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Withdrawal Symptoms: How Further Gov't Assistance Could Hurt, Not Help Companies
Bolaji Ojo  
10/29/2010   (8) comments
Governments need to rein in their economic assistance to allow companies to evaluate real demand and plan for fundamentals-driven growth
Overloaded: Counterfeit & Substandard Goods Swamp Developing Economies
A Different World  
10/29/2010   (10) comments
Substandard and counterfeit high-tech goods have flooded developing economies, where enforcement of current laws is often inadequate
Innovation Experiments in a Boom & Bust Environment
Logical Link  
10/29/2010   (9) comments
Supply chains perform better when they are constantly reviewed and modified in response to changing business conditions
The Latest on Leadtimes
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/29/2010   (2) comments
Here's what the industry's two largest global distributors have to say about leadtimes and pricing
The Truth About Rare Earths, Part 2
Tom Valliere  
10/28/2010   (1) comment
Supply of rare earth metals is constrained – but don't panic, because there are numerous alternatives for guaranteeing your corporate needs
Why Minerals & Metals Matter to Midterm Elections
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/28/2010   (3) comments
With the status of REE exports uncertain, the US, Canada, and a number of corporations have stepped up efforts to find an alternative REE supply line
China GDP Growth Spurt & the Rare Earths Connection
Semico Spin  
10/28/2010   (6) comments
China's fast growth has turned it into a powerful force able to influence global commerce, meaning everyone should stay on the alert
Cash Hoarders & the Confidence Crisis
Bolaji Ojo  
10/27/2010   (9) comments
US corporations have almost $1 trillion in cash while consumers are skittish about spending, foreshadowing continued weakness in the economy
IT Spending to Rebound to Pre-Recession Levels
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/27/2010   (17) comments
After two years of zero growth, IT spending looks set to increase in 2011. It's not the only indicator, but IT growth might help the supply chain breathe easier
Celebrating Jack Robertson, a Reporter and a Gentleman
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2010   (3) comments
Jack Robertson, a veteran of the electronics press, has died, leaving clippings dating back to the 1950s – and many awed colleagues and rivals
Europe-China Trade Heating Up
Logical Link  
10/26/2010   (6) comments
Euro-zone trade with China is growing rapidly, led by exports of manufacturing equipment and automobiles from Germany
The Battle for Logistics
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/26/2010   (5) comments
While distributors and EMS companies have been duking it out, logistics providers have quietly entered the supply chain fray and could capture a piece of the action. I wouldn't bet against them
What Will Drive Growth in Contract Manufacturing?
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
10/26/2010   (2) comments
Outsourced high-tech manufacturing will surge by 2014 to $450 billion, driven by higher costs of goods and repair and warranty services
Corporate Greenwashing vs. Real Environmental Concerns
Marc Herman  
10/26/2010   (9) comments
More research suggests companies and consumers in Asia are truly worried about the environment and are not just buffing up credentials
Let's Not Fight a Currency War With China
Bolaji Ojo  
10/25/2010   (6) comments
A currency war over the yuan will be ruinous for everyone, but rebalancing global commerce with China is still a priority for all
The Truth About Rare Earths, Part 1
Tom Valliere  
10/25/2010   (6) comments
Rare earth elements are not as rare as their name implies, but China has cornered the market, pushing prices higher and creating shortages
Electronics Companies Get Failing Grades for Recycling Programs
Laurie Sullivan  
10/25/2010   (16) comments
Top electronic companies fail to measure up in a watchdog group's review of recycling programs
Foxconn Sets Its Sights on LCD Market
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/25/2010   (5) comments
Chinese media last week reported the $17 billion EMS provider is paving the way for its LCD affiliate, Taiwan-based Chimei Innolux, to open an LCD manufacturing plant in Chengdu, China
The Future of Lighting: Will LED Take Over?
A Different World  
10/22/2010   (9) comments
New US legislation banning the production of some incandescent bulbs by 2010 will light a fire under LED lighting globally
Richest Tech Firms & the Challenge of Managing Huge Cash Hoards
Bolaji Ojo  
10/22/2010   (9) comments
Cash at the world's four richest tech firms are at record highs, offering opportunities and posing challenges to the companies
The ABC of Streamlining the SMB Supply Chain
Change in the Chain  
10/22/2010   (11) comments
Smaller businesses can lower supply chain costs by automating inbound visibility, briskly processing orders, and enabling customer tracking
Another Vote for Gate-First HKMG
Semico Spin  
10/21/2010   (2) comments
Two competing IC technologies – gate-first and gate-last – battle for dominance in the consumer market. The score so far is a draw
The Big Picture: Is the LCD Becoming the New Motherboard?
Tam Harbert  
10/21/2010   (5) comments
Displays are playing a bigger role in electronics design, with major implications for the supply chain
When Are 'Investments in the Future' Just a Fad?
