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12 Steps of Recovery from Self-Driving Car Hype
Junko Yoshida  
10/30/2015   (1) comment
“Autonomous car” comes in many shades. Advocates pick one to make us believe what they want us to believe. We offer 12 self-driven steps you can take to recover the never-ending story of The Little Engine That Could (All By Itself).
A Look at the Spooktacular Halloween Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/30/2015   (3) comments
Halloween is the de facto start of the slide into the holiday season, and it's a big day for electronically enabled costumes and decorations. Here's a look at how big the holiday is.
A Guide to 5 Common Malware Monsters
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/30/2015   Post a comment
Supply pros handle a lot of sensitive data, from product designs and work orders to purchase orders and supplier info, so staying ahead of hackers looking to monetize stolen data is critical.
Verizon Unveils ThingSpace IoT Platform
Jessica Lipsky  
10/29/2015   Post a comment
Verizon wants to connect billions of things within its 4G LTE network. The company announced an Internet of Things development platform, ThingSpace, for connectivity in smart cities, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and sharing platforms.
Makers: Why The Electronics Industry Needs to Pay Attention
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/29/2015   (1) comment
The world is changing, especially how great new ideas for electronics hardware are being brought to market. To get ahead, OEMs need to be thinking about how to work with these innovators.
3 Ways EDI Alternatives Increase Business Profitability & Customer Satisfaction
Wally Ibrahim  
10/29/2015   Post a comment
Web service APIs allow data to be transmitted from one system to another in nanoseconds, increasing supply chain productivity and revenue.
Vote for Best ARM-Based Product
Janine Love  
10/28/2015   Post a comment
The ARM TechCon Innovation Challenge has announced the finalists, and its your turn to choose the Reader’s Choice Winner.
Dell & EMC: Changing Times, Changing Supply Chain Models
Logical Link  
10/28/2015   (1) comment
Dell’s acquisition of EMC shifts the value of operational and supply chain management excellence to technology services and cloud-based capabilities improvements.
Notable Numbers: The Most Important Metrics for Your Supply Chain
Keith Peterson  
10/28/2015   Post a comment
Let’s take a look at the most important metrics to help sustain a healthy and efficient supply chain, and what tools a software applications should provide in order to produce such metrics.
Machine Learning Sets the Pace of Distribution
Julien Happich  
10/27/2015   Post a comment
Last July, Dave Doherty took the helm of global component distributor Digi-Key Electronics when long time president and COO Mark Larson handed over the reins to him. For EETimes Europe, Doherty shared his views on today’s consolidation climate and how distribution is set to evolve. Excerpts…
Manufacturer's Definition of ‘Made in USA’ Costs Big Bucks
Frank Cavallaro  
10/27/2015   (2) comments
The “Made in USA” label does not always mean the same thing to companies as to the Federal Trade Commission.
Confluence of Tech Grows Virtualization Market for OEMs
Jon Peddie  
10/27/2015   Post a comment
Increasingly, designers, architects, engineers, and even health care professionals are turning to remote graphics virtualization.
Self-Driving Cars: 'My Program Made Me Do It'
Junko Yoshida  
10/26/2015   Post a comment
Automotive engineers may need to help a robotic car make ethical decisions. One solution is to envision a driverless car that's more flexible and personal.
Sony Drones Spotlight Bright Supply Chain Future
B. Cameron Gain  
10/26/2015   (1) comment
While drones are expected to become a hit commercially and eventually improve supply chain management practices, it is still too early to gauge the lasting impact drones will have.
Manufacturing Straps on its 3D Glasses
Mike McDonald  
10/26/2015   Post a comment
Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows machines to work directly from a computer model, and designers devise completely new concepts on the fly without regard for existing manufacturing limitations.
Student Comes Up with Toilet Design for Those Who Lack This Basic Human Right
Elizabeth Montalbano  
10/23/2015   (2) comments
A former design student from Georgia Tech has come up with a hygienic, inexpensive toilet for refugees all over the world.
It’s Never Too Early for Holiday Prep
John Boucher  
10/23/2015   Post a comment
Pre-planning and forecasting can make for a happy and profitable holiday season.
9 Ways to Lower the Heat in an Angry Customer Interaction
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/23/2015   Post a comment
Take some tips from customer service experts to smooth out interactions when an internal customer is unhappy or complaining about some supply chain headache.
PCs Live, Says Dell with Refresh
Jessica Lipsky  
10/22/2015   Post a comment
As the PC market continues to decline, Dell is doubling down with a desktop refresh targeting emerging markets including three desktop and three all-in-one PCs.
Facilitating IoT Uptake in Factories
Mary E. Shacklett  
10/22/2015   Post a comment
The sensor market is exploding and many credit consumer electronics. However, this technology is also expected to change the way our manufacturing factories run.
Separating PCB Assemblies Without (Much) Stress
Michael Allen  
10/22/2015   (1) comment
How your manufacturer depanels your PCBs affects reliability. New laser cutting techniques eliminate stress — and can also help make your products smaller.
iPhone 7: Will It Have Intel Inside?
Eric Zeman  
10/21/2015   Post a comment
Intel is vying against Qualcomm to develop LTE modem for Apple's iPhone 7.
Survive or Succeed: It Always Comes Back to Supply Chain
Gary Meyers  
10/21/2015   Post a comment
The biggest supply chain challenge may be lack of good, cross-functional information that can support solid business decision making.
How to Fix the Internet of Broken Things
The prpl Palette  
10/21/2015   Post a comment
As an industry, we need to start to address the security limitations inherent in the Internet of Things. A new hardware-led approach needs to be at the heart of the solution.
