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Wafer Storage & Management for Extending Product Lifecycle
Joseph R. Bronson  
3/31/2011   (9) comments
It is possible to extend the life cycle of a semiconductor product for the military/aviation market by up to 20 years Ė here's how
Greening the Telecom Sector
Logical Link  
3/31/2011   (15) comments
Energy efficiency has become a top priority for telecom operators, and this is influencing R&D work at equipment manufacturers
Looking Inside & Beyond Products
Mastery in Action  
3/30/2011   (7) comments
High-tech companies' physical supply chains must evolve as they integrate software and content offerings across products and platforms
What Will Happen to PCs as Tablets Surge?
Bolaji Ojo  
3/30/2011   (39) comments
As sales of tablets explode and demand for PCs declines, how will PC OEMs respond, and what can their component suppliers look forward to?
IC Insights Predicts Quake's Impact on Electronics Will Be Limited
Bolaji Ojo  
3/29/2011   (7) comments
The March 11 earthquake in Japan will hurt the global economy and the electronics industry, but the impact will be limited
GE Didnít Pay 2010 Taxes but May Pay Medical Device Tax in 2013
At the Source  
3/29/2011   (9) comments
Medical equipment OEMs will by 2013 have to pay taxes on their products to help the US pay for healthcare reform
Nokia-Apple Patent War Heats Up
Bolaji Ojo  
3/29/2011   (11) comments
Nokia has filed a second patent infringement complaint against Apple with the International Trade Commission
India Wants a Role in Semiconductor Production
Toms Jacob  
3/28/2011   (50) comments
The India Semiconductor Association sees a role for the country in the global chip market as demand for electronics products rise
Digi-Key Goes Paperless Ė Are We Ready to Follow?
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/28/2011   (27) comments
To date, catalogue distributors have offset the environmental impact of their printed materials by using eco-friendly paper and inks
Changes Afoot in Global Solar Market
Bolaji Ojo  
3/28/2011   (22) comments
The US will become the world's biggest solar market in four years, upstaging Germany, as European governments cut incentives
It's Only a Holiday if You Actually Pay Taxes
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/25/2011   (13) comments
I'm wondering how much of a holiday Google needs from the 2.4 percent tax rate it is currently paying on its overseas earnings
High-Tech Operating Antiquated Supply Chain
Marc Herman  
3/25/2011   (11) comments
The high-tech industry is operating a supply chain meant for a previous era and must review the system for a new century
Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/25/2011   (10) comments
Silicon Valley venture capitalists are pouring money into a new generation of companies
Apple, Cisco, Google, Seek Tax Relief to Repatriate Cash
Bolaji Ojo  
3/24/2011   (12) comments
Leading US high-tech companies have asked Congress for a temporary tax holiday to allow them to repatriate billions in cash kept offshore
Avnet Survivor Account of Japan Earthquake: Part 2
Al Maag  
3/24/2011   (3) comments
Bob Hacket of Avnet was in his Tokyo office when the March 11 Japan earthquake occurred. Here's part two of his firsthand account
Intel Gets Squeezed in HP, Oracle Spat
Bolaji Ojo  
3/23/2011   (5) comments
Intel is feeling the heat as Hewlett-Packard and Oracle extend their ongoing confrontations to the server market
Japan Quake: Tenor Shifts as Industry Enters Week 2
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/23/2011   (16) comments
Ongoing uncertainty over factories' ability to operate with rolling blackouts is fueling fears that the quake is not a short term disruption
Automakers Hit by Components Shortages
Logical Link  
3/23/2011   (13) comments
Several European and North American auto manufacturers have been hit by supply shortages resulting from the March 11 earthquake in Japan
Poll Respondents Object to Chinese Purchase of Western Firms
Bolaji Ojo  
3/22/2011   (15) comments
EBN poll respondents say access by Chinese companies to Western technology through mergers and acquisition should be restricted
Innovation in the Wake of Disaster
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/22/2011   (9) comments
Events in the Middle East are an opportunity for green technology companies to shine
Avnet Survivor Account of Japan Earthquake: Part 1
Al Maag  
3/22/2011   (7) comments
Bob Hacket of Avnet was in his office in Japan when the March 11 earthquake occurred. Here's part one of his firsthand account
Japan Will Rebuild, Part 1
Bolaji Ojo  
3/22/2011   (9) comments
Japan is reeling from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but it will rebuild and recover as it has from past disasters
Positive Disruptions
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/21/2011   (6) comments
There's been plenty of disruption in the electronics supply chain in the past week, but that has some positive implications for the industry
Is Japan Still a Stable Location for High-Tech Manufacturing?
