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Allied Receives Chairman’s Award From Ohmite

FORT WORTH, Texas — Allied Electronics received the 2010 Chairman's Award from Ohmite Manufacturing Company, a longtime provider of resistive products for high-current, high-voltage and high-energy applications. Only four other distributors have ever received this award in Ohmite's 86-year history.

“I am most pleased to announce that Allied Electronics has won Ohmite's top distribution channel level of recognition, our Chairman's Award, for the year ending December 2010,” says Gregory Pace, Ohmite Vice President Sales and Marketing. “Through Ohmite's partnership with Allied, Allied has progressed upwards in sales excellence three years in a row to become just the fourth distributor to ever win this honor.” Allied has been a partner and authorized distributor of Ohmite for more than 30 years. Allied received the award for excelling in sales growth, inventory breadth, cooperative selling at all levels and new product participation.

“We at Allied would like to thank our friends at Ohmite for recognizing our accomplishments with the Ohmite line,” says Scott McLendon, vice president of product management and marketing at Allied. “It's certainly a team effort, and we have a great relationship with Ohmite. Hopefully, our collaboration will continue to pay dividends in the future.”

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