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Apple & Foxconn: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/31/2012   (15) comments
If you think Apple's going to drop Foxconn if Foxconn doesn't change its labor practices, think again. OEM-EMS relationships are very, very complicated.
EMS/ODM Outlook: Pessimistic Enough?
Bruce Rayner  
1/31/2012   (1) comment
Why did IHS issue such a rosy forecast for outsourcing (only a minor 2012 contraction)? The market performance hangs on too many probabilities.
Bringing Supply Chain Issues to the World Stage
Logical Link  
1/31/2012   (6) comments
Supply chain problems are not local or restricted to companies but should be treated at a global level by businesses and governments.
Changing the Way We Shop for Light
Solid State Revolution  
1/31/2012   (13) comments
The lighting industry is changing fast, with new technologies being constantly translated into new OEM products.
Chinese Labor Conditions Awful? You Are Guilty, Too
Bolaji Ojo  
1/30/2012   (42) comments
We are all to blame for China's poor labor conditions and should share in the ignominy being poured on high-tech OEMs like Apple.
Copy, Paste & Chop
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
1/30/2012   (7) comments
A bit of technology innovation thrown in can turn an old basic product into a marvel and revitalize sales.
Why Apple Is an Arbiter of Right & Wrong
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/30/2012   (11) comments
Apple is responsible for its supply chain's activities, but not for the reasons most people think.
A Complex Supply Chain Gets More Complicated
Mastery in Action  
1/30/2012   (4) comments
2011 was not easy for the high-tech supply chain, and 2012 won't be any easier, so companies must learn to manage the complexities.
Apple CEO Responds to Allegations of Labor Violations
Bolaji Ojo  
1/30/2012   (16) comments
CEO Tim Cook says in a letter to employees Apple is aware of problems at its contractors and suppliers and taking steps to correct them.
5 Ways Distribution Can Accelerate Product Development
Phil Sansone  
1/30/2012   (4) comments
Adding a components distributor to the design process early can help engineers save time and money, and possibly alleviate some fears.
Does Apple Have a Foxconn Problem?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/27/2012   (36) comments
Problems at its contract manufacturer Foxconn and poor conditions at suppliers threaten to taint Apple's success story.
New Wave of Outsourcing Ahead for EMS Providers
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
1/27/2012   (2) comments
Rapid growth and major changes are in store for EMS companies over the next decade as OEMs intensify outsourcing of production activities.
The (Inventory) End Is Near
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/26/2012   (10) comments
Avnet, one of the world's two largest distributors, is seeing inventory in the supply chain align itself with demand.
2012: Prepare for More Supply Chain Volatility
Paul Martyn  
1/26/2012   (8) comments
OEMs and components suppliers should prepare for a more volatile supply chain in 2012, but they can take steps to mitigate the problems.
Chips Fueling Growth in CE, Auto Markets
Todd Traylor  
1/26/2012   (6) comments
Advances in semiconductor designs and technology will drive growth in consumer electronics and automotive markets in 2012.
The REACH Conundrum
1/26/2012   (15) comments
A thorough understanding of Europe's REACH legislation is critical for implementation, but it is a moving target with global implications.
4 Things Apple Can Do With $98 Billion
Bolaji Ojo  
1/26/2012   (22) comments
Here are some suggestions on what Apple can do with some of its $98 billion in cash.
European IT Bellwethers Slip
Logical Link  
1/25/2012   (16) comments
Financial problems at ST and Siemens indicate Europe's electronics market may struggle to emerge from the continent's economic woes.
Apple Fumbles the Cash Question
Bolaji Ojo  
1/25/2012   (31) comments
It once made sense for Apple to hold onto its cash, but it's now time to distribute some to shareholders before the problem gets compounded.
ARM Expands Presence in Distribution
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/24/2012   (4) comments
Premier Farnell struck an agreement to offer ARM products, expanding its offerings to the engineering design community via distribution.
DNA Tagging: Secret Weapon Against Industrial Espionage
Bruce Rayner  
1/24/2012   (16) comments
The US military is taken special steps to protect its semiconductor supply chain against foreign, industrial, and other types of espionage.
RIM Needs a New, New CEO
Bolaji Ojo  
1/24/2012   (22) comments
RIM's new CEO is not the man to lead it out of the current funk, and a search for a visionary leader must begin immediately.
Worker Rights Assessment Guide in the Works
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/20/2012   (9) comments
Partnering with the wrong supplier can cost millions. But how do you measure the impact of a damaged reputation?
The Agony of Digital Rights Management
Semico Spin  
1/19/2012   (19) comments
Electronics makers and their suppliers will fight a bruising battle in the next years over access control and consumers' rights to privacy.
Is the SOPA Opera Over?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/19/2012   (24) comments
SOPA is really about digital rights management, which is crucial to the supply chain. Hardware companies have skin this game.
