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Aligni Adds Purchasing Function to Software

PORTLAND, Ore. — Aligni™, the first part, component, and inventory management software that offers enterprise-level functionality in a low-cost, SaaS model, today announced the addition of full purchasing capability.

In addition, new functionality for part list versioning has been added to the service. With these additions, Aligni now delivers full electronics manufacturing workflow and, like much more expensive enterprise solutions, improves efficiency as the data it manages grows. Aligni significantly improves part management efficiency, saves time, cuts costs, and leverages the anywhere / anytime collaboration advantages of a SaaS-based solution.

Aligni was developed to manage electronics manufacturing workflow in small-to-medium size companies that are suffering from the inefficiencies of ad-hoc strategies for part and inventory management. Many companies use an ad-hoc blend of spreadsheets, RFQ emails, sticky notes, and old-fashioned, client-based software, but efficiency suffers under the burden of information and tracking as the company grows. Other companies try to use accounting packages, such as QuickBooks, to manage inventory and purchasing. This approach is a forced fit that is error-prone, inefficient, and suffers from low visibility into essential inventory management information. Aligni has moved the purchasing function to its rightful place – the same database where parts, bills of materials, inventory requirements, and inventory tracking exist. This results in both streamlined efficiency and maximization of available information.

The new Aligni purchasing feature is an addition to Aligni ActiveQuote™, which generates RFQs, submits them to vendors, and receives quotes from vendors, all within the Aligni part management database. The new purchasing feature completes the workflow for part purchasing by managing order placement and inventory receipt directly from the part database. With the addition of Aligni purchasing, buyers are able to easily select from vendor-submitted quotes, email purchase orders to vendors, and receive inventory against the purchase orders.

With this update, Aligni has also added functionality to its part list management capabilities to tag versions of a part list (BOM) for reference, record keeping, documentation, and comparison to other part lists.

With the newly added features, Aligni now manages the entire electronics manufacturing workflow:

  • Part entry and management.
  • Bill of materials management.
  • Part quoting.
  • Purchasing.
  • Multiple-location inventory management.
  • Build management with inventory shortage reports and consumption.

Aligni was designed to make the part management process more efficient for engineering firms. It liberates engineers and purchasing staff from tedious part and vendor tracking while improving team productivity with well-organized, complete, real-time data about parts and components, including: design notes, CAD drawings, BOMs, inventory levels, information on vendors and manufacturers, RFQs, part buying, and historical information for product data management (PDM). Aligni's logical design, fast set-up, and ease-of-use ensure realization of quick ROI and dramatic long-term savings. Aligni provides anywhere / anytime access and enables real-time collaboration, extending part visibility across the team (including contractors and outsourced manufacturers, if desired).

Aligni provides a “hassle-free” demo with no forms to fill out, and no email address or personal password required. Aligni also provides a free 30-day trial for any of its service plans. Aligni is priced as a monthly subscription fee based on the number of parts in the database and the set of product features appropriate for the size of company. The “Starter” version of Aligni supports one user and 100 parts and costs just $15 per month. Service plans, with purchasing, ActiveQuote™, and part list versions, start at $79 per month.


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