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Lessons From Boeing's Dreamliner Supply Chain Missteps
Brian Fuller  
2/28/2013   (14) comments
A highly sophisticated approach to design and assembly still requires human insight, experience.
Design-for-Test: Product Lifesaver
2/28/2013   (8) comments
A straightforward approach to test methodologies today will save heartache tomorrow.
Counterfeiting as an Art Form
2/28/2013   (17) comments
Imagine the counterfeiter's pride as he manages to reverse engineer and duplicate an Intel processor requiring millions of transistors with multilayer interconnects.
Conflict Minerals Resolution for Supply Chain?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/28/2013   (9) comments
Could new extraction technology eliminate the conflict over conflict minerals?
The Startup of You: Are You Ready?
Career Engineering  
2/28/2013   (5) comments
Our career consultant says manage your life as if you are self-employed, with urgency and doubt along the way.
Infographic: The Supply Chainís Billion-Dollar Revenue Problem
Revving Revenue  
2/27/2013   (9) comments
Revenue leakage is an enormous problem in the electronics supply chain. Here we look at just how widespread it is.
Automotive Electronics' Supply Chain Impact
Brian Fuller  
2/27/2013   (9) comments
A panel of Broadcom automotive experts gives a sneak peek into the future.
Smart Meter Lessons for a Smarter Supply Chain
Anna Young  
2/27/2013   (15) comments
The smart meter promises accuracy, early conflict resolution, and cost savings. Aren't these the same goals we want in the manufacturing supply chain?
Activision Skylanders Game Ignites New NFC Market
Semico Spin  
2/27/2013   (4) comments
Wireless communications is transforming gaming -- and silicon demand -- with the rise of the addictive Skylanders franchise.
MWC: Mobile Technology Madness
Logical Link  
2/26/2013   (4) comments
Smartphone announcements clog Mobile World Congress, but what do they herald for consumers and the chain?
The Smart Watch Is Already Here
Bolaji Ojo  
2/26/2013   (33) comments
If Apple plans to make a splash in the smart watch market, it will first have to dislodge some innovative products already available from competitors.
Who Is That Dame & Why Is She on TV?
The Sanity Clause  
2/26/2013   (2) comments
One-time HP CEO Carly Fiorina is back in the public eye. Why is she talking about politics?
When Is IP Theft OK?
Brian Fuller  
2/26/2013   (28) comments
In some parts of the world, innovation thrives on what other parts of the world consider stolen property.
3 Great Electronics Outsourcing Tips From the Field
Brian Fuller  
2/26/2013   (1) comment
How do three different EMS providers in North America compete effectively with Asian giants? More easily than you'd think.
Cyberwarfare & the Battle to Protect Supply Chain Data
At the Source  
2/25/2013   (13) comments
Cyberattacks on the electronics supply chain are worsening, but there's hope.
5 Ways to Reduce Component Costs
Ken Bradley  
2/25/2013   (5) comments
Get component-purchasing advantage by benchmarking prices.
Will Sequestration Cuts Slam Military Electronics Supply Chain?
Brian Fuller  
2/25/2013   (5) comments
An Avnet executive assesses doomsday scenarios.
Dueling Swords in EMS market
Bolaji Ojo  
2/22/2013   (7) comments
With margins extremely tight, contract manufacturers are learning to dump some contracts while expanding services in other areas.
Improve the Supply Chain? Learn From Home Refinance
2/22/2013   (10) comments
A home refinance experience sheds light on how the supply chain can get quicker and more secure.
Do We Matter Anymore?
Brian Fuller  
2/21/2013   (24) comments
People are becoming less valuable to companies. If that makes you uncomfortable, it's a start.
Rethinking Supply Chain Resiliency
Logical Link  
2/21/2013   (4) comments
A vast majority of companies are concerned about supply-chain resilience. Are they doing anything about it?
Offshoring's Innovation Blind Spot?
Brian Fuller  
2/20/2013   (17) comments
Why isn't innovation a bigger consideration when we think about offshoring?
An Apple Smart Watch? Time Will Tell
At the Source  
2/20/2013   (68) comments
Apple and others are bringing smart watches to market. What implications does this have to the supply chain?
Does the US Lag on Technology Adoption?
Logical Link  
2/20/2013   (3) comments
The supply chain should pay close attention to countries that are leaping ahead in technology, rather than those reading their own press clippings.
America's Declared (& Undeclared) Cyberwar
B. Cameron Gain  
2/20/2013   (16) comments
Few governments are innocents on the hacking battlefield because the consequences of laziness are enormous.
