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Battle Lines Drawn Between Vendors of PCs & Tablets
Anna Young  
1/31/2013   (30) comments
Tablet shipments are surging while PC sales are falling. For vendors, the battle for survival and dominance has only just started.
A Rational Look at Distributor Rationalization
Unchaining Supply  
1/31/2013   (5) comments
Distributor rationalization can hurt everyone, but careful planning and management can help limit the sales impact.
Reclaiming Value Through Reverse Logistics
Change in the Chain  
1/31/2013   (4) comments
Don't wait for problems. Identify potential challenges in your reverse logistics and returns processes.
Don't Crown China Yet
Bolaji Ojo  
1/30/2013   (9) comments
The conclusion that China will soon be the top global economy is premature, as it faces major structural and geo-political problems.
Jan 31: D-Day for Conflict Minerals Compliance
Paul Martyn  
1/30/2013   (12) comments
Jan. 31 is the deadline for complying with the SEC reporting rules for conflict minerals. Are you and your suppliers in compliance?
Monumental Changes for Global Manufacturing
At the Source  
1/30/2013   (14) comments
The US isn't the only developed country showing solid improvement in its manufacturing, but challenges remain in the West.
The Perils of Moral Confusion
The Sanity Clause  
1/30/2013   (4) comments
EBN's favorite myth buster goes off topic to tackle the question of morality, equality, and fairness in our society.
Lifting the Veil Over Pricing Secrecy
Bolaji Ojo  
1/29/2013   (13) comments
A new tool from UBM partner Lytica promises much needed pricing visibility into the buying and selling of electronic components.
Time to Focus on Returns
Change in the Chain  
1/29/2013   (5) comments
Without a good returns management policy, manufacturers can see their costs go up unnecessarily. A logistics expert can help.
Semiconductor Inventory 'Uncomfortably' High
Anna Young  
1/28/2013   (10) comments
Semiconductor inventories rose strongly in the third quarter of 2012, and further increases could trigger a write-down by suppliers in 2013.
Cutting Costs & Getting It Right
Logical Link  
1/28/2013   (11) comments
Here are a few insights that may help you better prepare for this year's round of cost-cutting evaluations.
Auto OEMs Battle Distracted Driving
B. Cameron Gain  
1/28/2013   (11) comments
Automakers are working closely with suppliers to reduce distracted driving and improve vehicle infotainment experience.
Is the Quest for Supply Chain Visibility Unrealistic?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/25/2013   (15) comments
Supply chain visibility has become a must-achieve goal for manufacturers, but could we possibly be chasing the wrong objective?
Intel's Slow Waltz at the Smartphone Dance
At the Source  
1/24/2013   (22) comments
Intel is behind in the market for smartphone chips, whether low- or high-end. Does the company have what it takes to win?
What Role Will Big-Data Play in Electronics?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/24/2013   (12) comments
Electronics vendors are starting to use big-data in supply chain management, but they can do a lot more with the technology.
Samsung Snatches Another Apple Crown
Anna Young  
1/24/2013   (15) comments
Samsung was the world's biggest user of semiconductors in 2012, another title the Korean company snatched from rival Apple Inc.
Don't Keep Quiet on Counterfeits & Counterfeiters
George Karalias  
1/23/2013   (14) comments
Reports indicate counterfeiting is still a growing problem but the industry needs people willing to speak out about its dangers.
CES: Components Were the Headliners
Todd Traylor  
1/23/2013   (8) comments
What was new at CES and what is most important for the supply chain is the focus on the exciting capabilities of the latest components.
Rethinking Intel's Greatest Asset
Bolaji Ojo  
1/23/2013   (14) comments
Intel is working to liberate itself from challenges in the PC market, but with the size of the investments, failure could be catastrophic.
USPS: Courier Extraordinaire
The Sanity Clause  
1/23/2013   (4) comments
The US Postal Service continues to deliver great service even though it's been hobbled by Congressional mandates.
Finally, a Realistic Assessment of the PC's Future
Anna Young  
1/22/2013   (15) comments
The PC market's evolution will depend on how well vendors and chip suppliers embrace changes inside and outside the sector.
TransferJet: Accelerating Wireless Charging
Semico Spin  
1/22/2013   (20) comments
Wireless charging from Toshiba will soon make it possible for us to dump the wires littering our offices and homes.
Will 2013 Be the Year of Big-Data?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/22/2013   (14) comments
Electronics makers are looking to leverage the advantages of big-data in forecasting and demand planning. How successful will they be?
See Me, Touch Me, Move Me at CES
Semico Spin  
1/18/2013   (11) comments
CES showed many interesting devices and applications using sensors and MEMS. But this is just the beginning; more innovation will occur.
Why Manufacturing Matters & Where Best to Do It
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2013   (14) comments
Manufacturing is important to economic development, but each country should examine carefully what type of production to be involved in.
