Posts posted in February 2014
10 Tips for Your Product Launch
Tim Johnson  
2/28/2014   (3) comments
A public relations professional provides some free coaching in how to position and launch your product.
Transform Your Distribution Center Into a Profit Center
Frank Cavallaro  
2/28/2014   (2) comments
Wondering how to make your distribution center a profit center? Here are six ways you can make this happen.
Essential Team Tools for the First-Time Supply Chain Manager
Jane Miller  
2/28/2014   (13) comments
Choosing the right time and project management tools can make the management job easier.
Defending the IP of the US Semiconductor Industry
Apek Mulay  
2/27/2014   (22) comments
Ties between the United Arab Emirates are developing over time. In light of these changes, the US semiconductor needs to remain aware of the potential risks.
Modernizing the Supply Chain & Its Implications for Technology
Susan Fourtané  
2/27/2014   (9) comments
Supply chains will embrace modernization in 2014.
Nearshoring Still Searching for Adoption
Change in the Chain  
2/26/2014   (3) comments
As much as we talk about nearshoring as an idea whose time has come, most organizations are taking a wait-and-see attitude.
We Won’t Get Fooled Again
Brian Wilken  
2/25/2014   (11) comments
A reported uptick in the global economy is good news, but don't start celebrating quite yet. There's still room for caution.
In Search of Mission-Critical Semiconductor Quality
David Park  
2/25/2014   (10) comments
Semiconductor manufacturing must find new methods to improve product quality and reliability for consumer-level products.
Building App Layer Security Into the Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/24/2014   (15) comments
True supply chain security means more than installing a firewall. Too often, organizations forget to secure their supply chain apps, and that can cause big security gaps.
Shaping the Workforce of the Future Through Collaboration
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/24/2014   (16) comments
Finding strong supply chain candidates is no easy task. One answer is close collaboration between industry and educational institutions.
Solar Spacecraft Ion Propulsion Power Supply
Steve Taranovich  
2/22/2014   (10) comments
Ion engine propulsion provides a new horizon for space systems.
Mega-Cool Steampunk Wheelchair Indiegogo Project
Max Maxfield  
2/21/2014   Post a comment
This mega-cool Steampunk wheelchair will increase its owner's confidence by changing the focus of attention to the chair.
Save Trees & Money: Reduce Paper Use in the Distribution Center
Frank Cavallaro  
2/21/2014   (41) comments
Paper use is surprisingly rampant in distribution centers. There are some compelling reasons to reduce reliance on paper.
Measuring My Heart
Martin Rowe  
2/20/2014   (14) comments
Linear measurements made with electronics show that all is well.
Smarter Life Challenge Inspires Home Control Innovation
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/20/2014   (14) comments
Newark element14 has announced the winners of its Smarter Life Challenge, and it raises a question: Couldn't our homes be smarter?
Building a 3D Value Supply Chain
Susan Fourtané  
2/20/2014   (10) comments
3D value will drive supply chains in 2014.
Shale Gas Creates Domino Effect
Logical Link  
2/19/2014   (11) comments
The shale gas boom is getting plenty of coverage, and it's critical that supply chain managers start tuning in.
Live Chat 2/20: Managing the Supply Chain on the Go
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/18/2014   (6) comments
Logistics and supply chain professionals expect and need anytime access to supply chain data—and mobile apps are the gateway to that capability.
LSI/Avago Merger: A Union of Impeccable Lineage
Tam Harbert  
2/18/2014   (6) comments
Avago and LSI have bloodlines reaching back to Fairchild Semiconductor, HP, and Bell Labs. Now they are combining resources.
Aftermarket Automotive Stereos Support Built-In Controls
Pallab Chatterjee  
2/17/2014   (9) comments
Automotive aftermarket has been designing new systems that can interface with existing controls -- including voice control systems -- to provide infotainment and navigation functions buyers want.
Open Sesame: Alibaba Enters US Market
Wade McDaniel  
2/17/2014   (7) comments
11Main.com is lingering in the shadows of the e-commerce marketplace, but this consumer site will likely make a splash in the supply chain world.
Semiconductor Packaging Is No Longer 'Standard'
George Karalias  
2/16/2014   (15) comments
Standard packaging is no more, and package obsolescence will drive product EOL at a more frequent rate going forward.
Infographic: The STEM Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2014   (12) comments
Today's students are tomorrow's engineers. Here's a look at the history of the effort to get students into STEM.
The Basic-Research Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/14/2014   (7) comments
A quick conversation with a leading engineering educator about a couple of hot topics: the state of basic research and aircraft innovation.
