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Analog Devices Launches Webcast Series

NORWOOD, Mass. — Today’s fast-paced electronics design environment is placing a premium on the ability of engineers to rapidly adapt to changing customer product requirements without compromising quality, cost or time-to-market. The specialized nature of most product designs also means that engineers are in constant need of education and training resources that are comprehensive, easy-to-access and address real-world signal processing design challenges. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a world leader in semiconductors for high-performance signal processing applications, is helping engineers keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry by expanding its online educational offerings to include a new series for engineers seeking a better understanding of the basics of signal processing design essentials.

The monthly “Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors for Signal Processing Applications” webcast series premieres on January 12 with Sensors and How to Use Them, presented by David Kress, a veteran analog applications engineer and currently the director of technical marketing for ADI.

During the webcast, Dave will review the concepts of physical signals and explore why and how they must be changed into analog electrical signals, and how they can be processed for the highest reproduced accuracy.

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