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2013 Economic Outlook: Hope Mixed With Anxiety
Anna Young  
12/27/2012   (34) comments
What does 2013 hold for the global economy and electronics? There's hope things will get better, mingled with fears about the unknown.
Ready or Not, RoHS 2 Takes Effect January 2
Ken Manchen  
12/27/2012   (29) comments
This new version will expand coverage to all electrical and electronic equipment, require special marking of finished goods and more compliance documentation, and increase penalties for non-compliance.
Factoring Oversupply Into Supply Chain Relationships
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/24/2012   (15) comments
The electronics supply chain has been badly burned by excess in the past. The danger remains, despite efforts to contain double ordering.
Finding Profitable Proximity
Douglas Kent  
12/24/2012   (12) comments
How much does serving that customer offshore really cost? Let's revisit the justification for far-shore manufacturing.
Greater Role Seen for RFID in Supply Chain
12/24/2012   (42) comments
RFID will soon have an expanded role in the supply chain, and evolving battery technology is fueling this development.
Top 10 Supply Chain Predictions for 2013
Anna Young  
12/21/2012   (64) comments
Research firm IDC predicts trends it believes will hit the global supply chain in 2013.
Creating a Unified & Resilient ERM Strategy
Gerry Fay  
12/21/2012   (2) comments
A successful ERM strategy ensures that the corporate and supply chain interests are integrated for customers and suppliers.
Finding & Securing Hard-to-Find Parts
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/21/2012   (8) comments
OEMs, component makers, distributors, and supply chain partners must collaborate to resolve challenges related to procuring scarce parts.
Building the 'Ideal' Supply Chain
12/21/2012   (15) comments
The ideal supply chain is not a transplant but must be specific to a product or organization and flexible for unexpected developments.
Chip Processor War Moves to Servers Market
Tam Harbert  
12/20/2012   (16) comments
After beating Intel in the mobile microprocessor market, ARM is aiming for the server sector with some support from OEMs.
The Design Is Done: Now What?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/20/2012   (17) comments
For a successful product launch, other departments and groups must get involved well before the design engineers complete their task.
Introduce More Products Without Raising Risk
Unchaining Supply  
12/20/2012   (2) comments
A well-planned master distribution strategy can reduce the inherent inventory risk in promoting three, four, or more NPI packages within the channel.
Reliability Starts With Process Integrity
12/19/2012   (23) comments
Reliability starts with reliable people and processes. Many companies don't recognize or pay attention to this basic fact.
Is Apple Second Rate Without Jobs's Star Power?
The Sanity Clause  
12/19/2012   (40) comments
Can Apple, under the conventional leadership of Tim Cook, launch a second renaissance as the company every other company wishes it were?
Trade Pacts: A Way out of Recession?
Logical Link  
12/19/2012   (1) comment
Developed countries are signing more free trade agreements with one another. This could help boost economic growth and employment.
Turning Ordinary to Great
Ken Bradley  
12/19/2012   (4) comments
The recipe for turning an ordinary purchasing department into a great one is simple: start negotiating.
Reversal of Fortune: Really?
News of the Day  
12/18/2012   (7) comments
Nothing has exactly signaled a yearend run on semiconductor inventory, but the industry could expect a more balanced picture than the one IHS offers.
Local Manufacturing: Not Too Much to Ask
At the Source  
12/18/2012   (8) comments
US High-tech firms not only need to increase sales and profits but also help ensure the growth of manufacturing jobs in the country.
Securing the Supply Chain Against Counterfeiters
George Karalias  
12/18/2012   (4) comments
Finding a safe, reliable source of semiconductors in a changing supply chain is a continuing quest for the electronics industry.
An Ounce of Review, A Ton of Cure
12/18/2012   (1) comment
Design engineers are vital to product development, but manufacturing success requires the early involvement of the component engineer.
Consumers Swaying Supply Chain Decisions
Anna Young  
12/17/2012   (2) comments
Consumers are exerting more control over the manufacturing supply chain by patronizing companies that operate in line with their objectives.
Will EU Penalties Discourage Price Fixing?
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
12/17/2012   (6) comments
The EU recently assigned the biggest penalty ever in an antitrust ruling, but it won't help consumers.
Resolving Design Chain vs. Supply Chain Conflicts
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/17/2012   (1) comment
Design engineers traditionally haven't been a part of the classic supply chain. You are at a disadvantage if you haven't roped them in.
Reverse Logistics Is Fundamentally Logical
Roger L. Franz  
12/17/2012   (1) comment
Reverse logistics has become a way to recover otherwise lost profits and thus is gaining acceptance.
Robotic Revolution
12/12/2012   (34) comments
Robots could be the new top-level worker in tomorrow's factory, driving down operating costs and raising production efficiency.
