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LED Supply and Demand Picture for 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/31/2010   (8) comments
In response to surging demand for LED TVs, component makers hiked production but the resulting oversupply is forcing down prices
IBM: 5 Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in 5 Years
Bolaji Ojo  
12/30/2010   (19) comments
Big Blue has picked five innovations it says are transformational, including electronic gadgets that may not require batteries
What not to look for in 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/28/2010   (11) comments
If high-tech companies do not adopt sustainability policies in supply chain, governments will in future mandate something they may not like
Tapping the Sahara for Europe's Energy Needs
Anna Young  
12/28/2010   (28) comments
Energy companies want high-tech companies to help them tap Africa's desert sun to satisfy European energy needs
How counterfeits enter the gray market
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/27/2010   (18) comments
The ITC details how counterfeit products enter the electronic market and why it's sometimes difficult to detect fake or substandard parts
The Case for Distribution's Open Market
Gene Fontaine  
12/27/2010   (7) comments
The open market shifts excess parts to areas of high demand and helps to ensure the supply chain does not get engulfed in chaos and red ink
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: That is the Question
Al Maag  
12/27/2010   (52) comments
Using Twitter to update customers and suppliers about your company's products and other activities can help in staying competitive
Differences & Similarities in Asian Supply Chain Wages
Marc Herman  
12/27/2010   (10) comments
Disparities exist in electronics supply chain wages in Asia although compensations have held steady despite financial pressures
Mixed Signals for EMS in 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/23/2010   (5) comments
So far, publicly traded EMS companies seem more optimistic about 2011 than some analysts, who caution differences in regional growth projections and a challenging procurement environment might dampen sales growth for next year
Nissan Leaf vs. Chevy Volt vs. Toyota Prius, Part 3
Semico Spin  
12/23/2010   (3) comments
This concluding segment of a 3-part series compares hybrid and electric vehicles available today from three major automotive makers
Customer Expectations Haven't Changed
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/22/2010   (20) comments
'Many companies find it easy to delight customers – if they give everything away for free and provide 24x7 personal attention'
The Value of Partnerships
Phil Sansone  
12/22/2010   (11) comments
Strong partnerships with suppliers and customers propelled Avnet to more than $20 billion in annual sales from only $1 million in 1956
Market Opportunities in REE Recycling
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/21/2010   (8) comments
As the use of rare-earth elements increases in vehicles and other common technologies, recycled content could become valuable as a secondary source on the market, which can ease periods of tight supply
Get Ready for the Post-PC Era
Bolaji Ojo  
12/21/2010   (17) comments
What will the post-PC world look like? And what are the implications for the supply chain, OEMs, suppliers, distributors, and EMS providers?
A Gray Market for Electronics
Marc Herman  
12/21/2010   (16) comments
In Asia, legal, semi-legal, and counterfeit products change hands as sellers match products with their customers' limited purchasing power
Tight Supplies, Tantalums & 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/20/2010   (11) comments
The squeeze on tantalum capacitors will continue into 2011, global distributors say, but there's no expectation that parts will be any more difficult to get next year than they are now
EBN Poll: Outsourcing Good for Biz, But...
Bolaji Ojo  
12/20/2010   (22) comments
Selling the virtues of outsourcing is difficult despite evidence the process has been largely beneficial to Western high-tech companies
Powering the Nissan Leaf, Part 2
Semico Spin  
12/20/2010   (8) comments
Semico reviews the charging mechanism and battery in the Nissan Leaf and explores options for charging the vehicle at home
Google Chrome Might Improve the Supply Chain
Laurie Sullivan  
12/20/2010   (17) comments
Google and Microsoft are debuting products that will help high-tech firms reduce supply chain costs, but can these offerings be trusted?
Behind the Dividend Debate
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/17/2010   (5) comments
In the past few months we've seen a flurry of announcements that tech companies are paying dividends to their shareholders. I recently got a look into some of the deliberations behind the dividend decision and found them to be enlightening
Getting Charged Up With the Nissan Leaf, Part 1
Semico Spin  
12/17/2010   (9) comments
The next stage in the evolution of the automobile is renewable energy, but are the vehicles measuring up? A test drive reveals some surprises
Is the Energy Star Program Burning Out?