Major Sourcing Shifts Coming in Next 5 Years
Change in the Chain  
2/19/2013   (11) comments
Itís critical for high-tech companies to continually examine their sourcing strategies; here are some significant trends to consider today.
Want Energy Innovation? Think Tarpaper
The Sanity Clause  
2/19/2013   (9) comments
Often the best solutions attack the problem by coming through the side window.
Design-for-Assembly Is Crucial to Design Success
2/19/2013   (15) comments
When products are being designed, the engineers must also consider product characteristics beyond functions, user interfaces, appearances, or operating conditions.
In Chip-Counterfeiting War, a Small Win for IC Industry
Brian Fuller  
2/19/2013   (22) comments
DNA marking is the answer for many; but for others it sends the industry down the wrong path.
New Feature: Caption Contest
Brian Fuller  
2/19/2013   (11) comments
Try your hand at writing a creative photo caption and you may win a gift card.
Accelerating Supply Chain Velocity With Data Integration
Laurie Sullivan  
2/19/2013   (2) comments
Integrating silos of data should come as second nature to electronics manufacturers and distributors, but we're not there just yet.
Is Outsourcing Dead (or Just Napping)?
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2013   (55) comments
Evidence of on- or re-shoring mounts, but its extent is unclear. We'll examine the trend in a webinar on February 19.
Is Dell a Supply Chain Leader Anymore?
At the Source  
2/15/2013   (19) comments
The PC giant once revolutionized the tech supply chain; those days are no more.
Crowdfunding Components & Risk Assessment
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2013   (25) comments
Passing the Internet hat for small-v venture money is wonderful in some sectors, but what about electronics?
PLM: High Tech's Billion-Dollar Lever
Kevin Prendeville  
2/15/2013   (4) comments
Product life-cycle management can help companies better manage and improve design and production processes, thereby increasing the probability of success.
Is Your Supply Chain Protected Against Cyberattack?
Logical Link  
2/14/2013   (21) comments
Supply chains -- and the IT systems supporting them -- could face serious disruptions in the wake of major security breaches.
Design for Manufacturing
2/13/2013   (17) comments
When it comes to choosing a contract manufacturer, forewarned is forearmed.
Contract Manufacturers Eye Unsexy 2013
Brian Fuller  
2/13/2013   Post a comment
Growth continues for CMS providers, yes, but it's as exciting as kissing your sibling.
EMS Capability vs. OEM Pedigree
Bolaji Ojo  
2/13/2013   (3) comments
What are electronics manufacturing services providers looking for in their OEM customers?
ZigBee Transforms the Supply Chain
2/13/2013   (22) comments
Any new technology, such as the ZigBee wireless protocol, can breathe new life into supply chain best-practices.
Blame the Supply Chain for Boeing Dreamliner Problems?
Brian Fuller  
2/12/2013   (13) comments
The aircraft giant's 787 battery problems are a Q/A problem at a single point along the chain, not the fault of the electronics ecosystem.
Marching Towards the $25 Computer?
Logical Link  
2/12/2013   (21) comments
Moore's Law, driving lower-cost computing, has both its upside and downside.
6 Criteria for Choosing an EMS Provider, Part 2
Michael Allen  
2/12/2013   (2) comments
In the second of two parts, Michael Allen looks at the importance of an EMS provider's technology and design capabilities, and its culture.
Who's at the Heart of the Supply Chain?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/12/2013   (4) comments
By moving to the core of the industry and offerings services that keep the system humming, a group within the electronics market has rendered irrelevant the question of ownership and control of the supply chain.
Anti-Counterfeiting DNA Marking Gets a Boost
2/11/2013   (11) comments
The practice of marking goods with DNA is headed for ubiquitous adoption across many industry sectors, especially in electronics.
Stumped in the West, Huawei Targets Emerging Markets
At the Source  
2/11/2013   (7) comments
Huawei is partnering with Microsoft and others in emerging markets after being rebuffed by Western countries over security concerns.
How to Save Money in Washington? Ask Gibbs
The Sanity Clause  
2/8/2013   (8) comments
If government really wants to reduce the deficit and debts, it could look in some areas where programs are currently being duplicated.
6 Criteria for Choosing an EMS Provider, Part 1
Michael Allen  
2/7/2013   (4) comments
Here are some critical criteria to consider when selecting a contract manufacturer and some pitfalls to avoid.
Water Risks Impacting Supply Chains
Logical Link  
2/7/2013   (7) comments
Too little or too much water can hurt businesses, and manufacturers should pay closer attention to how this can impact the supply chain.
How to Develop Your Supply Chain 6th Sense
Gerry Fay  
2/7/2013   (4) comments
Understanding trends is essential to effective problem resolution, forecasting, and business continuity planning in the supply chain.
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