Getting the Tech News Out
Savvy Tech Marketing  
12/12/2012   (11) comments
When you have newsworthy information, integrating your information using various on- and off-line media is obviously preferred.
MEMS Microphones Gain Acceptance in Smartphones
Semico Spin  
12/12/2012   (3) comments
High-definition MEMS microphones from firms like Akustica are set to spread rapidly as smartphone makers gobble them up, says Semico.
The 'Ponderous Chain' That Keeps Jobs Overseas
The Sanity Clause  
12/11/2012   (7) comments
It was easier, it seems, to move the electronics supply chain to Asia than for companies like Apple to bring it back to the US.
$516M Acquisition Positions Belden for Growth Surge
News of the Day  
12/11/2012   (3) comments
A plan to buy PPC for $516 million provides growth opportunities but exposes Belden to competitive pressures.
The Channel Reaches Out to Design Engineers
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/11/2012   (5) comments
Distributors are offering research materials to design engineers, and becoming essential to the establishment of an efficient design chain.
Lessons for HP & Other OEMs From Vermont
At the Source  
12/10/2012   (10) comments
The failure of a small IT program managed by HP shows the challenges OEMs face merging high-tech equipment sales with consulting.
STMicro Shifts Strategy, Dumps ST-Ericsson
Logical Link  
12/10/2012   (8) comments
STMicroelectronics has announced plans to pull out of ST-Ericsson, the wireless chip joint venture with Ericsson.
Growth Opens for High-Tech in Emerging Markets
Change in the Chain  
12/10/2012   (2) comments
Focusing on the right emerging markets at the right times can result in new and large business opportunities for high-tech companies.
The Art of Concurrent Engineering
12/10/2012   (5) comments
The discipline of concurrent engineering allows manufacturers to involve stakeholders early to ensure smooth and efficient production.
Is the US Feeling the 'Apple Effect'?
News of the Day  
12/7/2012   (38) comments
Apple's largest Asian manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is considering expanding its presence in the US.
Chip Slump: Don't Blame the Economy
At the Source  
12/7/2012   (21) comments
A lack of innovation in the PC market could have more to do with sluggish chip revenues than any economic slowdown.
Playing Offense in Innovation
Semico Spin  
12/7/2012   (2) comments
Ultrabooks need creative thinking to propel innovation. Get the offensive team back on the field and offer up real competition.
Where Are the Chinese Buyers?
12/6/2012   (6) comments
China needs to extricate itself from the investment and export-driven growth model, and develop into a consumption-led economy.
What’s Behind Apple’s Reshoring?
News of the Day  
12/6/2012   (14) comments
Apple will invest about $100 million in US manufacturing. Is this a PR ploy or good business?
Midmarket Deals Dominate M&A in 2012
12/6/2012   Post a comment
Despite rampant cash-hoarding by companies, 2012 still witnessed many technology M&A activity, especially in the middle market.
Manufacturing Turbulence... Now What?
Logical Link  
12/5/2012   (2) comments
The latest manufacturing reports show divergence in economic regions, further complicating planning and purchasing decisions.
Shadowed by Process Rather Than Substance
The Sanity Clause  
12/5/2012   (4) comments
The truth about economic, political, and other world events is often clouded by failure to grasp the full implications of such developments.
Simplifying Design & Supply Risks
12/5/2012   (5) comments
The shorter the supply chain, the more manageable it is, but this length is often determined by strategies implemented in the design operation.
The Future of the Supply Chain Is in Good Hands
Gerry Fay  
12/5/2012   (9) comments
Collaboration between academia and businesses is helping to prepare the future generation of supply chain leaders.
Same-Day Delivery: Logistics’ New Battleground?
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/4/2012   (8) comments
Same-day delivery could save millions of dollars worth of factory downtime, and make buyers heroes.
NDAA, DLA, DNA... Still Clear as Mud
George Karalias  
12/4/2012   (7) comments
Parts of the National Defense Authorization Act are still open to interpretation, and questions linger about DNA as an anti-counterfeiting measure.
Renewed Interest in the Startup Visa
Logical Link  
12/4/2012   (10) comments
Solutions for some of the Great Recession's most pressing problems must be rooted in support for entrepreneurs.
‘Mastering’ a Niche in Distribution
Unchaining Supply  
12/3/2012   (4) comments
Master distributors don't compete with other channel players, they sell to them.
Making Sense of Social in the Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
12/3/2012   (28) comments
Everyone agrees social media has a role to play in business communication, but nobody know what that role will be.
US Gains Edge as China’s Currency Strengthens
At the Source  
12/3/2012   (5) comments
A stronger Chinese currency helps US companies compete on price but also raises the expenses of operating in China.

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