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Is There Trouble on the Horizon for Contract Manufacturers?
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
10/31/2012   (6) comments
IHS forecasts the outsourced manufacturing market will still post modest growth in 2012, but the outlook has changed dramatically.
Supply Chain Strategy Alignment
Wade McDaniel  
10/31/2012   Post a comment
Sourcing decisions have long-term impacts if not carefully thought out and matched to organizational supply chain strategy.
The Supply Chain Learns a Painful Lesson
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/31/2012   (5) comments
Electronic firms have finally found that collaboration, rather than confrontation, could lead to the cost reductions they've been seeking.
Reverse Supply Chain & Our Shared Values
10/30/2012   Post a comment
A strong reverse supply chain not only helps to improve operations, but it can also reduce costs and add bragging rights.
IHS: 'High Risk' Suppliers Threaten Defense Supply Chain
Bolaji Ojo  
10/29/2012   (11) comments
Research firm says the number of component makers it classifies as "high-risk suppliers" to the US government is on the increase.
Hurricane Sandy, Eat This!
The Sanity Clause  
10/29/2012   (37) comments
Hurricane Sandy barrels towards New York, but New Yorkers aren't worrying to much about it, as our resident blogger affirms.
When China Bites...
Bolaji Ojo  
10/29/2012   (22) comments
Offering potentials and jeopardy at the same time, China is a conundrum for Western companies.
Is America Losing the Battle for Tech Talent?
Tam Harbert  
10/29/2012   (37) comments
Misguided immigration policies and political deadlock in Washington are driving away technology talents from the US.
Apple in a Bind as Courts Wrangle Over Patents
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2012   (40) comments
Apple is forced by a UK court to say Samsung tablets did not infringe on one of its patents, in spite of contrary rulings in Germany and the US.
Electronics & the Unending Economic Crisis
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2012   (35) comments
Persistent weakness in the global economy is hurting electronics manufacturers. Get used to it. There's no quick fix in sight.
Dispelling E-Commerce Myths
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/25/2012   (13) comments
E-commerce has a role in the supply chain, but customer business models are not well suited to purchase large volumes of parts online.
Compliance Lagging on 'Conflict Minerals'
Anna Young  
10/25/2012   (30) comments
Up to 90 percent of electronics companies can't demonstrate compliance with the SEC's ruling on conflict minerals, says research firm.
Procurement Functions a PC Cannot Perform
10/25/2012   (14) comments
The best procurement strategy is to never take humans out of the purchasing operations. That will take a company right over a cliff.
Building the Efficient Supply Chain
10/24/2012   (10) comments
Any action that can speed up any portion of the supply chain will increase the efficiency of the entire operating network.
Managing Mixed Signals
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/24/2012   (4) comments
E-commerce was poised to simplify the supply chain, and it did in some areas, while making many others even more complex.
The Matchmaker
Bolaji Ojo  
10/24/2012   (16) comments
Finding a home for tech innovation is the business of matchmakers like John Lyons, but getting introduced only starts the process.
The End of Business as Usual
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/23/2012   (20) comments
Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are new to the hardware game. If anything, the supply chain will become more important to them as their business models evolve.
Stop Knocking Outsourcing
Diane Trommer  
10/23/2012   (38) comments
Outsourcing has hurt workers in the US, but it is a natural development and resulted from higher costs, tight regulations, and labor actions.
Managing Procurement Risks
10/23/2012   (1) comment
There are best-practices that can help identify and avoid problems in advance of a catastrophic procurement mishap. Here are some examples.
The Unattainable Computer
The Sanity Clause  
10/22/2012   (17) comments
There are few machines in current vogue that respond intuitively to human purposes in human terms, and Windows 8 is not an exception.
Another Glitch; Another Review?
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/22/2012   (5) comments
Some observers are blaming a computer glitch for Google's poor market performance last week. The 20 percent drop in profits is almost an afterthought.
Design Practices: Good 'Specmanship' for Optimal Cost
10/22/2012   (2) comments
The formula for success in engineering is to design products that offer optimal cost and yield after meeting all specifications.
Cyberwar: We Are All on the Front Line
10/19/2012   (16) comments
Cybersecurity of mobile electronics is a big problem, and with it comes tremendous opportunity for technology business that tackle it.
Survey Identifies Change Drivers in High-Tech Supply Chain
Logical Link  
10/19/2012   (4) comments
Survey identifies supply chain costs, lead times, and responsiveness as the top three drivers of change in the high-tech supply chain.
Procurement Strategies: Follow-Up Reminders
10/19/2012   (6) comments
We all need reminders from time-to-time. It tightens up business and helps avoid time-critical information vacuums.