At the Source  
3/21/2011   (21) comments
Japan's already waning competitiveness as a center for electronics production will come under more pressure following the recent tragedy
Cisco's Paying Dividends; So Should Apple
Bolaji Ojo  
3/18/2011   (17) comments
Cisco has announced its first dividends payment, and Apple, too, should pay some of its huge cash hoard out to shareholders
As Shortages Loom, Watch Out for Counterfeits
Dawn Gluskin  
3/18/2011   (15) comments
The earthquake in Japan is likely to result in component shortages that could fuel the counterfeiting of critical parts
Uncertainty Spurs Order Surge
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/18/2011   (7) comments
Distributors that specialize in hard-to-find components are seeing a significant uptick in orders, supporting reports of panic buying
How Supply Chain Professionals Can Help Japan Now
Marc Herman  
3/18/2011   (5) comments
Japan needs the skills of supply chain professionals in the weeks following its recent earthquake and Tsunami. Here's how you can help
Is It Time for Near-Sourcing?
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/17/2011   (14) comments
Both natural and man-made disasters have interrupted the electronics supply chain in recent years
How to Work Better With the Open-Source Community
Andy Chou  
3/17/2011   (17) comments
Incorporating open-source components isnít as free or as effortless as it might seem
Beware the Single-Source Noose
Bolaji Ojo  
3/16/2011   (4) comments
OEMs and component makers must be wary of single-source parts supply contracts
It's Time to Dust Off the Disaster Recovery Plan
Todd Ballew  
3/16/2011   (9) comments
If a disaster occurs, are we able to supply assemblies and raw materials that will prevent US production from coming to a standstill?
Managing Emergencies with High-Tech Mobile Health Tools
Logical Link  
3/16/2011   (12) comments
Mobile high-tech products can be adapted or developed to assist in improving medical services in the event of a major natural disaster
Seeking Telco Biz? Try China Mobile
Bolaji Ojo  
3/16/2011   (3) comments
The world's biggest telco is jacking up capital spending and creating sales opportunities for equipment vendors and component suppliers
Distributors Plan for Supply Disruption in Japan
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/16/2011   (1) comment
A number of US-based distributors have operations in Japan, and virtually all resellers carry Japanese suppliers on their linecards
The Age of Innovation
Laurie Sullivan  
3/15/2011   (20) comments
High-tech companies are piling up innovations that will dramatically change the way businesses, consumers, and governments interact
TI Sales Will Take a Hit From Japan Earthquake
Bolaji Ojo  
3/15/2011   (5) comments
The earthquake in Japan damaged one of Texas Instruments' fabs and could result in a weaker sales performance during the first half of 2011
We've Been Here Before
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/15/2011   (8) comments
Natural disasters and supply chain disruption are a fact of doing business in a global economy
Potential Impact of Japan's Earthquake on Electronics & IC Markets
Semico Spin  
3/15/2011   (7) comments
Japan plays a major role in global semiconductor and electronics production, which could be hit by last week's earthquake
The Supply Chain Rallies Following Quake
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/14/2011   (6) comments
The quake will cause major repercussions throughout the supply chain, but in the interim, companies are rallying around relief efforts
Post-PC Era? The PC Is Alive & Kicking
Semico Spin  
3/14/2011   (16) comments
The numbers do not bear out the idea of a Post-PC Era. Why else would Apple introduce a high-end MacBook featuring Intelís Thunderbolt?
A Human & Economic Tragedy Unfolds in Japan
Bolaji Ojo  
3/14/2011   (21) comments
The earthquake that struck Japan last week is shaping up to be one of the biggest natural disasters the country has faced in its history
Calling All Component Distributors
Bolaji Ojo  
3/11/2011   (8) comments
EBN is compiling our annual list of the world's electronics component distributors: Sign up
Supply Chain Trade Association Established in China
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/11/2011   (6) comments
CEDA will help member companies identify new market opportunities, establish strategic partnerships, and provide professional services
Global Sourcing Renders 'Made In' Stickers Meaningless
Marc Herman  
3/11/2011   (14) comments
Putting a place-of-origin sticker on electronics goods has no meaning in a context where parts are made all over the globe
What's Holding up the Smart Grid?
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/10/2011   (16) comments
With oil prices on the rise and green energy on the US presidential agenda, smart grid implementation should be moving fast -- but it's not
TI Makes Big Bet on Growth
Bolaji Ojo  
3/10/2011   (1) comment
Texas Instruments is adding to its inventory in anticipation that demand will spike this year, despite concerns chip stock is too high
Get Used to it: The 'Smart' Car Will Get Smarter
Logical Link  
3/10/2011   (13) comments
Consumers are clamoring for fancy high-tech vehicles, and auto makers are responding with more than just safety devices and Web access
Rising China Wages, Inflation Threaten OEM Margins
Bolaji Ojo  
3/10/2011   (8) comments
China is fighting a battle to curb inflation and rising wages threatening margins at OEMs and contractors -- and it appears to be losing
TechNet's Agenda for the Obama Administration
Barbara Jorgensen  
3/9/2011   (8) comments
CEOs from the largest players in the industry will meet with senior Obama administration officials this week to push for policy reform
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