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Targeting China's Shifting Landscape
George F. Brown Jr.  
2/28/2011   (5) comments
A massive transformation in strategy is required for companies that want to target their products at the local market in China
The Verdict: Thumbs Down for Nokia Windows OS Move
Bolaji Ojo  
2/28/2011   (18) comments
EBN readers overwhelmingly believe Nokia should have opted for Google's Android operating system rather than Microsoft's Windows OS
The Unique Challenges of the Ruggedized Supply Chain
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/28/2011   (7) comments
The ruggedized computer market faces some unique supply chain challenges when it comes to the design and sourcing of products
Chip Chain Remains Tight
Malcolm Penn  
2/28/2011   (2) comments
It may not look like it right now, but supplies are tightening up in the semiconductor supply chain
DoD Tightens Supply Chain Security
Tam Harbert  
2/28/2011   (12) comments
The US Department of Defense is more strictly monitoring its supply chain, hurting suppliers that can't prove their systems are safe
Warren Buffett: 'America's Best Days Lie Ahead'
Bolaji Ojo  
2/27/2011   (12) comments
In his annual letter to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett said the US offers many great investment opportunities
Connectors, DRAM, Foundries on the Rise
Malcolm Penn  
2/27/2011   (4) comments
Many segments of the electronics components market are seeing strong demand that could result in higher pricing on tightening supply later
Dell Responds on Its Labor Practices Standards
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/25/2011   (14) comments
Last year, Dell conducted a walk-through of several facilities managed by an overseas manufacturing partner; identified strategies for improvement; and continued to work toward optimum worker conditions
Prepare for a Middle East Squeeze
Bolaji Ojo  
2/25/2011   (27) comments
Rising turmoil in the Middle East is driving up oil prices, and this can mess up forecasts for high-tech and the global economy in 2011
NEC 'Opens the Kimono' to Third-Party Auditors
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/25/2011   (11) comments
NEC used the International Institute for Human, Organization, and the Earth, a non-profit organization, to monitor the labor practices within its supply chain
Huawei Challenges US Gov't: 'Investigate Us'
Bolaji Ojo  
2/25/2011   (12) comments
Huawei has asked the US to clear it of allegations the Chinese communications equipment company says are hurting its operations
Coming Next: Useless but Absolutely Intriguing Technologies
Marc Herman  
2/25/2011   (20) comments
LG's 3D mobile phone is an example of a fascinating technology seeking relevant application in a fast-changing world
Dell's Standards for Labor Practices
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/24/2011   (8) comments
Dell asks suppliers to provide documented evidence of their commitment to implement Dell's supplier principles through a self-assessment tool
The Future of Mobile Apps in the Supply Chain
Laurie Sullivan  
2/24/2011   (15) comments
Any company not designing a mobile app for ordering, price checking, and distribution of goods will miss a huge opportunity to capture market share
Calling the Shots in Component Pricing
Ken Bradley  
2/24/2011   (7) comments
Pick a price target and vision for components or get sucked into retail-like procurement where what you pay is decided by others
Cellphone Payments: High-Tech's New Frontier
Logical Link  
2/23/2011   (26) comments
High-tech companies are competing to support mobile phone-based payments with near-field communications technology
EC Adds to Restrictions on Chemicals in Electronics
Michael Kirschner  
2/23/2011   (4) comments
The EC has approved the inclusion of six additional substances in the next phase of restrictions on dangerous chemicals
How HP Assesses Offshore Labor Conditions
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/23/2011   (17) comments
Like Apple, HP audits its offshore partners' working conditions. But wouldn't a third-party audit be more meaningful?
How Will Apple Fix Its Supply Chain Problems? Part 2
Bolaji Ojo  
2/23/2011   (6) comments
Here are the changes Apple said it is making in its extended supply chain in response to a 2010 audit that uncovered numerous violations
Are Suppliers Facing Tough Choices?
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/22/2011   (13) comments
Reports say notebook components may be in short supply as vendors struggle to meet similar orders from the smartphone and tablet PC sectors
Gearheads, Give Up
Semico Spin  
2/22/2011   (11) comments
New advances in semiconductors, electric, and hybrid technology indicate our fascination with gasoline-powered engines must stop
Lighting: Primed for Transition
Solid State Revolution  
2/22/2011   (17) comments
While SSL now represents about 5 percent of the overall general lighting market, its penetration will accelerate to 50 percent in the next five years
China’s Currency, Inflation & the Supply Chain
At the Source  
2/22/2011   (8) comments
There are major implications for the global electronics supply chain in actions being taken by China to cool its economy and curb inflation
Remember the Human Supply Chain
Carla Mahrt  
2/22/2011   (12) comments
Great employees are crucial to the creation and management of a successful supply chain
Analog Devices on a Hot Streak
Bolaji Ojo  
2/21/2011   (5) comments
Analog Devices is getting a warm embrace from investors and analysts as the company's financial performance continues to improve
Design Chain Challenges and Opportunities in 2011
Bernard J. Gizzi  
2/21/2011   (3) comments
Shorter lead times, inventory support and accountability are needed to address design and supply chain challenges in 2011
Apple's 'Coolness' Haunts Mobile World Congress
Marc Herman  
2/21/2011   (11) comments
Apple was sorely missed at the Mobile World Congress showing how much the industry is now defined by a single company
Are We the Casualties of the Content Wars?
