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Chinese Display Suppliers Flex Muscles
Logical Link  
11/30/2012   (5) comments
China's growing position in the display space will force competitors to stay on their toes. How will they fight back?
Africa Beckons, but Is Electronics Ready?
Anna Young  
11/30/2012   (12) comments
A report says the African consumer market is growing rapidly, but most electronics companies don't have a strategy for the continent.
Think Global
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/30/2012   (9) comments
There is no Asian supply chain, or North or South American supply chain: The supply chain is global.
Reshoring the US Economy
11/29/2012   (15) comments
The possibility exists that many US companies may move some manufacturing operations back home from China as its labor costs rise.
ST Conundrum: Break Up or Tweak?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/29/2012   (6) comments
ST isn't ready yet to break into two separate companies, but it cannot continue with business as usual. Start with getting rid of ST-Ericsson.
Electronics Seen Benefiting as China's GDP Doubles
Anna Young  
11/28/2012   (12) comments
Plans to double China's GDP in 10 years could prove a boon to electronics companies if they are ready for the economic expansion.
Western China Winning More Electronics Business
Logical Link  
11/28/2012   (1) comment
As costs rise in some parts of China, other regions of the country are beginning to look more attractive to electronics companies.
Death of the News
The Sanity Clause  
11/27/2012   (10) comments
News isn't a product, nor is it reliably popular enough to generate the sales that assure profit and reward insatiable shareholders.
Calibrating for Product Integrity
11/27/2012   (7) comments
A design is only as good as the actual measurements can confirm, but the integrity of the process depends also on the equipment used.
Innovative Thinking: Majoring in Social Media
Al Maag  
11/27/2012   (14) comments
A deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate using the latest technologies will be key to having a successful career.
Managing Talent in the Age of the Dragon
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/26/2012   (15) comments
The fight for professional talent by high-tech companies will intensify due to the growing role of China in the supply chain.
HP & Autonomy: Another Bubble, Another Bust
At the Source  
11/26/2012   (17) comments
HP's $8 billion writedown of its Autonomy acquisition indicates it has not found the leadership team to lead it back to prosperity.
After Electronica: Jet-lagged but Ready for Business
George Karalias  
11/26/2012   (2) comments
The contacts made and transactions conducted at trade shows like Electronica justify the investment in these events.
Is Intel Next to Get a Woman CEO?
Tam Harbert  
11/26/2012   (28) comments
HP and IBM have led the way. Is Intel next in appointing a female as CEO and helping to shatter the glass ceiling in the corner office?
Is Your Company Reinventing Itself?
Ken Bradley  
11/26/2012   (7) comments
Reinvention is critical to business success. Many companies have done it while others have stalled, unable to see danger approaching.
Distribution Adjusts Its Business Model in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/21/2012   (6) comments
Electronics distributors, which serve both component makers and customers in China, are refining their business model in the country.
It Pays to Advertise, or Doesn't It?
The Sanity Clause  
11/21/2012   (22) comments
Apple's huge growth creates the view that advertising has become superfluous, and the 2012 election campaign reinforced this perception.
Management's Green Footprint
Supply Chain Intelligence  
11/21/2012   (13) comments
As the corporate "greenovation" continues, like-minded green business partners will increasingly align with each other.
Greenpeace: Electronics Supply Chain Is Still Dirty
Anna Young  
11/20/2012   (33) comments
Greenpeace says the electronics supply chain is still dirty and adds companies aren't doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas.
Conformal PCB Coating: The Process Matters
Michael Allen  
11/20/2012   (9) comments
Programmable robotic PCB coating systems eliminate the problems manufacturers face with manual coating.
China, Solar Power & the Supply Chain
11/20/2012   (24) comments
China is subsidizing solar panel production and hurting other vendors, but the US can still find ways to extract value from the industry.
High-Tech Leaders Weigh In on the Fiscal Cliff
At the Source  
11/20/2012   (4) comments
High-tech executives want local economic growth and foreign manufacturing. The two goals are colliding in the United States.
Corporate Taxes: No Safe Haven
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/19/2012   (12) comments
The US has been trying to get US-based multinationals to pay taxes on revenue generated outside the country for years. Now Europe is going after multinationals.
2012 Semi Sales Headed for Decline
Mike Cowan  
11/19/2012   (1) comment
The initial forecasts called for a small increase in semiconductor sales this year, but that is looking increasingly unlikely.
Nokia Tumbles in Smartphone Ranking
Logical Link  
11/19/2012   (50) comments
Nokia slipped further behind in the smartphone market, but the industry shakeup will only intensify in the coming quarters.