Marvell Jumps Gun on Gigabit Ethernet for Cars
Junko Yoshida  
10/20/2015   Post a comment
Marvell has become the first vendor to show off to car OEMs and Tier Ones a Gigabit automotive Ethernet PHY transceiver chip based on IEEE’s draft 1000BASE-T1 spec.
IoT-Designed, Locally Manufactured Cars Come to Market
Pablo Valerio  
10/20/2015   (1) comment
Instead of spending millions of dollars and several years designing a new vehicle, micromanufacturing can do it much faster and at a fraction of the cost.
Asia Next Frontier for Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Equipment
Raghu Das  
10/20/2015   Post a comment
As European funding for flexible electronics saturates, the market is turning toward Asia for sales of flexible and printed electronics manufacturing equipment.
The Power Triangle in Electronic Component Specifying & Purchasing
Kelly Barner  
10/19/2015   Post a comment
A conversation between contributing writer and procurement veteran Kelly Barner and Digi-Key vice chairman Mark Larson shows the influence of the electronic component distributor, which is breaking from traditional part spec'ing and sourcing process.
Top 15 Supply Chain Universities
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/19/2015   (2) comments
Whether trying to find education to further an existing supply chain career, to gather skills to make a mid-career move into supply chain, or to start on the path to getting an undergraduate supply chain degree, prospective students have a wealth of options from which to choose. Here's a look at the favorites of hiring organizations.
Building an Ethical Supply Chain
Susan Fourtané  
10/19/2015   Post a comment
With increasing outsourcing, ethical problems intensify in the supply chain as customers demand ethical products and services. How should an organization approach the challenges and build an ethical supply chain that is both successful and profitable?
Nominate Your Favorite Engineering Phenom as Design News' Rising Star
William Ng  
10/16/2015   Post a comment
We can count on today’s up-and-coming engineers for being innately motivated to solve the world's technical challenges, but it's important to recognize them and what they're accomplishing.
Exploring the Geography of the Internet of Things
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/16/2015   Post a comment
The IoT is exploding, and the world is scrambling to keep up.
Conquering the Big Data Frontier
Suhas Marathe  
10/16/2015   Post a comment
Big data is the newest frontier for exploration in the high tech world. A look at the boldest American explorers and frontiersman offers a guide to surviving and thriving in this new world.
Report: Analog Devices, Maxim in Merger Talks
Peter Clarke  
10/15/2015   Post a comment
The share prices of both Analog Devices and Maxim Integrated Products spiked late on Wednesday Oct. 14 after reports that the two companies are in talks about a potential merger.
Bracing for the Logistics' Industry Unprecedented Labor Shortage
Logical Link  
10/15/2015   (1) comment
An unprecedented truck driver shortage could be a significant issue for supply chain and logistics professionals. What can you do now to curb the impact?
Transforming to a Technology Led Safety Culture
Kerwin Everson  
10/15/2015   Post a comment
Creating a culture of safety helps the whole organization from procurement to manufacturing.
The Road to Improved SoC Communication Capabilities
Rich Wawrzyniak  
10/14/2015   Post a comment
In this guest blog, Richard Wawrzyniak from Semico looks at some of the latest SoC design challenges.
Chief Procurement Officer: 10 Lessons on Leadership
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/14/2015   Post a comment
The role of the chief procurement officer is evolving quickly and taking a strategic position within the organization. Leading procurement pros weigh in on what the new world of the CPO looks like.
4 Security Challenges That Threaten to Tear Apart the Internet of Things
The prpl Palette  
10/14/2015   (1) comment
The Internet of Things is developing at such a rate that it threatens to outstrip our ability to adequately secure it...and that's potentially a huge problem.
What's Your Definition of 'Autonomous' Car?
Junko Yoshida  
10/13/2015   Post a comment
Doug Patton, CTO of Denso International America, Inc., said, “My idea of the autonomous car is sleeping in the backseat.” Is that yours too? Join our EE Times Radio panel debate, Oct. 26.
El Niño Tests Supply Chain Resilience & Risk Management
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/13/2015   Post a comment
By all accounts, a severe El Niño year is on its way, making resiliency and risk management in the electronics supply chain more important than ever before.
Mapping the $2.5 Billion 3D Printing Industry
Jon Harrop  
10/13/2015   Post a comment
The 3D printing market is exploding as new printing technologies arrive and existing technologies are improved.
Medtech Event Debuts New Projects
Rick Merritt  
10/12/2015   Post a comment
The annual Body Computing Conference will discuss work on injectable sensors, virtual clinics and crowd-sourced health research, said Leslie Saxon.
10 Wearables That Want to Change the World
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/12/2015   (5) comments
Unicef, ARM and frog teamed up to ask electronics designers worldwide to think creatively about how wearable technology could change the way people solve some of the world's biggest problems.
Best Practices in Asset Recovery for High-Tech Supply Chains
Jesse Laver  
10/12/2015   Post a comment
The aftermarket offers high-tech manufacturers huge opportunities to improve products, margins, and customer service. Here’s how they’re responding.
Cross-Train Employees to Maintain Productivity
George Henning  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
Training employees to handle more than one job provides flexibility in the face of shifting requirements.
4 Ways to Secure the Internet of Things
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
As IoT grows, the security risks will grow with it. These simple steps are a place to start.
More Than a Label: 5 Reasons You Need a Consumables Consultant
Ken Terrazzino  
10/9/2015   (1) comment
A consumables consultant not only will save you time, money, and frustration, but also improve your business’s overall efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity in the long run.
Do I Want My Car Connected to the IoT?
Mark O'Donnell  
10/8/2015   Post a comment
Answers to some common questions and misconceptions about connected cars.
Hurricanes & the Electronics Supply Chain: A Survival Manual
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/8/2015   Post a comment
Hurricanes and other cataclysmic events are likely to happen eventually. Carefully planning ahead of time is the only cure.
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