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Some Hints From Retailers on Tapping RFID's Full Potential
Laurie Sullivan  
11/30/2010   (10) comments
Retailers are using RFID tags for stock keeping purposes, but the device has a wider range of applications that have yet to be explored
The Supply Chain Should Not Be an Afterthought
Tam Harbert  
11/30/2010   (5) comments
CEOs are often not active in their supply chains, though their involvement would help achieve corporate goals faster, McKinsey says
Hon Hais Huge Size Redefines EMS Hierarchy
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
11/30/2010   (5) comments
The EMS ranking system needs an adjustment due to the size of Hon Hai, which alone now represents about 50 percent of the market
Stop Gorging on China
Bolaji Ojo  
11/29/2010   (30) comments
The global supply chain has become too dependent on China, and this does not bode well for the long-term health of businesses and nations
More on Anti-Counterfeiting: Defending Your Brand
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/29/2010   (3) comments
Companies that aggressively defend their brand are less likely to be targeted by counterfeiters. Then why is patent and copyright protection so time-consuming and costly?
How Practical Are 01005-Size Chip Resistors?
Kory Schroeder  
11/29/2010   (8) comments
Unless absolutely essential, OEMs should reconsider the use of 01005-size chip resistors due to packaging and shipment problems
US Retailers Head to Oz, Shippers Ponder Challenge
Marc Herman  
11/29/2010   (5) comments
A logistics and supply chain challenge looms as US retailers seeking new sales opportunities open for business in Australia
10 Takeaways From Apple's Latest SEC Filing, Part 2
Bolaji Ojo  
11/24/2010   (8) comments
Apple's SEC filing contains a treasure trove of information on how it views the issues of stock volatility, cash holding, and legal disputes
In Search of Counterfeiting's Silver Bullet
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/24/2010   (16) comments
There is currently no security standard or system that addresses all the needs of every company or service in the electronics supply chain
Finding the Right Production Shore Is Tricky
Craig Gottlieb  
11/24/2010   (7) comments
Just like inventory mix, creating the right mix of manufacturing locations can have major impacts on cost, service levels, and revenue
Finally, Investor Validation Arrives for Analog Devices
Bolaji Ojo  
11/23/2010   (12) comments
Analog Devices is a hit with investors again on strong margin gains, production efficiencies, and successful reorganization
Irish Brain Drain, Possible Tax Hike, Will Hurt Tech Firms
Anna Young  
11/23/2010   (12) comments
Debt Crisis, mass emigration of skilled professionals, and possible corporate tax hike threaten high-tech investments in Ireland
Sunshine Lacking in US Solar Stocks
R. Scott Raynovich  
11/23/2010   (14) comments
Solar energy firms are underperforming the broader market indices, at least in the US, although they are doing better in China and in Europe
10 Takeaways From Apple's Latest SEC Filing, Part 1
Bolaji Ojo  
11/22/2010   (13) comments
Apple's latest SEC filing offers a harvest of information on its growth strategy, future direction, opportunities, and challenges
The Focus Dynamic
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/22/2010   (5) comments
Chipmakers are focusing on their core technologies or spinning off into smaller specialty units. The sales channel is adjusting to this model
China Supply Chain Award: Dell Snags Green Trophy for Bamboo Use
Marc Herman  
11/22/2010   (10) comments
High-Tech firms shine at China supply chain awards with Dell winning for using bamboo for packaging, replacing fossil-fuel-based polymer
Eventually, It All Boils Down to Cost
Ken Bradley  
11/22/2010   (7) comments
The best companies tightly control costs in good and bad times, have strong margins to fund R&D, and always know their competitive position
The Latest on Cargo Security Measures
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/19/2010   (13) comments
While the TSA is tightening up its passenger-screening measures, cargo carriers are reviewing their security processes as well
Flexibility or Cost Efficiency? Its Getting Harder to Have Both
Logical Link  
11/19/2010   (4) comments
Minimizing costs in a supply chain is important but cost efficiencies are not always synonymous with flexibility, an equally important goal
Pricing Watch: Commodities Up or Down?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/18/2010   (5) comments
The difference between contract pricing and commercial pricing is significant enough to affect overall pricing trends. Here are a few samples from the past week
Can Abu Dhabi Become a High-Tech Oasis?
Tam Harbert  
11/18/2010   (10) comments
Abu Dhabi wants a share of the high-tech and semiconductor markets, but does it have the infrastructure to support its ambition?
Tablet War Begins: BlackBerry Playbook Takes on Apple iPad
Bolaji Ojo  
11/17/2010   (20) comments
RIM takes on Apple in tablet PCs with the debut of the BlackBerry Playbook, a product that is already getting positive reviews
Schools Embrace High-Tech: Will Your Company Make the Grade?
Anna Young  
11/17/2010   (21) comments
New sales opportunities are opening up for OEMs and component suppliers as more educational institutions adopt high-tech products
Closing the Loop: Tapping Internal Resources for Better Products
Laurie Sullivan  
11/17/2010   (15) comments
Manufacturers must learn to break down corporate walls and tap inside resources to anticipate customer needs and plug holes in product lines
Infineon Cleans Up, Making It a Consolidator or Acquisition Target
Bolaji Ojo  
11/16/2010   (5) comments
Infineon is financially healthier, making it an attractive investment, a potential consolidator, or even an acquisition target. Which will it be?
