Apple Watch Lacks Pulse, Says Startup

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Today’s wearables don’t pass a physical exam, according to the chief executive of a startup that’s designing a medical-grade device. Julien Penders will share his opinions and experiences in a talk at the Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley.

The Apple Watch, for example, is a cool device but it doesn’t deliver the kind of data doctors and medical researchers need, said Penders, a former researcher at the Imec institute outside Brussels.

“It’s pretty limited,” said Penders who now heads Bloom Technologies (San Francisco). “It’s a bit disappointing from a health perspective because the quality of the sensor is no better than what you find in other systems today and the reliability of the data is at a very low level,” he said.

“It’s a great first step…on the other hand, the user experience is good as an extension of your phone with notifications — that’s well designed,” he added.

Penders’ startup Bloom Technologies aims to deliver by the end of the year one of the first medical-grade wearable health devices. Such devices need to deliver contextual information so users know when they can and when they can’t trust data coming in from a sensor.

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