Apple Watch Teardown Proves It’s Hard To Fix

Apple's mobile devices are generally not easy for do-it-yourselfers to fix. The Apple Watch, which launches today, proves no exception. iFixit’s teardown of Apple's new wearable shows the construction makes it all-but-impossible to repair.

iFixit says the watch bands are easy to remove and swap, but points out they don't conform to industry standards. Given the wide variety of bands Apple is making available for the Watch, the company clearly expects consumers to purchase extra bands and change them regularly. Everything else about the Apple Watch is difficult.

The screen has to be removed to access any of the innards, and iFixit says the display doesn't come off easily. iFixit used razor blades to pry it loose. Once the screen is off, the battery is easy to remove. Only a small amount of glue holds it in place.

(Image: iFixit)

(Image: iFixit)

The battery is just 205mAh, which is much smaller than the Moto 360's 300mAh battery and the LG G Watch R's 400mAh battery. Early reviews of the Apple watch said the device struggled to last a full day, so it's curious that Apple gave it such a small power supply.

Beyond the battery, not much else can be replaced.

“Removing any other component is essentially impossible,” according to the iFixit engineers. “All peripheral cables are soldered onto the back of the S1 [processor]. While not proprietary, incredibly tiny tri-wing screws are a repair hindrance, especially when Torx or Phillips could have been used.”

The S1 processor is encased in resin, which iFixit says makes board-level repairs impossible.

iFixit tore the Apple Watch down completely, however, and splayed its guts in fine fashion on video. The heart rate monitor component proved surprising.

“Apple's heart rate monitor is actually a plethysmograph that looks and acts like a pulse oximeter, but Apple isn't claiming it can measure your blood oxygen level. Why? Beats us. But it's probably FDA regulation related,” according to the iFixit report.

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1 comment on “Apple Watch Teardown Proves It’s Hard To Fix

    May 1, 2015

    I think that the governments should make a law that oblige the companies to make products that would be easy to repair.

    We daily hear about pollution, etc. and this would be a big step forward to reduce the amount of items we purchase (and consequently produce).

    Out of all the companies, Apple is probably one of those who care the less about this…

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