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Measuring, Drop by Drop
Brian Fuller  
11/24/2013   (101) comments
Droplet Measurement Technologies makes it its business to ensure even safer skies and calmer passengers.
Small Savings Reap Big Supply Chain Rewards
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/13/2014   (94) comments
The use of electronic signatures can translate into big savings for the supply chain. Better still, it allows OEMs to reduce risk and enhance compliance throughout the supply chain.
Samsung's Phone Ad Crosses a Line
Susan Fourtané  
5/21/2013   (90) comments
Samsung’s aggressive commercials go beyond comparing its new Galaxy S4 with Apple’s iPhone. It enters territory where it mocks iPhone users.
iPhone vs. iFone: Apple Loses Appeal in Mexico
Susan Fourtané  
3/29/2013   (87) comments
Apple demanded iFone stop using its brand name as the similarity in phonetics could confuse consumers. It didn't work out for the consumer electronics giant.
Nokia & Microsoft Might Be the Real Winners in Apple vs. Samsung
Susan Fourtané  
8/29/2012   (84) comments
Following the Apple-Samsung verdict, Samsung's share price declined and both Nokia and Microsoft Europe were trading higher.
New DARPA Program Targets Bootleg Components
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/5/2014   (80) comments
Counterfeit components remain the scourge of electronics OEMs. The Pentagon is looking to the engineering community for a solution that will authenticate parts at any step in the supply chain.
Want to Innovate? Try Spending Some Money
Brian Fuller  
1/19/2014   (79) comments
If innovation is going to be more than just a buzzword, you have to put your money where your mouth is.
Manufacturing Tablets for Kids & Education
Susan Fourtané  
3/15/2013   (78) comments
We know tablets for adults are roiling the supply chain, but what's the impact of the growing popularity of children's tablets?
4D Printing & the Future of Manufacturing
Susan Fourtané  
8/19/2013   (73) comments
4D printing will bring manufacturing to the next level. Let's talk about how the electronics sector might benefit.
An Apple Smart Watch? Time Will Tell
At the Source  
2/20/2013   (68) comments
Apple and others are bringing smart watches to market. What implications does this have to the supply chain?
New Cars Require Multiple Antennas
Pallab Chatterjee  
10/11/2013   (67) comments
In the past, no car had more than one antenna. Modern vehicles need a few more and the count is growing.
Nokia & Microsoft: A New Chapter
Susan Fourtané  
9/4/2013   (65) comments
Microsoft has bought Nokia. It's big news, but for the supply chain the prospects are positive.
Top 10 Supply Chain Predictions for 2013
Anna Young  
12/21/2012   (64) comments
Research firm IDC predicts trends it believes will hit the global supply chain in 2013.
Manage Supply Chain Workers for Best Results
Jane Miller  
3/7/2014   (62) comments
Managing people and projects is time consuming, but finding the right tools can help you be a fair and efficient manager.
Is Outsourcing Losing Its Appeal?
Tam Harbert  
7/27/2012   (60) comments
Some high-tech manufacturers are moving production back in-house, but is this the beginning of a trend or just another passing fad?
Xilinx/Flextronics Suit Shines Light on the Gray Market
Tam Harbert  
1/28/2014   (60) comments
Xilinx has brought Flextronics to court -- and the lawsuit provides an opportunity for the industry to take a good long look at the gray market.
Electric Vehicles: Charging a Way to the Future
Semico Spin  
11/23/2011   (58) comments
The Chevy Volt is a car for the future, and my experience with it tells me the US government was right in helping to save General Motors.
Applicants: Please Provide Facebook Password
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/6/2012   (58) comments
Several organizations, including colleges and a state prison system, are requring applicants to provide access to their Facebook pages. This could put a real damper on social media.
5 Action Items to Find More Qualified Candidates
Career Engineering  
4/26/2013   (57) comments
Although the economy continues to be shaky, reality demands immediate action on hiring. But where is that qualified candidate?
How Do You Buy?
Barbara Jorgensen  
5/18/2012   (56) comments
If it's easier to hop into a car than to buy online, your suppliers are doing something wrong.
Expect Innovations With Glasses-Free 3D
Susan Fourtané  
5/24/2013   (56) comments
In 2013, stereo vision will appear on electronic devices without the need for 3D glasses.
Is Apple Becoming Too Human?
Bolaji Ojo  
7/26/2012   (56) comments
Apple betrays its humanity by missing analysts' forecast, but it was never invincible, and it will slip in some markets it now dominates.
Top 15 Component Qualification Questions
11/21/2011   (55) comments
There are several issues to consider before a design engineer adds a component to the item master list. Here are 15 must-ask questions.
Is Outsourcing Dead (or Just Napping)?
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2013   (55) comments
Evidence of on- or re-shoring mounts, but its extent is unclear. We'll examine the trend in a webinar on February 19.
iPhone Forecast Raises Eyebrows
Logical Link  
6/17/2013   (55) comments
An analyst’s bearish forecast for the iPhone sends shivers through the global supply chain.
