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Analog Devices AD9139 16 Bit 1.6Gsps DAC Available From Mouser

MANSFIELD, Texas — Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the AD9139 digital to analog converter (DAC) from Analog Devices. The AD9139 is a 16‑bit DAC with a high dynamic range and a sampling rate of 1.6 Giga-samples per second (Gsps).

The AD9139 digital to analog converter, available from Mouser Electronics is a high‑speed, high dynamic range DAC which permits multicarrier signal generation up to the desired Nyquist frequency. These features specifically target wideband communications systems and high speed instrumentation. Latency between the 16‑bit digital input and the output analog signal is as low as two DAC clock cycles. The 16‑bit word to be converted can be loaded into the DAC as a 16‑bit word or as 8‑bit bytes, making this device suitable for use with 8-bit microcontrollers.

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