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American Component Exchange Adds More American-Made Products With Rayovac

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Recently opened electronics and electrical distributor, American Component Exchange (ACE), is now distributing several lines of Rayovac’s battery products. Their products offered will include AA, AAA, C, D, and 9v commercial and industrial batteries.

Initially drawn to ACE because of their mission statement, Rayovac has decided to partner with America’s distributor of American made products. With common goals aligned for both companies the partnership is bound for success.

“We are proud to form this alliance with such a trusted company and leader in its industry. Rayovac produces some of the highest quality batteries right here in the United States and we want our customers to share in the benefits,” said company president John Ciangiulli.

ACE’s vision is to forge the strongest community of our employees, vendors, and customers. Components is our specialty, and what we pride ourselves in, but ACE’s vision goes far beyond components by our commitment to service and community. Our quality American-made components feed the American economy and bolster our hometowns, government and people through charities and service. Together, we will empower our companies and strengthen America. Join us.

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American Component Exchange Web site at
Product flyer,
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2 comments on “American Component Exchange Adds More American-Made Products With Rayovac

  1. JohnACE
    July 18, 2014
    Rich, thank you for your comments and interest in our product offerings. I'd be happy to participate in a story regarding our ambitions and intentions – please refer.
    As you will find with many other press releases covering distributors this story informed the public of a new product offering to serve ACE customers and potential customers.
    Your interpretation of our website is correct, all products offered are made in the US. At this time we have agreements with some of our vendors, order direct with others and have those few where we do rely on other Authorized distributors. Whatever our arrangements may be our customers have the satisfaction of knowing they will be procuring products through Authorized channels made in the USA. Our product selection is diverse and include but are not limited to capacitors, crystals, transformers, connectors, obviously batteries, to greases and lubricants. I will be happy to elaborate if you'd like –727.748.4109  
  2. JohnACE
    July 18, 2014

    Thank you! Have an outstanding weekend!

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