERWISE YOU CAN KEEP IT LAR!
    Thanks a lots, nice doing business with you.
    WH Ng

  2. Clairvoyant
    March 14, 2011

    Ngwanhoe, I am assuming this is an experience you have had with RS components? It seems that it much be an isolated incident if they are receiving awards.

  3. ngwanhoe
    March 14, 2011


    Yes this may be an isolated case or may be not because most people choose to not have the trouble of informing others or they just gave up.

    Anyway isolated or not is not the case as this incident demonstrated that ignorant of the people working there.

    The company systems is well and intact but the ownership feeling of the people working there are not.

    1st mistake was not checking and updating obsolete informations. 2nd mistakes is not putting themself in the customer's shoes. 3rd mistakes is atitute of not taking things seriously as in the span of 3 months (still counting) not refunding and make serious effort (compansate) to recover this customer.

    Let me ask you sir, looking at my case don't you thing it is out of the line?

    I been in customers service line for 10yrs, never did I do such a thing before. Now I am managing 50 employees. I have a case of late delivery, I instructed my sales personel to drive 8hrs directly to the customer to deliver the goods herself F.O.C and recover the customers. Now the customer has been with us for more than 5 years.


    Thanks Clairvoyant.

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