Dissecting the Distributor-Supplier Relationship
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/19/2012   (4) comments
They need each other, but the distributor-supplier relationship has always been complex and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
Longer Tenures Make Recruiting Tougher
Carla Mahrt  
10/19/2012   (6) comments
Workers are staying longer at their jobs, making the task of recruiting them harder for employers seeking specialized skills.
Accredited Labs: A Weapon in the Battle for Quality
Supply Chain Intelligence  
10/18/2012   (3) comments
Accredited testing laboratories are essential elements of quality management and counterfeit mitigation strategies
Aligning Procurement to Business Strategy
Logical Link  
10/18/2012   (1) comment
By involving procurement early in shaping business objectives, companies can realize greater efficiencies and savings.
Will Vertical Integration in Mobile Shut Processor Vendors Out?
Tam Harbert  
10/18/2012   (7) comments
Amazon's purported interest in TI's mobile chip business is bigger than smartphones, says one analyst: It's about owning the supply chain.
Except for Work, Is the PC Age Over?
Semico Spin  
10/17/2012   (43) comments
It's out with the old and in with the new as consumers migrate away from PC and shift most communication to smart devices.
I Can See for Miles & Miles
Gerry Fay  
10/17/2012   (4) comments
The biggest differentiator in the supply chain is access to information for making rapid decisions. Avnet Control Tower can help.
Optimistic Outlook for US High-Tech Exports
Logical Link  
10/17/2012   (1) comment
Among executives who expressed optimism in the long-term growth of US exports, nearly one in three attributes this to the steady increase in disposable income in emerging markets.
Distributors Secure Role With Extra Services
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/17/2012   (8) comments
Having a distributor nearby to service local customers is no longer enough for suppliers. Distributors must add value along the way.
Is Google Moving Into Logistics & Cargo Security?
Laurie Sullivan  
10/16/2012   (14) comments
Google has been granted a patent for a product that could be used to secure and monitor cargo shipping containers.
Anti-Counterfeiting in Action
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/16/2012   (13) comments
All anti-counterfeiting solutions share one thing in common: notifying others of a potential counterfeit is vital.
Dream Cargo: Inspection-Free Shipment
10/16/2012   (10) comments
Your company's cargo can ship anywhere worldwide without inspection delays, but it requires a level of trust and technology enablement.
Jolla Joins the Mobile Phone Circus
Logical Link  
10/15/2012   (5) comments
How many mobile phones makers does the world need? Well, apparently one more: A Finnish one.
Apple-Samsung: The Other Shoe Drops
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/15/2012   (6) comments
If Apple intends to cut the cord with Samsung, displays will be the next casualty of the patent war.
Has the West Given Up on Manufacturing?
Bolaji Ojo  
10/15/2012   (8) comments
Will China continue to dominate manufacturing, or is there still a role for high-cost countries like Germany and the United States?
M&A Redefining Distribution Supplier Relationship
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/15/2012   (1) comment
Shelf-sharing has been eliminated, but some other practices still exist that make growing via acquisition a challenge for distributors
Leveraging the Raw Power of RFQ Process
10/15/2012   Post a comment
After design, front-end cost management, provides the biggest savings opportunity. Procurement plays a major role here.
Tech Firms Dominate Hot Startup List
Tam Harbert  
10/12/2012   (4) comments
Wireless networking and chip firms are among the group of tech companies dominating a Wall Street Journal list of hot startups.
Lenovo's Secret Weapon
News of the Day  
10/12/2012   (13) comments
Although a supply chain may not make or break a company, it's still a competitive weapon.
Aboard the Tech Express
10/12/2012   (4) comments
Major technological advances in transportation and logistics will affect the electronics supply chain. Are you ready?
From B2B to Control Tower
Pascal Fernandez  
10/12/2012   (1) comment
Improving visibility is no longer an option for manufacturers; it's the foundation of any supply chain maturity model.
Green Tech Investments Continue to Rise
Barbara Jorgensen  
10/11/2012   (7) comments
The region that stepped up alternative energy investments the most in 2011 was India.
OEM Boom Seen as FCC Boosts Mobile Health Technology
At the Source  
10/11/2012   (4) comments
Smartphones, tablets, and mobile patient monitoring devices are poised to find a permanent place in the US healthcare IT infrastructure.
Slower Growth in China Sparks M&A Trend
Logical Link  
10/11/2012   (2) comments
As China's economy slows down, the distribution sector in the country is consolidating in response as companies jostle for market share.
Distribution Is up to Speed: Are You Benefitting?
Ron Moore  
10/10/2012   (1) comment
The range of services offered by distribution has grown, but the key goal is still understanding and helping the customers achieve their objectives.
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