Apple Watch Apps Booming, But Display Toughness Questioned

The Apple Watch officially and finally arrives on Friday, at least for some people. Those lucky enough to place a preorder for an April 24 delivery should receive their wearable shortly, but many Watch orders won't ship until May or June.

Developers have been busy preparing apps, and the Apple Watch is primed to be a big hit. There's a concerning report about the glass, however, that may cause problems for Apple.

Apple has approved about 4,000 third-party applications for the Apple Watch so far, according to Trip Chowdhry at Global Equities Research. Stand-outs include Instagram, Uber, and Yo. Some 70% of developers are using Apple's new Swift programming language and they're going gaga for the Taptic Touch technology. Taptic Touch responds to specific increments of pressure, rather than just registering taps.

Believe it or not, Microsoft is among the many developers taking aim at Apple's wearable.

Owners of the Apple Watch will be able to tap into their OneDrive cloud storage from their wrist, as well as control PowerPoint presentations. The Watch will let presenters move through their slides, see the elapsed presentation time, and even check the total number of slides in any given deck. Microsoft continues to deliver good stuff to competing platforms.

There's a shadow lurking in the corner, though, and it may become a big headache for the watchmaker.

Remember Bend-gate, when videos of people bending their iPhone 6 Plus popped up all over YouTube? Prepare yourself for Scratch-gate. A new video from the same team that brought you bent iPhones reveals just how easy it is to scratch the glass of the Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch comes in three models: Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition. The Sport has what Apple calls Ion-X Glass, while the Watch and Watch Edition have sapphire displays. Sapphire is incredibly resistant to scratching, so owners of the Watch and Watch Edition likely won't have anything to worry about.

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