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/18/2011   (13) comments
I didn't really care who delivers my content – now I'm not so sure
What Did Apple's Supply Chain Audit Uncover? Part 1
Bolaji Ojo  
2/18/2011   (11) comments
Apple audits its supply chain and turns up some unpleasant findings. We'll discuss its corrective actions in Part 2 of this blog
MWC: Mobile’s Next Leap
Logical Link  
2/18/2011   (20) comments
The World Mobile Congress has ended, and the conversation is shifting to how the supply chain can support a plethora of new wireless devices
Internet of Things
Matteo Bertozzi  
2/17/2011   (16) comments
A new world is upon us where people and businesses can use technology to control things remotely, but is the supply chain ready for this?
Inventory & Pricing: What Gives?
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/17/2011   (9) comments
Trade publications are reporting component price increases, while market researchers raise the alarm on high inventory levels. EBN explains
Inventory Spike Haunts Semiconductor Market
Bolaji Ojo  
2/17/2011   (2) comments
Semiconductor inventories rose in the fourth quarter, sparking fears of a slowdown if sales fail to match forecasts in the year ahead
MWC: Debates on Mobile Devices Give Way to Supply Issues
Marc Herman  
2/17/2011   (11) comments
The industry is nervously watching discussions over mobile devices and wondering who will exert the most control over the supply chain
MWC: Will There Be Enough Displays for All These Tablets?
Logical Link  
2/17/2011   (8) comments
The electronics supply chain is in flux, and the uncertainties will deepen as sales of tablet devices surge
Apple Responds to Workers' Rights Abuses
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/16/2011   (12) comments
Apple's 2011 Supplier Responsibility Report highlighted a number of problems that haven't yet been widely publicized
Back to Basics – Are You Kidding?
At the Source  
2/16/2011   (12) comments
It's time the electronics industry moved from back-to-basics to develop a supply chain strategy for the 21st century
Challenges & Goals for Distributors in 2011
Dick Krass  
2/16/2011   (3) comments
Hopefully, this year a common vertical platform will be defined for the benefit of the electronics components industry and its customers
Long-Term Agreements Aren't Always Best
Todd Ballew  
2/16/2011   (4) comments
Long-term parts supply agreements are supposed to offer win-win benefits, but experience has shown that's not always the case
What's in Obama's Budget for High-Tech & Clean Energy?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/15/2011   (15) comments
Obama's fiscal 2012 budget of $3.73 trillion is one of "tough choices," but it offers incentives for high-tech and clean energy jobs
Watson: A New Valentine's Day Sweetheart
Semico Spin  
2/15/2011   (21) comments
A new frontier is upon us with the debut of Watson, the IBM supercomputer that can handle massive tasks and analyze languages
China Costs Prompt Price Hikes
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/15/2011   (10) comments
There is mounting evidence, both formal and anecdotal, that China's advantage as a low-cost labor center is slipping
iSuppli: Intel-Nokia Partnership Takes a 'Serious Beating'
Bolaji Ojo  
2/15/2011   (3) comments
Nokia will still ship MeeGo phones, but its adoption of Windows 7 effectively signals its intention to abandon an agreement with Intel
Counterpoint: Nok-Win Is a Win-Win
Laurie Sullivan  
2/15/2011   (14) comments
The agreement between Nokia and Microsoft on the Windows operating system will be beneficial to both companies
MWC: Parts Challenges Ahead for Mobile Vendors
Logical Link  
2/14/2011   (2) comments
With wireless devices the new market rage, component suppliers are struggling to cope with spiraling demand from OEMs
Software, Components Upstage Hardware at MWC
Marc Herman  
2/14/2011   (3) comments
The annual Mobile World Congress is largely focused on breakthroughs in wireless communication components and software technology
Mobile Is Hot, but PCs Are Here to Stay
Al Maag  
2/14/2011   (16) comments
Sure, ET can phone home on his smartphone, but can he place an order for a new spaceship?
Avnet CEO Transition: No Bumps Ahead
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/14/2011   (4) comments
Avnet has appointed Rick Hamada as CEO to replace long-term head Roy Vallee, and I expect the transition to be smooth
Nokia CEO Defends Microsoft Deal: 'I'm Not a Trojan Horse'
Bolaji Ojo  
2/14/2011   (18) comments
Nokia's CEO is under pressure to explain his decision to dump Symbian OS and adopt Window's OS as the platform for future mobile devices
Liabilities of the Expanding Software Supply Chain
Andy Chou  
2/14/2011   (2) comments
The 'you-wrote-it-you-fix-it' philosophy for software code quality must change because it is a major liability for OEMs
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