What Are You Buying When You Are Buying Green?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/16/2010   (14) comments
No one has the foggiest, but a new whitepaper seeks to help.
Corporate Responsibility Reporting: Doubts, Myths & Questions
On Guard  
11/16/2010   (6) comments
The role of Six Sigma and corporate sustainability reporting by businesses is questioned even as their use and application expand
Next for Your Consideration: Vietnam
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2010   (8) comments
Vietnam received some attention as a low-cost manufacturing region when offshoring first began. It was quickly overshadowed by the popularity of China
Breaking It Down: How to End Component Pricing Secrecy
Ken Bradley  
11/15/2010   (6) comments
A new online tool aims to level the playing field for parts buyers by shining a light into the secret world of component price negotiation
Protectionism Looms: How Will High-Tech Fare?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/15/2010   (9) comments
Protectionist policies are being planned or introduced in leading economies, possibly jeopardizing the health of high-tech companies
Five Sources of Risk in 2011
Jennifer Read  
11/15/2010   (4) comments
High-tech sector growth is at risk due to several factors, including rising Chinese labor costs and continued government budget cuts
Avoiding the Competition
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/12/2010   (9) comments
Avnet's specialty semiconductor division, EBV Elektronik, has developed a way to sell its own chips without stepping on suppliers' toes
Looking for Innovation in Unlikely Places
Logical Link  
11/12/2010   (9) comments
Many high-tech companies, including GE, are using reverse innovation to get cheaper products to customers in lower-income countries
More on Pricing: Can Benchmarking Help End the Secrecy?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/11/2010   (13) comments
An industry veteran and former head of procurement at Nortel wants to help lift the secrecy surrounding high-tech component pricing
'Price Optimization' Is Just Good Supply Chain Management
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/11/2010   (2) comments
Price optimization gives suppliers better visibility into demand trends. So does the supply chain
Thanks, and a Wave of My New Silicon Hand
Semico Spin  
11/11/2010   (8) comments
Semiconductors are giving people a new lease on life, including this veteran who lost a hand in a military accident more than 40 years ago
Survey Reveals Need for Flexible, Variable-Cost Supply Chain
Change in the Chain  
11/10/2010   (4) comments
Survey respondents say achieving a flexible supply chain through a completely variable cost structure is critical to business success
NEDA-ECA Merger Will Advance the Cause of US Electronics Makers
Robin B. Gray, Jr.  
11/10/2010   (2) comments
The merger of NEDA and ECA, the associations representing electronic component makers and distributors, will help move their agenda forward
UK Wants Its Own High-Tech City in London Will It Fly?
Anna Young  
11/10/2010   (17) comments
When I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch: The UK's plans to develop its own version of Silicon Valley to rival the US, India, and China may run up against cold reality
M&A: A Reason to Get Off Your Cash
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/9/2010   (5) comments
Companies are sitting on bundles of cash that could be used for acquisition. It also seems offshore cash is a hindrance for companies that want to buy businesses in the US
The Story of Too Much Stuff
Laurie Sullivan  
11/9/2010   (25) comments
Getting electronics makers to produce less toxic, longer lasting, and easily recyclable products is a worthy goal that's still too far away
Deals I Would Like to See, Part 2: Freescale IPO in 2011
Bolaji Ojo  
11/9/2010   (3) comments
After years of reorganization, Freescale needs to firmly move towards becoming a publicly owned company to further cut down its debt burden
Is Design Dominance Good Enough?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/8/2010   (7) comments
The Americas still lead in electronics design, but continue to lose ground in manufacturing
Broken After-Sales Support Hobbles High-Tech Supply Chain
Marc Herman  
11/8/2010   (13) comments
The high-tech supply chain does a rather poor job of supporting and keeping fairly used products in service
Apple Details Downside of Weaker Dollar
Bolaji Ojo  
11/8/2010   (4) comments
Apple says a weak dollar may hurt earnings and force it to cut prices overseas even as pressure mounts on manufacturing and component costs
Will Fed Policy Stoke a Tech Trade War?
R. Scott Raynovich  
11/8/2010   (6) comments
A global trade war could result if US economic policies weaken the dollar further, forcing similar protective actions by other countries
More on Cash Hoarding & the Confidence Crisis
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/5/2010   (17) comments
It seems that the US tax rate on corporate income is 35 percent unless you have a really good accountant
Supply-Demand Imbalance: Tantalum Capacitors Again?
Lindsley Ruth  
11/4/2010   (9) comments
The tantalum capacitor supply chain is in a fragile state, with potentials for shortages next year if demand bounces up strongly again
Weather, Outsourcing, Telecom Outages, Hurt Supply Chains
Laurie Sullivan  
11/4/2010   (7) comments
In 2010 supply chains were hurt by major disruptions arising from weather problems, outsourcing, and telecommunication outages
Europe Budget Cuts Will Crimp Economy, Tech Spending
Anna Young  
11/4/2010   (32) comments
EU governments are slashing budgets to reduce deficits and debts with potential negative implications for hiring and high-tech spending
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