Cost-Cutting Is No Panacea for High-Tech Growth
At the Source  
11/16/2012   (24) comments
A report says high-tech should cut costs by $50 billion, but previous cost-cutting actions haven't exactly sparked growth in the sector.
Is China's Low-Wage Edge Waning?
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/16/2012   (9) comments
As Chinese wages and production costs rise, OEMs face a battery of supply chain challenges over manufacturing location.
Microchip Debuts Configurable 3D Gesture Controller
Semico Spin  
11/16/2012   (5) comments
Microchip is producing a configurable 3D controller that promises to bring gesture control to the mobile devices market.
Foxconn’s Solution to Labor Unrest
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/15/2012   (8) comments
Foxconn reportedly is replacing many Chinese workers with robots. They're efficient, and they don't complain about working conditions.
Hope & Unease in China's Medical Electronics Market
Logical Link  
11/15/2012   (2) comments
Government initiatives are sparking growth in China's medical electronic equipment market, but concerns abound among OEMs.
Dealing With the China Cost Crater
11/15/2012   (23) comments
Lowering costs is one factor that eventually will help Chinese manufacturers outsell local vendors in the TV set-top box market.
Raising the Awareness of Component Obsolescence
George Karalias  
11/14/2012   (4) comments
The industry's Components Obsolescence Group created a forum where equipment manufacturers, users, and solution providers could share information on obsolescence.
Facing Distribution Challenges in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/14/2012   (8) comments
Even after decades of operating in China, Westerners still find the country challenging. It's getting more complicated for distributors.
Is Your Supply Chain Information Safe?
Logical Link  
11/14/2012   (9) comments
Information is critical to the electronics supply chain, but how it is relayed can endanger the integrity of the system.
China's Medical Equipment Market Sizzles
Anna Young  
11/13/2012   (28) comments
China's healthcare market is forecast to grow to $1 trillion by 2020, creating opportunities for providers and medical equipment makers
Value of Tech M&A on the Decline
News of the Day  
11/13/2012   (4) comments
The value of cloud/software as-a-service (SaaS) deals remained significantly higher than any other deal driver in the third quarter.
Electronica 2012: Good Vibrations
George Karalias  
11/13/2012   (2) comments
Despite industry reports of slowdowns in production for the semiconductor industry, and economic challenges, companies are optimistic and making the investment for the future.
Save Those Failed Components
11/13/2012   (9) comments
Valuable information is lost when the same components keep failing without being saved for further investigation.
The Rise & Fall of Tom Thumb
The Sanity Clause  
11/13/2012   (3) comments
With the emergence of touchscreen tablets, the era of the blazing thumb -- and its ignorant prose style -- might be declining.
So You Think Apple Is Invincible...
Bolaji Ojo  
11/12/2012   (29) comments
If your company appears as dominant as Apple is today, beware how you treat suppliers because no enterprise is invincible or unbeatable.
Arrow Launches Cloud Connectivity Services
News of the Day  
11/12/2012   Post a comment
Electronics distributors have so far been playing a supporting role in the cloud, selling systems and components to customers that provide cloud connectivity and products.
'ARMed' Apple May Threaten Intel PC Dominance
At the Source  
11/12/2012   (6) comments
Many hurdles must be scaled before Apple can use ARM technology, but if it succeeds, the implications will be dire for Intel.
Stability at Last in DRAM Market?
Tam Harbert  
11/12/2012   (8) comments
The DRAM market is evolving rapidly, and changes in the end markets mean surviving suppliers face a better, more profitable future
Beware: IP Theft Is Often an Inside Job
At the Source  
11/9/2012   (13) comments
A research report indicates companies are most vulnerable to IP theft from internal sources rather than external snoopers.
China's Oversized Clout in My Supply Chain
11/8/2012   (13) comments
China is the world's major center of electronics production, and its influence on the supply chain is growing rapidly as a result.
Supply Chain Lessons From High-Tech Teeth
Barbara Jorgensen  
11/8/2012   (9) comments
Build-your-own business models always disrupt relationships. Here's how one supply chain stays intact.
Choosing a Right-Sized Distribution Partner in the New Economy
Peter Cornelius  
11/8/2012   (7) comments
“Small” doesn’t have to mean limited capabilities or higher expense.
Registered & Screwed
Ken Bradley  
11/8/2012   (7) comments
Many OEMs are unknowingly caught in a registration system that has long-term consequences on materials cost.
Leveraging Supplier Sample Parts for Design Efficiency
11/8/2012   (4) comments
Getting the most from your new part or sample part system entails best-practices management procedures. Do you have one?
China's Top 10 Economic Challenges & the High-Tech Implications
Bolaji Ojo  
11/8/2012   (16) comments
Economic developments in China will impact many of its trading partners and business sectors, including electronics.
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