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Alliance Sensors Partners With Marposs

MOORESTOWN, NJ – Alliance Sensors Group is proud to announce a partnership with Marposs Corp. as a North American distributor for their dimensional gauging probes and pencil probes. Marposs SpA, a family owned and operated business founded in Italy, has been the premier name in dimensional gauging fixtures and hardware for many years. Over the past twelve years, they have developed a complete line of analog and digital output dimensional gauging probes and accessories.

Marposs Red Crown™ analog pencil gauging probes and Digi Crown™ digital probes, modules, and systems are widely used in automotive, aerospace, and medical QC test stands, as well as in the metal cutting, metal forming, plastics molding, and glass and ceramics production industries for in-process control and quality assurance dimensional gauging measurements.

The Red Crown™ product line consists of analog probes in both LVDT and half-bridge versions with measuring ranges from ±0.5 mm full scale to ±10 mm full scale. The probe body diameter is industry standard 8 mm, and a 0.375 inch threaded adapter sleeve is available for retrofit applications. Both spring- extend and air- extend features and either axial or radial cable exits are available from stock.

The Digi Crown™ digital product line uses Red Crown™ analog probes coupled to a proprietary signal conditioner module for the analog probe that can communicate over an RS485 bus to a PC. Marposs offers all the necessary configuration software for maximum integration with third party SPC systems.

“Being able to offer such an outstanding product line of digital and analog probes in conjunction with our other linear and rotary sensing technologies is an exciting opportunity for us,” says Harold Schaevitz President of Alliance Sensors Group.

Besides distributing the Digi Crown™ signal conditioner module noted above, Alliance Sensors Group manufactures their SC-100 LVDT signal conditioner with features specific to the Marposs Red Crown™ analog LVDT and half-bridge probes like a 7.5 kHz excitation frequency and 1 kHz frequency response.

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