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Take Your Hands off My Internet
Bolaji Ojo  
1/31/2011   (18) comments
By curbing access to the Internet, dictators hurt their citizens and the ability of businesses to conduct operations in their territories
Can Your Supply Chain Withstand Scrutiny?
Tam Harbert  
1/31/2011   (5) comments
Regulators and environmental agencies are scrutinizing supply chain operations more closely, and some companies are not making the grade
Intel to Take $700M Hit on Flawed Chip Design
Bolaji Ojo  
1/31/2011   (16) comments
Intel said it will cost about $700 million to correct a design flaw in one of its chipsets sold by personal computer makers
If a Photo is Worth a 1,000 words, What's Video Worth?
Al Maag  
1/31/2011   (15) comments
Video is a great tool that can help your company communicate even more effectively with suppliers, customers and other business partners
Challenges of the 2-Speed Economy
Bolaji Ojo  
1/28/2011   (10) comments
Developed and developing economies are expanding at varying speeds, posing a problem for electronics makers, politicians, and regulators
Highlights From Avnet's Earnings Call
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/28/2011   (5) comments
The technology supply chain continues to approach what distributors see as more normal levels as supply, backlogs, inventories, and leadtimes are managed effectively, according to CEO Roy Vallee
No Answer to Your Call to China? It's Chinese New Year
Philip Huang  
1/28/2011   (10) comments
The annual Chinese New Year exodus is on as people travel home to ancestral towns, so don't get too worried about unreturned phone calls
Stop Agonizing: 2011 Will Be a Strong Year
Malcolm Penn  
1/28/2011   (12) comments
Don't be misled by the single-digit growth number: 2011 will be a very strong year for the chip industry, and 2012 will be even stronger
Reasons to Believe
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/27/2011   (11) comments
Participants in the electronics industry view forecasts with skepticism. That's well deserved – the industry has been burned more than once by overly optimistic predictions
Ending the Economic Limbo
Bolaji Ojo  
1/27/2011   (4) comments
The US economy is sputtering, and employers are not hiring enough to reduce unemployment — but what does this mean for electronics makers?
Apple's Power Play
Laurie Sullivan  
1/27/2011   (10) comments
OEMs like Apple wield enormous power over the supply chain, control suppliers to keep costs down, and protect product release information
5 Tips for Effective Technology Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
1/27/2011   (11) comments
High-tech companies should partner with customers and suppliers to gain the most visibility for their products and businesses
CEOs More Confident, But...
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/26/2011   (10) comments
More than half of US CEOs are very confident about business prospects over the next three years. However, their optimism is tempered by a greater focus on managing risk and competitive threats, according to a recent PwC survey
Auto OEMs Dial-Up 'Infotainment' Connection
B. Cameron Gain  
1/26/2011   (4) comments
Automotive OEMs are taking advantage of smartphone applications to improve in-car communications and 'infotainment'
Charting the Future of Manufacturing
Bolaji Ojo  
1/26/2011   (4) comments
Meet the 15 people appointed by the Institute of Supply Management to help chart the course of manufacturing over the next years
Tablets vs. Textbooks: E-Text Use on the Rise
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/25/2011   (19) comments
In addition to lower cost, portability, and anytime/anywhere access, e-textbooks offer advanced search functionality, note-taking capabilities, digital highlighting, and the ability to email passages to peers
TI Declares End of 'Inventory Correction'
Bolaji Ojo  
1/25/2011   (8) comments
Texas Instruments says the semiconductor inventory correction is over, but challenges lie ahead for companies that failed to add manufacturing capacity
The Pros & Cons: Tablets vs. Textbooks
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/24/2011   (54) comments
If e-readers replace textbooks, parents can skip the annual pilgrimage to the campus book store. You'd buy one tablet device, download texts, and save a bundle of money
3 Tips to Get More out of Twitter
Andy Lawson  
1/24/2011   (24) comments
Three tips to help make Twitter less a gathering of pointless updates and more a powerful business, communication, and R&D tool
RFID Deployment Faces Cost Hurdle
Marc Herman  
1/24/2011   (33) comments
High-tech companies want to deploy RFID tagging in the supply chain, but the high-cost of the technology is slowing its adoption
Materials Prices on the Rise – Buyers Beware?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/21/2011   (12) comments
Within the past few weeks there has been a rash of headlines concerning the rising prices of raw materials. If this trend continues, suppliers may try to pass those increases on downstream
Rough Weather? Search Engines Can Help
Laurie Sullivan  
1/21/2011   (7) comments
Weather developments can disrupt the best logistics/supply chain plans, but search engines can help resolve unforeseen problems
Supply Chain Guru at Apple’s Helm
Logical Link  
1/21/2011   (14) comments
Tim Cook, Apple's top executive during Steve Jobs's medical leave of absence has his roots in operations, procurement, and supply chain
Anticipating China's Finest Hour
Bolaji Ojo  
1/20/2011   (11) comments
China seems destined for economic and political greatness, but what it becomes will be shaped by decisions inside and outside the country
Want a Pay Raise? Then Prepare to Move
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/20/2011   (24) comments
