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America II Introduces A2Everywhere

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — America II Electronics, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent distributors of semiconductors and electronic components, today announced the release of A2Everywhere℠, its dynamic new search tool. A2Everywhere℠ is an internet browser plugin developed to assist buyers when searching for electronic components online.

“America II believes strongly in innovation,” said Brian Ellison, President of America II Electronics. “The only thing that's constant here is change. So we challenge ourselves to continue delivering inventive solutions that can change the way we interact with our customers in a positive way. Just a few months ago, we completely redesigned our website with the customer experience in mind. Then we launched a mobile web app. Now, we’re happy to include A2Everywhere℠ in our suite of e-business tools.”

A2Everywhere℠ is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It's compatible with both PC and Mac. Once installed, buyers can quickly access America II's inventory of 165,000 unique part numbers from every industry-related website. When a buyer sees a part number on their screen, they simply highlight it, right click it, and select 'Find this part using A2Everywhere'. A new browser window will open, and the user will see America II's stock position for that part. This functionality is present on every website the user visits, allowing them to easily access America II's inventory no matter what website they are on.–media/fccc090e-155c-45fc-9c39-576aff8337b6

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