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/21/2010   (10) comments
On any given day, every third or fourth release on the business wire is on something 'green.' A decade ago, it was quality. Make sure there's ROI attached to these efforts
Rim of Trouble: Apple, Google Battle RIM for Smartphone Dominance
Bolaji Ojo  
10/20/2010   (19) comments
The war for No. 1 in the smartphone market turns nasty as Apple, Google, and RIM battle over whose product and software is better
A Successful Supply Chain Needs Collaboration & Co-Creation
Logical Link  
10/20/2010   (5) comments
Supply chain collaboration is effective in building successful businesses, but co-creation takes the partnership to a higher level
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/20/2010   (2) comments
Wasn't the globalization of the electronics industry supposed to dispense with the need to manufacture close to your customers?
China, Emerging Markets Ready to Pay More for Green Products
Marc Herman  
10/19/2010   (16) comments
Surveys indicate technology customers in China and other emerging markets would gladly pay more for environmentally friendly products
Seagate Plans Another Makeover – but Is Anything Different This Time?
Bolaji Ojo  
10/19/2010   (11) comments
What will a new ownership structure mean for Seagate's customers, investors, and suppliers as it looks to increase shareholder value?
Apple Shares Fall After Record Profits. So What? It’s Only Profit-Taking
Bolaji Ojo  
10/19/2010   (4) comments
Don’t fret. The 5% after-market decline in Apple stock price is due to profit-taking; Any major decline is still months or years away
Smart Grid Seeks Sourcing Partners
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/18/2010   (4) comments
GE's John McDonald, chair of NIST's smart grid standards-development board, outlines progress on the US's smart grid efforts
Are You Ready for Product Raw Materials Labeling?
Laurie Sullivan  
10/18/2010   (12) comments
A list of the raw materials used and the processes required to manufacture products will one day become as important as pricing
Geeks, Gurus & the Stakeholder Problem
On Guard  
10/18/2010   (7) comments
Companies must identify stakeholders and define the IT and other resources required to fulfill the individual goals and objectives
Distributors Headed for Cutthroat Competition Over Design Contracts
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/15/2010   (4) comments
A design win in a high-value consumer electronics product could make $100 million or more during the life of the device, reports iSuppli. The scramble to win that socket is on
Why I Am Cautious About Apple’s Soaring Stock Price
Bolaji Ojo  
10/14/2010   (12) comments
Apple is a great company, but its soaring stock price does not reflect the stiff competition facing the company in all its market segments
Readers: Yuan Needs a Booster Shot
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/14/2010   (3) comments
One third of EBN readers believe a stronger yuan would make their businesses more competitive with China
Continental Divides
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/14/2010   (6) comments
India, Mexico, and Brazil are now drafting hazardous materials restrictions, e-waste laws, recycling initiativesm and energy conservation measures
Six Takeaways From Intel’s Q3 Results
Bolaji Ojo  
10/13/2010   (9) comments
Intel sees no slowdown ahead following a strong third quarter, but its executives admit to uncertainty from the global economy
Supply Chain Evolution: Serving More Than Manufacturing
Laurie Sullivan  
10/13/2010   (6) comments
The electronics supply chain is shifting rapidly from simply serving the manufacturing operation to offering complete business support
What You Need to Know Now About New Environmental Regulations
Michael Kirschner  
10/13/2010   (7) comments
Electronics companies do not have the knowledge to deal efficiently with new and emerging environmental and regulatory requirements
Deals I'd Like to See, Part 1: Avnet or Arrow Merge With WPG
Bolaji Ojo  
10/12/2010   (4) comments
Arrow or Avnet merging with Taiwan's WPG Holdings would accelerate the ongoing consolidation of China and Asia/Pacific's distribution market
Getting on the Grid
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/12/2010   (7) comments
If you have any doubt about which way the industry wind is blowing, then check out which technologies VC firms are investing in
The Office Meets Fort Worth
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/12/2010   (18) comments
TTI's spokesperson contest, 'The Big Job,' is a lesson in social networking, business, and why mimes make bad mascots
Don’t Dictate – Collaborate
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/11/2010   (7) comments
You can’t force a business partner to comply with a law, but you can point it in the right direction
Counterfeiting Hurts the High-Tech Supply Chain
George Karalias  
10/11/2010   (10) comments
Counterfeiting is not new, but despite corporate and regulatory efforts, it is polluting the high-tech supply chain
The Great Creativity Crisis
Logical Link  
10/11/2010   (15) comments
Most CEOs say creativity is the No. 1 leadership competency they need, but is this appreciated or emphasized in the high-tech supply chain?
Turning Good Into Great at Analog Devices
Bolaji Ojo  
10/8/2010   (8) comments
Analog Devices reorganized operations even when business was strong and is benefiting from difficult changes initiated in good times
Why Ranking Matters in EMS Provider Selection
Eric H. Miscoll  
10/8/2010   (6) comments
There are major distinctions between contract manufacturers that OEMs must consider when selecting a contractor. Here’s how
Profitability Needn't Be Sacrificed for Social Responsibility
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/8/2010   (6) comments
Premier Farnell's Charlie Denham, Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility, discusses good global citizenship
The Great Congo Paper Chase
Tam Harbert  
10/8/2010   (11) comments
A new US law aimed at clamping down on 'conflict materials' has significant implications for electronics companies and their suppliers
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