The best way to get a pay increase this year, according to an annual tech-salary survey, is to move to a different company or to Silicon Valley
Refining Your Supply Chain, One Supplier at a Time
Todd Ballew  
1/20/2011   (5) comments
Need to remap, reset, reduce, rethink, restructure, reorganize, retool, or refine your supply chain? Step 1: Relax
How to Kill a Monopoly
Logical Link  
1/20/2011   (13) comments
Researchers say the best antidote against high-tech monopolies is innovation and not government antitrust litigation
Join EBN Supply Chain Professionals Group on LinkedIn
Bolaji Ojo  
1/19/2011   (4) comments
EBN readers, bloggers, editors, and other contributors are using LindkedIn to advance connections within the industry. Come and join us
Business Setup Made Easier
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/19/2011   (3) comments
So many considerations go into choosing an offshore manufacturing location that it's easy to get overwhelmed, particularly for small and midsized manufacturers
Crowded Tablet Market Needs to Shrink
Bolaji Ojo  
1/19/2011   (9) comments
Even at this early stage it is already obvious the tablet computing market is too crowded and many of the current players won't survive
Loose Lips Can Sink a High-Tech Career
Tam Harbert  
1/19/2011   (13) comments
Commenting for a fee on your company's or industry's supply chain operations to consulting firms could lead to job termination or worse
9 New Year's Resolutions for Supply Chain Professionals
Mastery in Action  
1/19/2011   (14) comments
Here are nine critical areas we suggest supply chain professionals focus on in 2011 to improve their organizational performance
Bulls & Bears on Apple
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2011   (12) comments
Here's what the bulls and bears are thinking about Apple in light of news about the health of its CEO Steve Jobs
Reversing the Trend in Reverse Logistics
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/18/2011   Post a comment
Reverse logistics are a pain in the neck. Why wouldn't they be? If there's anything worse than holiday shopping, its holiday gift returns
Who Needs Smart TV?
Semico Spin  
1/18/2011   (15) comments
The selection of new high-tech devices such as smart TVs has become complicated due to the variety of product and technology options
What Are We Entitled to Know About What Ails Apple's CEO?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2011   (13) comments
Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence, and an old question pops up about what the company should say about his condition
WiFi Safety Issue Sparks Controversy
Anna Young  
1/18/2011   (10) comments
A recent research report on the impact of WiFi on the environment ignites controversy on how living beings coexist with technology
Apple's Jobs to take Medical Leave of Absence
Bolaji Ojo  
1/17/2011   (12) comments
Steve Jobs said he will take a second leave of absence in two years from Apple to focus on his health
Eight Takeaways from Intel's Q4 Results
Bolaji Ojo  
1/14/2011   (5) comments
Here are eight factors I believe had an impact on Intel in 2011 and which will drive or hurt its future sales growth and expansion strategy
SMBs Seed the Cloud
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/14/2011   (11) comments
One of the biggest problems with leading-edge technology is its limited accessibility to small and midsized businesses
Rising Labor Costs Will Redefine China's Role in Supply Chain
Marc Herman  
1/14/2011   (25) comments
Higher labor costs will alter China's profile in the supply chain from that of a mere producer into a manufacturer and major consumer
It's Dumb to Bet Against Intel
Bolaji Ojo  
1/14/2011   (9) comments
Intel's strong performance during the last quarter, R&D, capex, and product forecast show why it consistently outperforms the market
Spare Me the 3D
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/13/2011   (33) comments
Forget the glasses or the fact that watching a 3D movie makes me faintly nauseous. With the possible exception of video games, there's little content around that really benefits from 3D
Is IPv6 Key to Seamless Communication?
Matteo Bertozzi  
1/13/2011   (18) comments
IPv6 can deliver seamless communications and help remove communication bottlenecks, but adoption so far has been weak
Trust but Verify
Ken Bradley  
1/13/2011   (11) comments
Many procurement and supply chain executives are underserving their companies by not verifying component pricing and manufacturing costs
The Cloud as an Alternative to EDI
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/12/2011   (7) comments
There have been efforts to simplify electronic data interchange connections by standardizing purchasing transactions within the supply chain, but so far, no single solution has widely caught on
Three Big Supply Chain Trends for 2011, Part 2
On Guard  
1/12/2011   (3) comments
Factors that will influence supply chain decisions in 2011 include rising tensions among countries and corporate social responsibility
Intel Buys Peace of Mind, Again
Bolaji Ojo  
1/12/2011   (11) comments
Intel's agreements first with AMD and now with Nvidia ended its legal and regulatory problems, freeing it to focus on a more dangerous foe: ARM
Avoiding 'Digital Stress'
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/11/2011   (33) comments
Americans are feeling overwhelmed by the constant influx of digital information in the 21st century, according to a recent survey. The solution? Use the phone
How to Keep an Aging Supply Chain Vibrant
Laurie Sullivan  
1/11/2011   (14) comments
As supply chains mature, high-tech manufacturers must find ways to optimize the system, including exploring new procurement strategies
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