Distribution: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Growth
Frank Cavallaro  
2/14/2014   (6) comments
Growth of a distribution can be good for the business, but only if it's done right.
E-Whiskers Could Turn Robots Hairy
Julien Happich  
2/13/2014   (11) comments
Whiskered robots? These tactile sensors may make robots much more nimble.
Fighting Back Against Embedded System Attacks
B. Cameron Gain  
2/13/2014   (9) comments
Increasingly, hackers and malware makers are targeting the firmware of electronic devices. Organizations across the supply chain need to band together to mitigate those risks.
Industry Alliances & Standard Supplies: Are They Still a Good Thing?
Mark Adams  
2/12/2014   (4) comments
As the performance requirements for advanced ICs have skyrocketed, the one-size-fits-all mentality is no longer realistic for these applications.
Plotting Next Steps for Optimizing Intermodal Shipping
Mary E. Shacklett  
2/12/2014   (19) comments
In order to really transform the supply chain, intermodal logistics levels need to reach the next level.
Imaging Goes Hyperspectral
Murali Jayapala  
2/11/2014   (2) comments
Hyperspectral imaging promises to open up a diverse set of new applications and opportunities for an evolving imaging industry, says an Imec researcher.
EMS Partners Use Thermal Profiles to Improve Quality, Costs
Michael Allen  
2/11/2014   (17) comments
By adapting the solder process to each unique board design, rather than using a handful of "one-size-fits-most" thermal profiles, EMS partners can deliver higher yields and lower costs to OEM buyers.
Here’s to a Better Year, CEOs Hope
Logical Link  
2/10/2014   (9) comments
Overall, those in the corner office have some hope for the global economy. However, there are no promises that it will be completely smooth sailing.
Green Light for Data-Driven Traffic Signals
Kishore Jethanandani  
2/9/2014   Post a comment
Could synchronizing traffic signals at crossroads relieve congestion on urban roads?
It's Your Story… So Tell It
Frank Cavallaro  
2/7/2014   (16) comments
Your career is a story. Here is how to tell it in a way that will make people listen.
Qualcomm LTE IC Makes (Auto-) Grade, But Only in Module
Junko Yoshida  
2/6/2014   Post a comment
As car OEMs put together in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems based on consumer technologies, the question is: Are these consumer chips automotive-qualified?
Supply Chain: How Much Can Sales Be Trusted?
Pascal Fernandez  
2/6/2014   (6) comments
Supply chain professionals need to integrate sales people into their process. Here are a few quick tips on how to make that happen.
Slideshow: DesignCon Hits 100G Targets
Rick Merritt  
2/5/2014   (2) comments
A tour of the show floor at DesignCon revealed boards, testers, and other enabling technologies for high-speed systems hitting 100G rates.
Talk About What's Worth Talking About at Your Company
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/5/2014   (14) comments
Too many electronics companies start with brand awareness, when the real secret to success is brand differentiation.
3 Google Moves Signal End of Smartphone Era
Junko Yoshida  
2/4/2014   (28) comments
Connect the dots among the three big moves Google made this month to dump Motorola, snatch up Nest, and make peace with Samsung, and what do you get? I see the end of the smartphone era.
Getting Into Google's Headspace
Logical Link  
2/4/2014   (13) comments
Google has gotten plenty of attention as a technology company. However, there's every chance that in the not-too-distant future, this less-than-typical OEM will migrate to top-tier OEM status.
H-bridge: Black Box or Are Details Important?
Kevin C. Craig  
2/3/2014   (2) comments
Engineers need a thoroughly understanding of the H-bridge for model-based design and optimum system performance.
Segmentation Enables Supply Chain Trifecta: Lower Cost, Higher Revenue & Greater Flexibility
Lynn Torrel  
2/3/2014   (6) comments
Inbound supply chain segmentation may be the next logical step on the journey toward supply chain excellence.
PCIe & Storage Devices Get Connected
Joshua Beaudet  
2/2/2014   (3) comments
New connectors and protocols are the future for the storage industry, so it's time to take a closer look at them.
Moving to Open-Source PCB Design
Cliff Ortmeyer  
2/1/2014   (4) comments
Open-source PCB design is becoming a go-to for engineers who want to improve their efficiency and time to market by adopting designs.
I'll Take Watson for 2014, Alex
Michael Dunn  
2/1/2014   (1) comment
If IBM has its way, Watson will be ready for prime time sooner rather that later. It's good news for a number of business sectors, especially healthcare.

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