The Headache of Managing Supply Chain Data
Logical Link  
1/18/2013   (13) comments
The volume of data available to supply chain managers is on the rise, but so is the headache of analyzing, managing, and utilizing it.
Tablets: Cheap, Cheaper & Cheapest
At the Source  
1/17/2013   (38) comments
Price competition in the tablet PC market shows vendors unable to compete at the top end want to grab share in the second or third tier.
McLendon Takes Reins at Allied
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/17/2013   (1) comment
Like other catalogue distributors, Allied is moving beyond the catalogue model and taking the "multichannel" approach to distribution.
When Is Excellence Not Enough?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/17/2013   (10) comments
In 2013, manufacturers will need not just an excellent supply chain, but one that works closely with other departments.
Why I Am Fixated on Cost & Competitiveness
Ken Bradley  
1/16/2013   (7) comments
Tech innovations are disrupting old business models and forcing firms to focus on greater efficiencies, cost, and competitiveness.
The Changing Role of Software in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/16/2013   (7) comments
Manufacturers use software and data for varied purposes in supply chain management, but key goals such as visibility remain paramount.
New Year Already Tough for EU
Logical Link  
1/16/2013   (13) comments
The economic turbulence that marked 2012 for the European Union has extended into 2013.
IDC Sees Higher PC Processor Sales in 2013
Bolaji Ojo  
1/16/2013   (6) comments
PC microprocessor sales and shipments are projected to rise in 2013 as vendors counter inroads by smartphones and tablets.
Crushing on PNI Sensor's Games Tracker
Semico Spin  
1/16/2013   (3) comments
A new sensor tracker module for games from PNI Sensor is a must-have whenever it finally hits the market in a gaming device.
A Private Buyout Won't Cure What Ails Dell
Bolaji Ojo  
1/15/2013   (24) comments
A leveraged buyout by private equity firms won't resolve the problems facing Dell, but it might still go ahead all the same.
Measuring the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint
Logical Link  
1/15/2013   (7) comments
Regulators are moving towards compelling better measurement of carbon emissions, and this has implications for the supply chain.
Where Are the Game-Changing Technologies?
At the Source  
1/15/2013   (12) comments
The technology industry needs new game-changing technologies and products that will give fuel growth for the next decade.
The Personal Tablet vs. the Shared PC
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/14/2013   (21) comments
Gartner envisions a world where tablets become the personal device of choice and PCs become a shared resource.
Nokia Hit Hard by India Tax Fine
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
1/14/2013   (16) comments
Nokia is not the only foreign company visited by the Indian tax man recently. But in this case, the penalty will cost Nokia more than just money.
Suppliers Squeezed as Apple Cuts Components Orders
Bolaji Ojo  
1/14/2013   (14) comments
Apple's suppliers are being squeezed after the company slashed components orders due to slower than expected sales of its iPhone 5.
Why PCs Aren't Selling
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/11/2013   (29) comments
Tablets aren't better than PCs for many functions, so why are PCs trying to become more like tablets?
Year of the Phablets
Anna Young  
1/11/2013   (18) comments
PC shipment fell in 2012, and may decline again this year as more consumers opt for smartphones and tablet PC combos called Phablets.
Spectrum: The Invisible Grand Canyon
The Sanity Clause  
1/11/2013   (1) comment
No free market anywhere operates prosperously without the benevolent massage of government regulators, and TV spectrum isn't different.
Manufacturing Job-Growth Equation Is Changing
News of the Day  
1/10/2013   (9) comments
Only 20 percent of the manufacturing jobs lost in the United States since 2000 can be tied to outsourcing. The rest are due to productivity gains.
Samsung Becoming the Apple of Our Eye?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/9/2013   (22) comments
Apple is the toast of the industry, but Samsung is now getting as much attention. Who will be the next darling of the supply chain?
Technology Enters the Gun Debate
News of the Day  
1/9/2013   (11) comments
Biometric technology could ensure that a gun won't operate unless it is in the owner's hands.
Are Spreadsheets Wreaking Havoc on Your Profit?
Revving Revenue  
1/9/2013   (2) comments
If your business uses spreadsheets to track and manage promotions and incentives, itís time to automate and fill the gap left by existing ERP systems. Look for a solution that automatically tracks milestones and executes payments.
Will US-China Trade Reform Put Technology at Risk?
1/8/2013   (14) comments
If products like microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other advanced components are exported with reduced restrictions, then we may be inadvertently giving up some of our core technologies in terms of development and processing know-how.
Upgradeable TV: Brilliant or Crazy?
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/8/2013   (21) comments
Instead of buying new TVs, consumers would buy a box that upgrades their current set. It is a boon or bust for the supply chain?
How the US Can Shape Its Manufacturing Destiny
At the Source  
1/8/2013   (5) comments
Rebuilding its manufacturing base is the only way the US can pay down its debt and maintain its citizens' standard of living.
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