Posts posted in December 2011
6 Strategic Options for RIM
Logical Link  
12/28/2011   (40) comments
RIM could be forced into any one these options (or a combination of them) in 2012.
Social Media Intrigue
Bolaji Ojo  
12/27/2011   (54) comments
How should individuals manage their private and business identities as social media continue to expand into enterprise environments?
Distributing More Than Components
Al Maag  
12/27/2011   (24) comments
One of the best things about working in the Avnet communications department is that I get to learn about all the different community services events that employees are involved in.
Resilience in Complex Supply Networks
Lalit Wadhwa  
12/22/2011   (15) comments
While configuring supply chains that account for every single risk is not feasible, some demonstrate better resilience -- that is, their ability to rebound from disruptive events is significantly better than others.
Digi-Key's Guide to Social Media Success
Laurie Sullivan  
12/22/2011   (38) comments
Catalogue distributor Digi-Key generates about 98 percent of revenue through its Website, and its presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter is extensive.
2011 Roundup & 2012 Outlook From the Open Market
Supply Chain Intelligence  
12/22/2011   (20) comments
The past year saw two major, devastating natural disasters: Japan's earthquake and tsunami in March and, most recently, Thailand's flooding. Both of these unfortunate events led to global supply chain disruptions.
A New 'D' in DTV
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/21/2011   (13) comments
Video presents the opportunity to show – and tell – how things are put together
Counterfeit Parts Alarm US Military
Ken Manchen  
12/21/2011   (42) comments
The US defense industry is particularly vulnerable to counterfeit electronic parts. It typically relies on military and commercial-grade "obsolete parts" to maintain its equipment.
Technologies Worth a Second Look
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/20/2011   (31) comments
In an annual ranking of technology trends, Deloitte takes a look at re-emerging enablers – technologies executives have spent time and resources on that deserve a second look.
RIM's Struggle to Succeed
Logical Link  
12/19/2011   (38) comments
Not only did RIM not leverage its ecosystem and sell as many tablets as it could have in a potentially big market during a busy time of year, it now has to take a writedown for what it did produce.
Strategies for Components Documentation
12/19/2011   (32) comments
In order for electronics parts to perform as needed in a design, the OEMs must have a detailed component documentation system in place.
Execs Cite Reasons for Onshoring
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/16/2011   (15) comments
The jobs most likely to return to the US involve low-volume, high-precision, high-mix operations, as well as automated manufacturing and products that need technology improvements.
Five Things You Didn't Know About RoHS
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/15/2011   (22) comments
Thanks to clarifications in the RoHS Recast, products that were subject to RoHS under the directive may not have to comply under the RoHS law. Don't assume that, once you are compliant, you are always compliant.
Three Feet From Gold
Anna Young  
12/15/2011   (53) comments
Tablet PCs are experiencing a gold rush, but many OEMs lack the patience and market savvy to benefit from the expected growth.
Distribution & Industry in Transition
Bolaji Ojo  
12/15/2011   (14) comments
How much deeper into the electronics design and supply chains are components distributors willing and able to extend themselves?
Offsetting the 'Made in China' Label
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/14/2011   (36) comments
Although the vast majority of semiconductors and other components are consumed in the Far East, they are designed and manufactured elsewhere.
How Will Tech Fare in the European Crisis?
Logical Link  
12/14/2011   (18) comments
The European economic and fiscal crisis presents both opportunities and extraordinary challenges to technology companies.
Identifying the Total Cost of Outsourcing
Gerry Fay  
12/13/2011   (26) comments
Outsourcing to low-cost areas like China has become the norm, but executives need to review the total cost before taking a decision.
M&A Outlook for 2012: Be Prepared to Move Fast
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/13/2011   (16) comments
For more than a decade, the technology industry has led all sectors in M&A volume, and PwC expects that trend to continue.
Thai Flood, Intel & a Brittle Supply Chain
Bolaji Ojo  
12/13/2011   (16) comments
Electronics supply chain needs better redundancies for supplies than it currently has, as shown by the impact of the recent Thailand floods.
Happy Streaming Holidays
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/9/2011   (25) comments
Shipping rates are going up, and the US Postal Service is cutting back. Media-by-mail is on the verge of extinction.
