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Distributors Sell Out of Raspberry Pi in Hours
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/29/2012   (18) comments
Due to unprecedented demand for the credit card-sized computer, two distributors are in the unusual position of being out of stock.
Getting the Vendor Part Approval Process Right
2/29/2012   (11) comments
The component verification process involves many stages, and getting parts verified is a key step. Here are practical steps for doing this.
Planning for the Supply Chain's Next Frontier, Part 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/29/2012   Post a comment
In the future, supply chain relationships will depend on more than price and prowess. The willingness to share information will also be a factor.
Planning for the Supply Chain's Next Frontier, Part 1
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/28/2012   (2) comments
Distributors traditionally focus on the back-end of the supply chain: order fulfillment. The next order of business will be helping OEMs manage the supply chain's "control tower."
5 Reasons Western Factories Will Hum Again
Bolaji Ojo  
2/28/2012   (33) comments
China's domination of global manufacturing will be tested as businesses and governments take steps to correct a lopsided system.
Steps to REACH Compliance
Michael Kirschner  
2/28/2012   (4) comments
The EU REACH legislation is here to stay. Here are some suggestions for determining the most cost-effective ways to ensure compliance.
2012 Mobile World Congress Takes Off
Logical Link  
2/28/2012   (24) comments
The annual Mobile World Congress opens in Barcelona with a humble plea for collaboration from one of the world's biggest automakers.
Vertical Integration Champions
Ken Bradley  
2/27/2012   (7) comments
Korean companies and Apple are reviving discussions on OEM vertical integration by demonstrating the opportunities and benefits.
More Dangers From Your Mobile Phone
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/27/2012   (18) comments
Cellphones may be linked to brain cancer; driving while texting is a bad idea; and now scientists have found microbes thriving on smartphones.
Manufacturing Will Grow Again in the West
Bolaji Ojo  
2/27/2012   (21) comments
Many manufacturers will move back to the West from China eventually, because the current system is disproportionate and dangerous for businesses.
Digging Beyond the Data
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/24/2012   (9) comments
Component spec sheets are available anywhere: on a supplier or distributor site or through aggregators or a random search engine. Distributors are going beyond just data to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.
REACH Is Not Overreaching
Michael Kirschner  
2/24/2012   (19) comments
The requirements of the EU law known as REACH are complex but the law represents a step in the right direction for industry and environment
A Riddle for the Tax Season
World Micro Scope  
2/24/2012   (12) comments
What do 401Ks and IRAs have in common with managing a relationship with preferred independent suppliers and distributors?
How Distributors Conquer New Markets
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/23/2012   (14) comments
The channel's expansion heyday was during the 1990s when top-tier distributors acquired their overseas competitors. A second, more quiet wave of expansion is happening now.
Black Swans of 2011 Reshaping Supply Chains
Supply Chain Intelligence  
2/23/2012   (14) comments
The natural disasters that hurt the electronics market in 2011 are shaping the evolution of supply chains at industry players.
Resources & Services for REACH Compliance
2/23/2012   (6) comments
Achieving compliance with REACH and other environmental regulations often requires assistance from firms that understand the requirements
Is Samsung LCD Spinoff the Right Move?
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/22/2012   (16) comments
Samsung is spinning off its massive LCD business to focus on OLED technology. The sooner OLEDs can be manufactured in large volumes, the sooner prices will come down.
Integrating Mobility & Safety
Logical Link  
2/22/2012   (16) comments
The need to integrate our increasingly mobile lifestyle with highway safety standards is becoming more and more evident. What kinds of hands-free technologies are in the pipeline, and will they arrive soon enough?
Designing Products That Wow & Sell
Sanjay Gupta  
2/22/2012   (23) comments
OEMs must factor consumer use patterns and preferences into the engineering design process, because they are key to winning patronage.
What's Good for Apple Is Good for Amazon
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/21/2012   (37) comments
Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble have selected Foxconn as an outsourcing partner. Will they receive the same pressure as Apple did regarding their supply chain practices?
Customers Are Changing the High-Tech Game
Change in the Chain  
2/21/2012   (16) comments
Customers are calling the shots on when, where, and how goods and services are delivered and what will succeed in the marketplace.
Who Will Pay for Apple Supply Chain Changes?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/21/2012   (20) comments
Who will pay for the changes that Apple is making to its supply chain -- the OEM or its parts suppliers and contract manufacturers?
Guidelines Aim to Reduce Distracted Driving
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/17/2012   (29) comments
The NHTSA has released proposals targeted at minimizing distracted driving. The voluntary guidelines target factory-installed electronics in cars, light trucks, and SUVs.
Will Apple, Foxconn, & Sweeteners Satisfy Labor Activists?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/17/2012   (24) comments
Apple and Foxconn have announced actions to address labor complaints, but recent developments indicate they still have ground to cover.
Tech & China's Rule of Law
Bruce Rayner  
2/17/2012   (16) comments
The future of Sino-US relations and the evolution of the technology market hang on China's commitment to the rule of international law.
Smartphone Surge Heralds End of Tablet Era?
