Analysts Predict CES 2016 Trends

NEW YORK – Whether or not the 2016 International CES holds any big surprises remains to be seen. What's certain is the mega-show will highlight evolutionary progress in the ways processors and networking continue to enhance drones, wearables and more.

This year's CES will focus on how connectivity is proliferating everything from cars to homes, realigning diverse markets. The fact that the conference’s organizer recently changed its name from the Consumer Electronics Association to the Consumer Technology Association speaks volumes, said Tim Bajarin, president of the technology consulting firm Creative Strategies.

“One of the biggest trends is how they restructured the actual floor,” he told EE Times, noting that various industries were segmented in past years. “Now they have everything [together]. The big shift has become the showcase for every aspect of technology that impacts people's lives.”

Drone displays at CES 2015.

Drone displays at CES 2015.

Attendees can expect to see smaller drones with more powerful cameras like Parrot’s Bebop 2, as well as more consumer and healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and more HoloLens-inspired augmented reality wearables.

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