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ALL Circuits and IEE Announce Grand Opening of Their Newest Facility in Guadalajara, Mexico

ALL Circuits is an EMS that focusses first and foremost on its customers’ needs and has recognized a demand to have a larger global manufacturing footprint and particularly a requirement to manufacture in the Americas for the that market. To serve that need and as part of their international growth strategy, ALL Circuits is now operating a facility in Guadalajara, Mexico with the same equipment, software and consumables set as their other state-of-the-art factories, in France and Tunisia. This too is a strong motivation for IEE who are looking forward to serving their Americas customers locally.
General Manager of ALL Circuits’ factory in Mexico, Pascal Aubois said “ALL Circuits is a manufacturer with its pedigree in Automotive, exceptionally high standards and a strong commitment to automation and quality. We chose Guadalajara for the quality of the talent here and the infrastructure that allows us to support our global accounts directly in the Americas. Using the same equipment and processes allows us to quickly and seamlessly move product from one location to another, making us more agile and responsive.”
COO of IEE, David Brink, said the opening is a “great step for IEE as a company, we needed to be able to service our customers here in this region”. He went on to say, “our objective here is to build a state of the art factory, that will be our footprint going forward and we’ll map this to our other facilities worldwide, with Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0 and the connectivity and digitization that’s behind that.”
Bruno Racault, CEO of ALL Circuits, added “It’s very exciting for us to be in Mexico inaugurating our facility. We have one of the most automated plants in Europe and our investment in this new plant reflects our desire to replicate that and to drive the same standards of manufacturing regardless if the products in automotive, medical or IoT”. Bruno went on to say, “Guadalajara has a lot to offer, innovation and academia are very active in electronics, and we are very happy to be connected to such a great ecosystem that brings the whole value chain together along with a committed government.”
To find out more about ALL Circuits’ and IEE’s Guadalajara activities, contact Pascal Aubois ().

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