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/16/2012   (13) comments
According to IHS iSuppli, the biggest competitor to Apple's iPad during the holidays wasn't Samsung's Galaxy or Amazon's Kindle Fire -- it was Apple's iPhone 4S.
Electromagnetic Radiation in Our DNA
Dr. Cagri Tanriover  
2/16/2012   (45) comments
Our lives are intertwined with electromagnetic radiation. We can't see it or smell it, but it's always there. Is it something we should all be worried about? If so, to what extent?
Can a Digital Raccoon Tackle Europe's Crisis?
Marc Herman  
2/16/2012   (7) comments
Tech innovation is happening quietly in places in Europe where unemployment is highest and where the economy can use a big boost.
Pinterest... Not Just for Girls Anymore
Andy Lawson  
2/16/2012   (20) comments
Haven't heard of it? Take notice: This site drove more referral traffic to sites than LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google+.
Anti-Counterfeit Measures Miss the Mark
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/15/2012   (15) comments
Recent anti-counterfeiting proposals show there's a big gap between the businesses experiencing a problem and the legislators trying to fix it.
Opportunities & Challenges in Alternate Parts Sourcing
2/15/2012   (6) comments
Securing alternative sourcing for parts can be beneficial to OEMs, but it is a challenging process. Here's how to navigate it successfully.
Nokia Cuts More, But Is It Enough?
Logical Link  
2/15/2012   (19) comments
Nokia is cutting more manufacturing jobs, but will this be enough to make the company competitive in the smartphone market?
Counterfeiting: The Enemy Within
Bolaji Ojo  
2/15/2012   (4) comments
Counterfeiting of electronic parts is on the rise, but the criminals and their enablers are right within the industry and must be exposed.
Behind Apple's Alleged Move to Small Screens
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/14/2012   (12) comments
Almost a year ago to the day, Apple invested more than $3 billion in LCD manufacturing. There may be more to Apple's display strategy than meets the eye.
Getting More From Value-Added Distribution
Alex Pohorily  
2/14/2012   (2) comments
Unhindered information flow between value-added distributors and others in the supply chain is critical to a successful partnership.
Hot Trends, Regions for 2012 Tech Spending
Anna Young  
2/14/2012   (9) comments
Consumer electronics, software, and storage will be hot tech sectors in 2012, with emerging economies pacing the rest of the world.
The Illusion of 'Hands-Free' Electronics
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/13/2012   (49) comments
Automakers want you to think hands-free electronics are safe. They're not. Distractions are the problem, and more are coming to a dashboard near you.
Apple on Top of the World
Bolaji Ojo  
2/13/2012   (17) comments
Apple is not only the world's most valuable public company, but also the most valuable global brand, according to a Harris survey.
Addressing Supply Chain Skill-Set Gap
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/10/2012   (12) comments
Colleges, professional bodies, and high-tech firms are teaming up to improve supply chain skills in an increasingly complex environment.
Creating Effective Tech PR Strategies
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/10/2012   (15) comments
An effective public relations campaign for high-tech firms should have strategic direction and engage the company's management team.
Smartphone Surge Heralds End of PC Era
Logical Link  
2/10/2012   (40) comments
Smartphone unit shipment exceeded PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2011, ending one era and opening up another in a fast-changing market.
Distributors Withstand the Effects of Offshoring, Part 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/10/2012   (3) comments
By spanning both design and fulfillment services, distributors are able to "capture" a customer from engineering through production, even if manufacturing moves offshore.
Google Seeks Hefty Royalties From Apple & Other Foes
Bolaji Ojo  
2/9/2012   (26) comments
Google is aiming to boost its cash pile by squeezing hefty royalty payments from companies like Apple for Motorola Mobility patents.
Distributors Withstand the Effects of Offshoring, Part 1
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/8/2012   (7) comments
Though US distributors have downsized in line with economic cycles, offshore manufacturing has not directly affected the channel's US employee ranks.
Apple, Facebook Panned in Greenpeace Report
Bolaji Ojo  
2/8/2012   (53) comments
Apple and Facebook were not included in Greenpeace's climate and energy efficiency report, because they weren't demonstrating leadership.
Counterfeit Part Issues for Military Programs
Dan Elftmann  
2/8/2012   (9) comments
Counterfeiting is still a major problem in the defense industry, and the impact will continue to reverberate in the IC supply chain.
Mastering the Art of Contract Negotiation, Part 2
2/7/2012   (14) comments
From a simple handshake to a complex legal document, negotiating a contract is complex. Here's part two of how to navigate the process.
How Distributors Translate Designs Into Dollars
Barbara Jorgensen  
2/7/2012   (7) comments
In a sales-driven business such as distribution, providing engineering support is costly. Distributors have to demonstrate a return on that investment.
Candidates Make Job Search Faux Pas, Too
Carla Mahrt  
2/7/2012   (17) comments
The recruiting process is complicated and involves some dating-like rituals that the candidate and the prospective employer must observe.
Risks & the Corporate Identity
Bruce Rayner  
2/7/2012   (3) comments
A corporate vision is integral to a company's overall product sales and marketing strategy, but many entities fail to maintain the momentum.
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