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Top 10 Access Control Trends
Tam Hulusi  
11/30/2011   (7) comments
Here are the top 10 issues driving the adoption and use of access control products in the high-tech and information technology markets.
Germany's Nuclear Power Predicament
Logical Link  
11/30/2011   (18) comments
The Japan nuclear disaster is forcing countries like Germany to seek alternative energy sources, but the search is complicated and expensive.
Does Your Company Motivate You?
Al Maag  
11/30/2011   (8) comments
Companies that reward and acknowledge individuals and work groups for their achievements help their employees stay motivated.
Mitigating Medical Device Software Risk
Andy Chou  
11/29/2011   (11) comments
Software codes are proliferating in the medical device supply chain, and mitigating risks in the system is now a priority for OEMs.
Price Showdown
Bolaji Ojo  
11/29/2011   (28) comments
OEMs are using pricing as a weapon to gain market share. Who will be standing when the carnage in the electronics market ends?
Tablets & a World in Transition
Marc Herman  
11/29/2011   (23) comments
Here's a personal experience of how professionals are using tablets and e-readers and why OEMs and IT firms should pay close attention.
Thailand Flood Impact Lingers
Supply Chain Intelligence  
11/28/2011   (14) comments
Thailand's recent flooding impacted lives and businesses, but even after the water receded, the effects continue to haunt the supply chain.
Is It Time to Ditch Your Cable?
Semico Spin  
11/28/2011   (36) comments
The cable TV industry is not responding fast enough to changes, though cost-effective, consumer-friendly alternatives are springing up.
QR Codes & Electronics Supply Chain
Laurie Sullivan  
11/28/2011   (24) comments
Consumer and pharmaceutical enterprises are adopting QR codes, but is there a role for them in the electronics supply chain?
The Gulf Widens
Bolaji Ojo  
11/28/2011   (15) comments
The sales gap between firms in the electronics industry is expanding as a handful sees strong growth while others scramble for relevance.
Electric Vehicles: Charging a Way to the Future
Semico Spin  
11/23/2011   (58) comments
The Chevy Volt is a car for the future, and my experience with it tells me the US government was right in helping to save General Motors.
Euro Holiday Spending: Ho-Ho-Ho or Ho-Hum?
Logical Link  
11/22/2011   (42) comments
Fears about Europe's debt problems will crimp spending this holiday season, but electronics makers are hoping for a spot of good news.
Top 15 Component Qualification Questions
11/21/2011   (55) comments
There are several issues to consider before a design engineer adds a component to the item master list. Here are 15 must-ask questions.
Can the EU End the Apple-Samsung Patent War?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/21/2011   (35) comments
With 30 lawsuits filed, Apple and Samsung have taken their patent war to a new height, but the EU's intervention could end the wrangling.
Where's the Maytag Repairman?
Mastery in Action  
11/18/2011   (39) comments
The growing absence of solid after-sales support program is hurting the image of many companies and influencing customer purchase actions.
The Future of the Supply Chain, Part 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/17/2011   (14) comments
To remain competitive in the global market, companies are going to have to pay close attention to how their business affects both society and the environment.
The Cloud Isn't New, Just More Attractive
Siamak Farah  
11/17/2011   (21) comments
Cloud-based services are not new. Many companies have been providing them for quite a while, and they're getting better.
Regionalization & the Future of Outsourcing
Jennifer Read  
11/17/2011   (18) comments
Outsourcing is evolving again, this time with companies preferring partners with lower-cost facilities close to sales regions.
The Next Five Years
Bolaji Ojo  
11/17/2011   (27) comments
Which new technologies, social media outlets, operating system platforms, ideas, and companies will dominate in electronics by 2016?
TI-National Channel Lineup Set
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/16/2011   (9) comments
A merger of this magnitude inevitably shakes up the distribution network. TI has decided on a mix of distributors.
Infineon: Cooling Off for 2012
Logical Link  
11/16/2011   (21) comments
Infineon is not expecting – or planning for – a crash of the magnitude seen in 2009. It anticipates a "slight recessionary cycle."
Is This Really a New Dell?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/16/2011   (28) comments
Dell says it has changed, but that transformation isn't complete, as elements of the old Dell continue to drive sales and earnings.
Five Trends to Watch in 2012
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2011   (48) comments
Research in the consumer electronics space highlights some trends that will benefit the overall supply chain. Keep an eye on smart power.
Leveraging BPM for a Flexible Supply Chain
Miguel Valdés Faura  
11/15/2011   (6) comments
A successful Business Process Management program offers a company the edge it needs to reach the market first with a competitive product.
Innovation, Globalization & the Perils of Commoditization
Bolaji Ojo  
11/15/2011   (7) comments
As OEMs push innovation to retain high margins and accelerate product introduction they are also enabling the process of commoditization.
