Posts posted in October 2011
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Keeping Engineering & Operations in Sync
10/7/2011   (21) comments
Electronics makers have to follow certain steps in the design and manufacturing process to eliminate avoidable delays and waste.
Euro Crisis Cuts Japanese OEMs Both Ways
Marc Herman  
10/7/2011   (8) comments
The European debt crisis offers Japanese OEMs huge cost savings, but it is also cutting into sales due to the expensive yen and weak demand.
Medical Electronics: Perfecting a Pain Detector
10/7/2011   (23) comments
Researchers are working on a diagnostic tool that can accurately identify the source and intensity of pain in patients.
Supply Chain Turmoil Looms
Bruce Rayner  
10/6/2011   (10) comments
Despite improvements in inventory management techniques, inaccurate forecasting remains the bane of the IC and electronics market.
Apple: Beyond Steve Jobs
Bolaji Ojo  
10/6/2011   (39) comments
Steve Jobs has died, leaving Apple without the innovative spirit behind its revival. Can the company keep the mystique alive?
My Mom, the Supply Chain Whiz
Gerry Fay  
10/6/2011   (10) comments
Mom's strategy of detecting and responding to household needs is equally useful for the global electronics supply chain.
Big Blue Cranks Innovation Engine
Diane Trommer  
10/5/2011   (8) comments
Innovation is not a game for startups only as IBM demonstrates with projects that bring together the best brains in semiconductor design.
India Enacts RoHS & WEEE Legislation: Who's Next?
Ken Manchen  
10/5/2011   (7) comments
India has joined the group of countries implementing restrictions on the use of chemicals in electronics, but it won't be the last
Estonia: Tech's New Innovation Hub
Logical Link  
10/5/2011   (6) comments
Estonia is forgoing being a tech manufacturing hub and marketing itself as a center for innovation and next-gen product development.
Keeping the Faith With Apple
Bolaji Ojo  
10/4/2011   (16) comments
It's easy to succumb to the idea that a company as successful as Apple is infallible, but no business is without even some minor faults.
Enhanced Visibility Key to Supply Chain Efficiency
Lalit Wadhwa  
10/4/2011   (1) comment
In the absence of timely visibility, the performance of the electronics supply chain suffers.
450mm: It's Different This Time
Malcolm Penn  
10/4/2011   (3) comments
A different semiconductor industry will emerge in a decade due to profound changes taking place in next-generation wafer production.
When Taking Less Is Better
Virtual Vantage  
10/3/2011   (4) comments
The broker channel offers manufacturers and holders of excess parts the opportunity to transform a potential loss into a reasonable gain.
Will Global Economic Problems Hurt Electronics?
Anna Young  
10/3/2011   (11) comments
World economic regions, including south East Asia, are coming under pressure, and sectors like electronics will feel the heat in 2012.
Developing Messaging for Tech Marketers
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/3/2011   (18) comments
Here are steps high-tech executives can take to improve the public image of their companies and achieve successful corporate marketing.
HP Needs a Higher Bar for Whitman
Bolaji Ojo  
10/3/2011   (5) comments
HP will pay new CEO Meg Whitman $1 per year, but what investors need is a detailed plan for reviving sales and profit growth at the company.
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