The Transition to the Self-Assembly Line
Susan Fourtané  
8/29/2013   (55) comments
Self-assembly technology is touching many manufacturing sectors, but it promises great things especially for the electronics supply chain.
Social Media Intrigue
Bolaji Ojo  
12/27/2011   (54) comments
How should individuals manage their private and business identities as social media continue to expand into enterprise environments?
The Pros & Cons: Tablets vs. Textbooks
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/24/2011   (54) comments
If e-readers replace textbooks, parents can skip the annual pilgrimage to the campus book store. You'd buy one tablet device, download texts, and save a bundle of money
Nokia Designs First Windows 8 Tablet
Susan Fourtané  
3/28/2012   (54) comments
If Nokia's tablet hits its intended mark, it would be a key turning point in the competition against the iPad.
Delivery by Drone: Logistics Helper or Hype?
Jim O'Reilly  
12/18/2013   (54) comments
Technology can do wonderful things, but will drones solve the last-10-miles problem of product delivery?
Apple, Facebook Panned in Greenpeace Report
Bolaji Ojo  
2/8/2012   (53) comments
Apple and Facebook were not included in Greenpeace's climate and energy efficiency report, because they weren't demonstrating leadership.
Three Feet From Gold
Anna Young  
12/15/2011   (53) comments
Tablet PCs are experiencing a gold rush, but many OEMs lack the patience and market savvy to benefit from the expected growth.
Invest Again in Innovation
Logical Link  
12/9/2013   (53) comments
Perhaps the supply chain world can learn a thing or two from the STEM educators.
Is Apple Losing Its Smartphone & Tablet Shine?
Suzanne Deffree  
8/1/2013   (53) comments
If you've been keeping up with recent smartphone and tablet market research, you might be wondering if Apple's charm over consumers has been broken.
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: That is the Question
Al Maag  
12/27/2010   (52) comments
Using Twitter to update customers and suppliers about your company's products and other activities can help in staying competitive
Biting the Hand That Feeds You
Diane Trommer  
7/25/2011   (51) comments
GE continues to pour billions of dollars into technical development in foreign economies, particularly China.
Google Tries 'Made in the USA': Who's Next?
Bolaji Ojo  
6/27/2012   (51) comments
Google says it designed and manufactured one of its latest electronics devices in the United States. Will the competition follow?
Post-Jobs: Apple Will 'Coast, Then Decelerate'
Bolaji Ojo  
4/26/2012   (50) comments
A top analyst with Forrester Research says why he believes Apple, post-Steve Jobs, will not remain peerless for very long.
Why Another Social Site? Because It's Google, Baby
Andy Lawson  
7/22/2011   (50) comments
It wasn't just curiosity that drove 10 million people to sign up for Google+ in two weeks; it's the value in the Google brand.
India Wants a Role in Semiconductor Production
Toms Jacob  
3/28/2011   (50) comments
The India Semiconductor Association sees a role for the country in the global chip market as demand for electronics products rise
Pursue Innovation, Reject Novelty
Logical Link  
6/27/2013   (50) comments
Companies need some structure for developing innovative supply chain ideas, not just implementing them.
Nokia Tumbles in Smartphone Ranking
Logical Link  
11/19/2012   (50) comments
Nokia slipped further behind in the smartphone market, but the industry shakeup will only intensify in the coming quarters.
Apple Can Be Beaten
Bolaji Ojo  
8/23/2011   (49) comments
To beat Apple in the tablet market, manufacturers need to compete, not just on the aesthetics of their products, but also on pricing.
The Illusion of 'Hands-Free' Electronics
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/13/2012   (49) comments
Automakers want you to think hands-free electronics are safe. They're not. Distractions are the problem, and more are coming to a dashboard near you.
Calm Down: Counterfeiters Can Be Stopped
6/26/2012   (49) comments
Technology from Applied DNA Sciences can put counterfeiters out of business in a wide range of economic activities, including electronics.
A Letter Still Wins Over Email in My Book
Al Maag  
6/29/2012   (49) comments
You want to know how to get the attention of a busy executive? A letter breaks through the email clutter.
Facebook: A Bright Future or Necessary Evil?
Andy Lawson  
7/11/2012   (48) comments
What are your thoughts on the future of Facebook, its importance to the next generation, and even the possibility of a world without it?
Five Trends to Watch in 2012
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2011   (48) comments
Research in the consumer electronics space highlights some trends that will benefit the overall supply chain. Keep an eye on smart power.
Apple's Next Big Thing Will Be Huge
Bolaji Ojo  
1/10/2012   (47) comments
The next Apple product must be as stunning and market redefining as the iPhone to retain the company's magic. I am betting it will be.
Things Don't Get Made in China Simply Because of Cheap Labor
Bolaji Ojo  
10/27/2011   (46) comments
Cheap labor isn't why China is winning Western manufacturing jobs and understanding this will help Western economies be more competitive.
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