Tech Gets Behind Mobile Health Monitoring
At the Source  
1/19/2012   (19) comments
Healthcare providers are teaming up with technology and automotive firms to accelerate the introduction of anywhere, anytime services.
Battle of the Digital Ecosystems
Semico Spin  
1/19/2012   (9) comments
High tech is entering a new age being shaped by companies like Apple as the hardware era gives way to that of a software-based ecosystem.
Yahoo's Next Best Move? Buy/Merge With RIM
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2012   (40) comments
Yahoo should explore a merger with Research in Motion as part of a new bolder plan to make the two embattled companies competitive.
Apple Gets Ahead of the Curve – Again
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/18/2012   (8) comments
OEMs have long considered their supplier relationships to be confidential. But global compliance mandates require OEMs share more information than ever before
CES 2012: It's All About Motion, Touch & Sound
Semico Spin  
1/18/2012   (8) comments
The product offerings at CES were all about improving connectivity and enhancing the wireless and consumer electronics experience.
Yahoo, Yang-less, Needs Riskier, Bolder Plan
Anna Young  
1/18/2012   (14) comments
Jerry Yang's resignation from Yahoo will appease shareholders, but the company is still in jeopardy. It needs a riskier and audacious plan.
Fabs at Risk From Ring of Fire
Semico Spin  
1/17/2012   (9) comments
Many semiconductor fabrication plants remain at risk in regions plagued by volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters.
Who's on Apple's Supplier List?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/17/2012   (19) comments
Apple's list of top suppliers offers an insight into how the oldest procurement principles of multisourcing remain valuable.
Will Electric Vehicles Win Mass Market?
Logical Link  
1/17/2012   (36) comments
Electric vehicles still face numerous obstacles to mass acceptance, including low battery life and pricing. Researchers suggest solutions.
CES 2012: Mainly Evolutionary
Semico Spin  
1/17/2012   (3) comments
Products unveiled at the CES improved on old ideas, but there were no major breakthroughs, aside from Lenovo's deals with Qualcomm and Intel.
What's the Etiquette for Airport Charging?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/13/2012   (31) comments
Heaven forbid I have to charge my cellphone, laptop, and tablet/e-reader at an airport. It's time to check train schedules or buy a smartphone.
Conflict Minerals & the SEC
Bolaji Ojo  
1/13/2012   (11) comments
What does the delay in issuing rules governing the implementation of conflict mineral laws mean for the electronics industry?
The Cloud's Foggy Path in Healthcare
At the Source  
1/12/2012   (22) comments
Medical institutions aren't in a rush to use cloud computing due to security concerns. Can they be convinced the cloud is safe?
Managing the Variables in a Supply Chain Disaster
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/12/2012   (3) comments
It's reasonable to assume that earthquakes and hurricanes will happen again. The time to plan for them is now.
Intel Muscles Into Smartphones, Tablets
Bolaji Ojo  
1/11/2012   (21) comments
Intel processors are finally being designed into smartphones and tablets after years of failed efforts by the chipmaker.
Knowledge From Vertical Integration
Ken Bradley  
1/11/2012   (6) comments
Vertical integration offers OEMs numerous benefits by bringing together the best of product architecture and process technology.
Cleantech: Getting Smarter, Going Further
Logical Link  
1/11/2012   (6) comments
Here are trends that are likely to dominate discussions and investments in clean technology worldwide this year.
10 Transformative Technology Events for 2012
Anna Young  
1/11/2012   (15) comments
Researcher IHS has compiled a list of events it believes will be transformative for the technology industry in 2012. Are you prepared?
Apple's Next Big Thing Will Be Huge
Bolaji Ojo  
1/10/2012   (47) comments
The next Apple product must be as stunning and market redefining as the iPhone to retain the company's magic. I am betting it will be.
OLED Finally Hits the Big Screen – Literally
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/10/2012   (14) comments
LG Electronics unveiled a 55-inch OLED TV at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. The implications for display manufacturing are huge.
Philips Slammed by Europe, Inventory Woes
Bolaji Ojo  
1/10/2012   (6) comments
Europe's leading electronics company says sluggish demand arising from economic weakness there hurt its fourth-quarter results.
Buying Parts Online? There's an App for That
Laurie Sullivan  
1/9/2012   (16) comments
Electronic components distributors are developing apps to facilitate online procurement over mobile devices. Will procurement embrace this?
Should Barnes & Noble Spin Off the Nook?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/9/2012   (14) comments
It's a familiar headline: A big company is thinking about spinning off a business unit. This time it's Barnes & Noble and its Nook e-reader/tablet business.
Is Apple Losing Its 'Cool' Design Edge?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/6/2012   (22) comments
Apple has famously been known for its cool design, but rivals are closing in, responding faster and threatening to end its dominance.
How to Mitigate Supply Chain Disasters
Market Outlook  
1/6/2012   (10) comments
The 2011 natural catastrophes in Japan and Thailand provide critical lessons in preparedness for chip buyers and sellers.
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