Honoring Veterans Through Innovation
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/11/2011   (23) comments
The DEKA Arm was developed under the premise that a prosthetic should have all the capabilities of a fully functional limb.
Thai Floods Recede, But Damage Remains
Marc Herman  
11/11/2011   (30) comments
Massive flooding in Thailand finally appears to be relenting. But the long-term effects are only now beginning to be understood.
Inventory Tug of War Breaks Out Between EMS & OEM Firms
iSuppli EMS, ODM Insights  
11/11/2011   (6) comments
Contract manufacturers try to get lean, while OEMs try to increase safety stockpiles.
Without Patents, Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts Won't Fly
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/10/2011   (17) comments
If high-tech and government band together to defend innovation, the net results can only be positive for the global electronics industry.
Siemens Reports Growth but Expects Slower 2012
Logical Link  
11/10/2011   (10) comments
Although Siemens predicts stagnant growth for next year, there is a bright spot: the promise of emerging markets, namely, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific countries
Military Hardware Security Compromised
Bruce Rayner  
11/10/2011   (18) comments
There was a time not too long ago that the US government and the chip industry were loath to speak publicly about the problems of counterfeiting and corporate espionage.
The Future of the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/9/2011   (4) comments
We can't predict the future, but we can draw on some of the trends that are driving change in the electronics supply chain.
Driving Savings Starts by Enforcing Compliance
James Thomas  
11/9/2011   (9) comments
The ability to monitor and report on compliance is heavily tied to success in procurement technology adoption.
Shifting Sourcing Strategies Drive Supply Chain Change in Asia
Change in the Chain  
11/9/2011   (8) comments
Rising costs in China are prompting high-tech companies in Asia to explore alternative sourcing locations within the region as well as in North America.
Comprehensive Item Master & Related BOM Item Structure
11/9/2011   (8) comments
OEMs should expand the Item Master list beyond hardware to gain huge cost advantages from an optimized design and manufacturing operation.
MyFord Touch: Not Ready for Prime Time
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/7/2011   (24) comments
Users have come to tolerate a certain level of failure in their consumer electronics. But do you really want to be patching the systems in your car?
Boosting ROI in Procurement Technology Initiatives
James Thomas  
11/7/2011   (3) comments
Many procurement technology adoption plans don't yield the desired ROI. Here are some suggestions for avoiding this problem.
OEMs, Retailers Push On-Demand Manufacturing
Laurie Sullivan  
11/7/2011   (9) comments
OEMs and retailers are pushing on-demand manufacturing deeper into the supply chain in a bid to better manage electronics cycles.
Big Promise in Little Screens
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/4/2011   (24) comments
The global market for microdisplays is expected to reach $995 million by 2016, from just about $250 million in 2011.
You May Not Have a Marketing Strategy if… Part One
Savvy Tech Marketing  
11/4/2011   (23) comments
In testing whether there's a marketing strategy in positioning, branding, pricing, and other strategic factors, most tech brands fail.
Making 'Epeat' a Household Name
Bruce Rayner  
11/3/2011   (9) comments
The not-for-profit agency, Epeat, endorses OEMs that ensure their products are manufactured under the best environmental conditions.
HP Needs a New Board of Directors
Bolaji Ojo  
11/3/2011   (20) comments
HP needs a completely different slate of directors if the company is to get past some of the problems it has faced in recent years.
Derating: Extending Component & System Lifetimes
11/3/2011   (23) comments
Derating is a method or technique for designing-in reliability at the earliest stages of component or product development.
Software Tools Required for Global Product Rules
Ken Manchen  
11/3/2011   (11) comments
The volume of compliance data needed to comply with product regulatory rules is enormous, but software tools are available to ease the pain.
Bumpy Ride Ahead in Europe & Elsewhere
Logical Link  
11/2/2011   (7) comments
Europe's financial problem is hurting other regions of the world, and there are signs electronics manufacturers aren't being spared.
The High Cost of Compliance
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/2/2011   (3) comments
The SEC estimated the cost to comply with the Dodd-Frank conflict minerals act would be $71.2 million. Tulane University's estimate came in at $7.93 billion.
Prepare for the Tablet Invasion
Bolaji Ojo  
11/2/2011   (26) comments
Companies and schools are using tablets in innovative ways making the device one of the fastest-growing segments in the electronics industry.
You Can Put a Price on That
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/1/2011   (8) comments
It would cost the supply chain about $7 billion to replace the distribution channel, which manages about 25 percent of all of the electronics components sold worldwide.
Logistics: Huge Gains on Express Lanes
Gerry Fay  
11/1/2011   (5) comments
Evaluating transportation needs and carrier options and optimizing them will help electronics makers improve their cost advantages.
Beyond Outsourcing
Bruce Rayner  
11/1/2011   (6) comments
Charlie Barnhart says the electronics manufacturing industry is moving beyond outsourcing. Help figure out what's next.
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