Technology Transfer Conundrum
Bolaji Ojo  
12/9/2011   (35) comments
Western nations oppose the transfer of next-gen semiconductor technology to China, but businesses want to move in. Which way forward?
Accelerating Adoption of MEMS Timing
Semico Spin  
12/9/2011   (10) comments
New product and technology announcements from SiTime and IDT offer MEMS vendors opportunity for increased adoption by communication OEMs.
The 'Social' Season of Giving
Andy Lawson  
12/9/2011   (16) comments
Companies in various areas of the economy are celebrating the holiday and promoting giving to the needy via social media.
Sobering Stats From the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/8/2011   (14) comments
On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most optimistic), VentureOutsource respondents rate their current outlook at 5.34. That's down 10% from a survey the company conducted six months ago.
The Real Truth About 'Made in China'
Bolaji Ojo  
12/8/2011   (36) comments
Has China really won the global manufacturing war, or did it simply and unwittingly swallow a Western Trojan horse?
Understanding Alternate Sourcing, Part 2
12/8/2011   (8) comments
Prepping for alternate parts requires understanding the system and the cost of such an exercise. Here's a checklist of things to consider.
Following the Grid
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/7/2011   (15) comments
Emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe and Latin America, will spend as much as $49 billion on smart metering alone.
How Global Are Global Companies?
Bruce Rayner  
12/7/2011   (9) comments
Home country advantage trumps a global presence nearly every time. And companies that tout themselves as being "global" are in many cases not.
Europe's Energy Picture
Logical Link  
12/7/2011   (22) comments
Some European countries are moving away from nuclear energy, but others are building new plants. How will Europe meet its energy needs?
Understanding Alternate Sourcing, Part 1
12/6/2011   (13) comments
A single-source component can cripple production, so it's important to understand the processes involved in procuring the right parts.
How Would You Use WON?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/6/2011   (12) comments
The granddaddy of all polls – Harris – is applying "word of network" (WON) to the world of social media.
Clean Versus Dirty Cloud Computing
Anna Young  
12/6/2011   (19) comments
There's a difference between clean and dirty cloud computing. Do you know which one your company is operating?
Securing the Smart Grid
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/5/2011   (12) comments
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently concluded that the mishmash of agencies overseeing security of the smart grid is ill equipped to handle a cyberattack.
CEO Ego & the Perils of 'Globaloney'
Bruce Rayner  
12/5/2011   (10) comments
Is your company a true global player, or are the executives suffering from inflated perception, otherwise known as globaloney?
Battle Pawns
Bolaji Ojo  
12/5/2011   (14) comments
Hardware is the expendable foot soldier in the ongoing ecosystem war. Is your hardware part of a system or a standalone device?
Selling Direct? Update Supplier Strategy
Scott Koegler  
12/5/2011   (13) comments
The back end of the electronics supply chain needs to be overhauled as OEMs and retailers increase direct sales to consumers.
Is Hardware's Loss Retail's Gain?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/2/2011   (19) comments
The market's response to the Kindle Fire suggests Amazon has found the right combination of pricing, marketing, content, and business model.
You May Not Have a Marketing Strategy if… Part Two
Savvy Tech Marketing  
12/2/2011   (12) comments
These factors may help high-tech companies see whether their marketing plan is as effective and robust as management would like.
Tracking Calif. Consumer Products Proposal
Michael Kirschner  
12/2/2011   (15) comments
California's proposed regulation on toxic substances appears better than the previous version, but significant hurdles remain.
Outlook 2012: Mobility & Platform War Begins
Anna Young  
12/1/2011   (14) comments
IDC predicts high-tech firms will intensify their battle in 2012 for market share in mobility, operating system, and the cloud.
Intel Tightens Grip on Semi Market
Bolaji Ojo  
12/1/2011   (12) comments
Acquisitions boosted sales and rankings at some chip vendors in 2011 and kept Intel at the top of the market, but a few suffered as a result.
'Tis the Season...
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/1/2011   (9) comments
How many LEDs does it take to restore the common homeowner to sanity?
Last-Time-Buy Funding Issues for Military Contractors
Joseph R. Bronson  
12/1/2011   (7) comments
Military contractors lack the flexibility to commit to long-term-buy purchases, so how can chip vendors best support OEMs in the market?

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