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All American Stocks GeneSiC Semiconductors

MIAMI, Fla. — All American Semiconductor, a leading distributor of electronic components, announces it has signed a distribution agreement with GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc., a provider of silicon carbide and silicon-based high-power semiconductor products. The company’s cost-effective silicon technology is available with quick lead times and offers the best forward voltage drop in the industry.

GeneSiC’s silicon carbide products feature a high operating temperature range, small heat sink requirements and fast switching speeds. They are also inherently radiation resistant and offer a higher voltage and current capability. The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, alternative energy, commercial, industrial and military. Applications include solar inverters, electric vehicles, wind power, medical power supplies, down hole oil drilling and motor drives.

“All American is always looking to provide its customers with the most innovative semiconductor technology,” said Cory Dana, Corporate Product Manager at All American. “We recognize GeneSiC as a leader in the field and are glad to begin distributing their silicon carbide products.”

Founded in 2004, GeneSiC was an early pioneer in silicon carbide technology and holds multiple patents on leading silicon carbide devices. “Our new partnership with All American is very exciting,” said Michael DiGangi, Vice President at GeneSiC. “The company’s field application engineers have worldwide experience in taking an off-the-shelf product and designing it to meet client needs.”

For more information about GeneSiC Semiconductor’s silicon-carbide products, call 1-800-573-ASAP or visit the All American website at

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