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APICS and APICS SCC Announce New Affiliate, Sponsor & APICS One Programs

Chicago–(Business Wire)–Today APICS and APICS Supply Chain Council (APICS SCC), publically announced the launch of the APICS SCC affiliate and APICS sponsor programs as well as the APICS One program that combines the benefits of APICS SCC affiliation and enterprise APICS membership. The programs provide corporations, academia, and nonprofit organizations access to unbiased research, benchmarking services and publications that provide the insights needed to make sustainable improvements in supply chain performance.

Through the affiliate and sponsor programs, organizations also have access to frameworks including the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, the supply chain management community's most widely accepted framework for evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and performance. Since 1996, over 5,000 companies worldwide have implemented the SCOR framework.

“APICS and APICS SCC together offer the first and only single-source solution for individuals and corporations looking to evaluate and improve supply chain performance,” said APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CAE, CPA. “We are committed to ensuring that supply chain organizations are ready to address two of the most important topics in the global economy today – developing supply chain talent and elevating supply chain performance.”

The impetus for the development of the new programming was the merger between APICS and the Supply Chain Council in 2014. APICS interviewed corporations and conducted research to determine the industry's needs.

“In the year after the merger, APICS SCC has expanded offerings and strengthened programs, like the SCORmark benchmark, that offer more value for affiliates and sponsors,” said Peter Bolstorff, APICS SCC executive director. “Additionally, the APICS One program is a direct result of APICS and APICS SCC's commitment to providing integrated programs beneficial to corporations and employees looking to advance today's supply chains.”

APICS SCC Affiliate Benefits

APICS SCC Affiliates are comprised of more than 400 organizations in over 25 countries, including many Fortune 1000 companies such as Boeing, Avnet, Coca-Cola, and Dow Chemical Company. In addition to access to the SCOR model frameworks, affiliate benefits include:

  • Engagement : Employees of APICS SCC affiliates gain access to research projects that shape the future of supply chain. Corporate affiliates are also able to sit on the APICS Corporate Advisory Board, and receive exclusive invitations to the APICS SCC Executive Summit.
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking : Premier Corporate, Corporate and Public Sector affiliates gain access to SCORmark benchmarking, which assesses the operational performance of supply chains using more than 20 years of SCOR data from 1,000 companies and 2,000 supply chains.
  • Group Training and Education : Affiliates can take advantage of group training programs with materials customized to fit the organization's supply chain priorities, or receive discounts to APICS SCC training programs, including SCOR Professional Training.
  • Research and Publications : All affiliates have access to digital publications and APICS SCC Premier Corporate affiliates have access to pre-release research.

To learn more about the affiliate categories, please visit the affiliate section of the APICS SCC website.

APICS One Program Benefits

Only APICS One affiliates are eligible to provide up to 500 employees with APICS enterprise e-memberships. This benefit supports both the individual development opportunities offered through APICS and the organizational performance improvement opportunities supported through the APICS SCC premier corporate affiliate category.

APICS Sponsor Benefits

By becoming an APICS sponsor, companies are provided with a license outlining how the APICS SCC frameworks and other APICS and APICS SCC published material can be incorporated into products, services, or marketing material. In addition, the APICS sponsor program offers engagement opportunities with APICS SCC affiliates, access to benchmark reports with client access to the SCORmark survey, team training opportunities, publications and research, as well as tailored marketing offerings. To see the full benefits of becoming an APICS sponsor and learn about the individual sponsor categories, please visit the sponsorship section of the APICS SCC website.

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