Tam Harbert  
12/16/2010   (15) comments
A US Government Accountability Office report exposed how vulnerable Energy Star’s self-certification program is to fraud and abuse
Avnet to Analysts: Reasons for Continued Optimism
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/16/2010   (5) comments
Reading signals from both suppliers and customers is often a matter of survival in the electronics distribution channel. Avnet, which has more than 600 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, sees a period of sustained growth for the industry
MPU: Where a 1% Share Loss Signals Crisis
Bolaji Ojo  
12/16/2010   (9) comments
In the AMD-Intel processor war, just one percentage point share loss can ignite price cuts and talk of declining technological competitiveness
Supply Chain Alert: Take Hackers Very Seriously
B. Cameron Gain  
12/16/2010   (20) comments
The electronics supply chain and IT systems are as vulnerable to hackers as are those companies recently attacked by virtual vigilantes
6 Myths of Semiconductor Manufacturing
Bolaji Ojo  
12/15/2010   (7) comments
An industry veteran is casting doubts on assumptions for outsourcing manufacturing and the adoption of fabless systems by chipmakers
Get Strategic With Military/Aero IC Supply Challenges
Joseph R. Bronson  
12/15/2010   (4) comments
To guarantee supply of critical components, military and aviation OEMs must implement a much more comprehensive sourcing strategy
Smart Appliances Are Coming, But Where's the Smart Grid?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/15/2010   (19) comments
GE plans to ship smart washers and dryers by the end of 2011. Although consumers can buy these products, their potential will not be realized until markets agree on a smart grid communications standard
ITC: US IP Remains at Risk in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/14/2010   (5) comments
The nearly 200-page report from the US International Trade Commission measures the financial losses associated with IP infringement and attempts to quantify the impact counterfeiting has on economic competitiveness
Europe Accelerates Broadband Ramp
Anna Young  
12/14/2010   (12) comments
Europe's largest economies lag in broadband services and are ramping adoption, creating sales opportunities for OEMs and parts suppliers
The Global Currency Conundrum
R. Scott Raynovich  
12/13/2010   (10) comments
The great conundrum of the global markets at the moment is how to cope with growing economic dichotomies, particularly with regard to currency movements and how they relate to global trade
Forecast: More Deal-Making in 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/13/2010   (7) comments
A number of macroeconomic trends, including the availability of attractive debt financing and stronger valuations for corporate assets, have set the stage for more corporate M&A activity in 2011
Supply Chain Sources Say Apple to Release iPad 2 in February
Laurie Sullivan  
12/13/2010   (23) comments
Could the iPad become the new portable device in manufacturing plants, replacing laptops or mobile phones to monitor supply chains and access information in the cloud?
Intel Marks 'Best Year Ever' – But Can It Win in Tablets & Smartphones?
Bolaji Ojo  
12/12/2010   (17) comments
Intel closes 2010 in great shape, but its prospects in tablet devices and smartphones have stirred up both investment interests and concerns
Military-Aviation Semiconductor Sourcing Remains Problematic
Joseph R. Bronson  
12/10/2010   (10) comments
30 to 50 percent of semiconductors used in military/aviation equipment become quickly obsolete, forcing OEMs to pay premiums for replacement
Demand in China Continues; Manufacturers Respond
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/10/2010   (7) comments
Despite increasing skepticism about the advantages of manufacturing in China, electronics companies are continuing to expand there
The New 'EE' in HighTech: Environmental Engineer?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/9/2010   (10) comments
Instead of reacting to every substance that's banned from manufacturing, the high-tech industry can take a leadership role in environmental compliance
Globalization Reset
Charlie Barnhart  
12/9/2010   (4) comments
Building electronic products is not like making tennis shoes
The Ghost of Options Past
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/9/2010   (6) comments
Tech companies contested an accounting change that required stock options to be charged against earnings, arguing that it would hurt employee morale and increase employee turnover
A New PC OEM, a Tired Business Model
B. Cameron Gain  
12/9/2010   (9) comments
French startup Jolicloud is launching a netbook it says offers Intel's Atom dual-core n550 in a box that retails for less than competing PCs – because it does not run Windows as its operating system
Franchises Fill In the Gaps
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/8/2010   (6) comments
While global franchises are becoming more popular, geographic gaps still exist. Suppliers increasingly are filling in those gaps by expanding existing distribution agreements into multiple regions
Band-Aids & Better Solutions
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/8/2010   (6) comments
The government and industry have a made a couple of moves within the past two weeks in the interest of protecting the supply chain: UPS is requiring ID; and the US government has seized more than 80 Websites. Neither is a permanent solution
iPad vs. the Galaxy Tab: The Winner is . . . Something Else?
Semico Spin  
12/8/2010   (20) comments
Consumers and CIOs will face a plethora of choices as other OEMs join Apple and Samsung in flooding the market with tablet PCs next year
DCA Expectations & Predictions for 2011
Michael Kirschner  
12/8/2010   (3) comments
Expect two more lists of substances of very high concern from the European Union that you will have to disclose; and guidance from the Securities & Exchange Commission on how public companies can meet the annual conflict minerals reporting requirements
Cargo Security Measures Expanded
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/7/2010   (10) comments
Consumers who ship through any retail location and do not have a pre-printed shipping label attached will have to present a government-issued photo ID or they will not be allowed to use UPS services
PCs Stage a Rebound, Boosting IC Sales
Bolaji Ojo  
12/7/2010   (9) comments
PCs still account for almost one third of global semiconductor sales despite the surge in demand for smartphones and tablet devices
The Bucket Test
Bolaji Ojo  
12/7/2010   (4) comments
The best products and services are so distinct, competitors find them extremely difficult to replicate. Do your products qualify?
Do You Flip?
Laurie Sullivan  
12/6/2010   (19) comments
What will your customers say on camera, given the opportunity, and how could you use this to promote sales and marketing efforts?
IT Hiring Expected to Increase in 2011
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/6/2010   (16) comments
According to a Robert Half survey of 1,400 CIOs from across the US, 11 percent plan to hire IT staff in the first three months of next year
A Successful Supply Chain Starts With Value Mapping
Change in the Chain  
12/6/2010   (3) comments
Supply chain value mapping defines how to arrive at desired outcomes by critically analyzing every business function and process
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